Guidance splitting a profile into two people [closed]

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I need guidance splitting a profile into two people.  I am not sure whether to:

1) leave existing profile with parents and remove husband and children, or

2) leave existing profile with husband and children and detach from parents, or

3) other ???

All the profiles came in with a gedcom so this is a pre-existing condition.

I am leaning towards option #2 (but given that, it is probably wrong).
WikiTree profile: Emma Alden
closed with the note: done, thanks for the guidance!
in The Tree House by S Stevenson G2G6 Mach 7 (75.9k points)
closed by S Stevenson
Are the children correct for either Emma?
yes, they belong to husband and Emma #1 in research notes
Have you communicated with the Profile Manager for Emma?
have sent private message, issue pre-dates him.

Then he might be grateful for some help in sorting things out.  smiley

I love that you referred the gedcom to a pre-existing condition! Can not stop laughing. You made my day.

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Emma R, born 1857, was a child of Israel and Hannah, according to  1860 Census in Lear River, Illinois   1870 census in Leaf River, Illinois.  According to both census, sister Alice was born 1858 and is a year younger.

Emma Bethiah Alden, age 23, dau of Israel Alden and Hannah Johnson, married  Milen Frederick West, age 29,  Feb 5 1880 in Forreston, Illinois.  She is with Milen in 1880 Census in Leaf River, Illinois.  She is with Milen in 1900 Census in Leaf River, Illinois with a birth date of Jun 1858.  I love 1900 Census with the Birth Month / Year. You have the Deaths Source that has the full Birth date and different death date.  

So, you are correct that these sources match Emma 2.  It is not the correct person for those parents.  Therefore, I would remove the parents from this profile because the husband and children are correct probably.  Also, the birth date of that family does not match the birth date on this profile.  Part of my reasoning on removing the parents is that only this Emma's profile needs to be changed to remove the parents.  If you create a new profile for the 'correct' Emma to match this husband and children, you will have to change her husband's profile, as well as all of her children.  

Looking at the Changes Log, it looks like the Gedcom load for this family had her connected to these parents, as well as to her husband and children. Looking at her husband, it looks like his parents were initial this Emma and her husband, so that was a circular incorrect parent linking.

Add a Research Notes section to this Emma profile stating that you removed the parents because of 1870 (that has parents)  and 1900 (that had birth month / year) census and include the Wikitree IDs of the parents.  If you add a similar Research Notes section to the Parents profile, at least the father, with Emma's ID, that should stop anyone that tries to add her back as their child.  At least it will be documented. 

Since there is quite a few sources for the 'other' Emma, I would create that profile, link it to her parents and continue from there, at least in some sourcing that has been found. I don't find a profile for Milen West on wikitree. 

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
selected by Jeanne Howell

Milen, the other husband is

that is how I found this. I wanted to add Emma as his wife, ..... 

I was using Milen as I saw in sources not Milan.
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Have you talked to the profile manager about this?    Michael may have an opinion
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (592k points)
have sent private message

i was concerned about this issue, i do not understand it, corrupting URL’s.

if existing profile and newly created profile are both Emma Alden’s, is the corruption of the URL an issue? or what order you do them in?

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I keep thinking about it, I would, if it were me, separate out all that is NOT Emma-the-mother/wife and make Emma #2 a separate line .... or as much as could be ... but you are not me, so I will be interested in seeing what you will do

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
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The best way to answer your question is to let the answer evolve with research.  When I have been faced with this problem -- and you are not the only one facing it -- is, while you have just the one profile, organize the material into two biographies on it, and then develop both biographies as you continue to research and gather more and more facts.  As you gather more facts, you may also gather more relatives who should be linked to -- new parents, an additional spouse, children, etc.  Create profiles if  you need to for these additions, but include links to them only in the the biographical narrative for the moment.  As a more complete picture emerges, you can plan the split in a way that will create the least changes.  How many links will you need to break one way or the other?  The least links broken is probably the choice you would make.  

When you've made your decision, create a new profile and you've now already written the biography for it -- cut and paste it to the new profile and then add the links to the new one and de-link the ones from the old that no longer apply.  

If the two have been confused in the past, it would be good to add a note under Research Notes on each profile with a link to the other, explaining that the two people are sometimes confused.  That should reduce the chances of someone in the future re-creating the problem you've been trying to solve!
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (308k points)
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I generally find it easier to detatch parents and keep the rest of the family unit connected (husband and children).  It can be confusing to remove spouse, children and reassign them to the correct relationships, a lot to keep track of and make sure they all got over and correctly assigned, especially if there are a number of them, as in this case.
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Mach 7 (74.7k points)

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