Techniques for Validating an Interesting Pedigree File with No Sources?

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As a newcomer to the field and the site, I'm curious how most folks responsibly approach issues like the following: I've been able to confirm through wills and records that I'm descended from a Philip Anglin, b. 1742 in Virginia and his wife, Frances Cox, b. 1762. There's a very interesting pedigree file on Frances Cox at which traces back to the late 1500's. But it has no sources, and FamilySearch & Google searches really don't return anything other than references to it or to similiarly unsourced family trees on various websites.

When folks on this board come across something like that, do you simply ignore it because it can't be verified? Note the possibility in the ancestors' records, but not create any new entries? Plan a trip to the county in question? (Ask the gurus here if they can find anything? wink)

Thanks in advance for any tips. Trying to keep my entries pure of speculation, which is a tough job, as I'm sure you folks already know.

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in Genealogy Help by Doug Matthews G2G4 (4.0k points)

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One thing worth a try is to google the name combinations of the the early immigrants.   Just put them in the search bar.

 Evidently Abraham Estes Sr. built the first courthouse in Amelia County, VA.

Google Frederick Cox: Mildred Estes

See link below: Jackson County, Ohio: History and Families, 175th Anniversary, 1816-1991, Volume 1 Turner Publishing Company, Dec 1, 1991

Google:  Abraham Estes: Barbara Brock   =

This one is not a public online book, but lists the dates of the Wills of Abraham Estes Sr. and his wife Barbara Brock and might be located in a library.     

Jacob Miller, our immigrant and more Donna M. Hull  D.M. Hull, 1998

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (765k points)
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That's a new way to search for me - I did as you suggested and googled Abraham Estes: Barbara Brock, and sure enough, the first result was the page I recommended in my post.  Off I go to google more combinations.  Thank you!

That would be the 'web' search on google.  Try the BOOK search as well.  On the web page, click  'More' under the search line and select 'Books' as well.  Good Luck!
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Take a look here, you'll find Millie and her ancestors, and it's very well-documented:
by Margaret Espaillat G2G2 (2.8k points)
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Hi Doug

On each profile at the bottom right of the page, underneath where you post comments, is a Google custom search box already filled in for you.  For example, on Frances Anglin's profile the search box contains

'Cox, Frances'|'Anglin, Frances'|Frances  Cox ~genealogy.

When you click on the GO button a new browser window opens and there are About 55,500 results.  Some of these will no doubt be family tree websites you have already consulted, but there may also be well-sourced information as well.

by Maryann Hurt G2G6 Mach 8 (84.3k points)

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