Have you registered for the 2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon yet? [closed]

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Registration is now closed for our 2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon

This is our fourth (!) annual Clean-a-Thon. The mission is to clear out as many database suggestions as possible over the 72 hours. 

The cleaning will start on Friday, April 24, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 27, at 8 AM (EDT).

Will you join us?

To register, just click the ANSWER button and say "Sign me up!" or whatever and include a few words about your location and/or genealogical interests. This will help us assign you to a team. If you already know what team you'd like to be on, say that. The current teams are listed here. More may be added.  Please double-check and make sure the team you are interested in is participating.

Happy Cleaning!

closed with the note: Registration is closed.
in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.9m points)
closed by Eowyn Walker
Thanks so much! ❤️
Can't get the tracker to register.
Hi, Roy ... can you tell us more?

Have you entered your Profile ID in the box underneath where it says "Update Status:" and the "Your WikiTreeID:" ?

If you have a screenshot of what's going on, that will also be helpful.
it is working fine now. I thought I had to register each update, but it is doing it automatically, no need to click extra boxes.

Glad you got squared away, Roy!
Why do you guys close the registration before the event is over?

Life is hectic and internet access unpredicitble so never know if I can join in these kinds of things so pre-registration is not a good idea for me. But I do have time and access this weekend so I would have like to join in.
I'm sorry you didn't get registered in time, Jennifer. We have to have time to get the teams organized and communicate with the team captains in time for them to prepare, as well.

In the future, you can always register, and if life gets in the way, it's not a problem if you end up not being able to participate. We all understand how things can go sometimes.

Watch for the Connect-a-thon this summer. It should be sometime in July.
Wow, I surely thought I'd signed up, but it doesn't appear that I have. I guess I didn't do it right. Disappointing, when you try to follow instructions but don't succeed. :-(
I amcocaptainofsouthern supersweepers
Hi, Laura! The new post is over here: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1199618

Glad you can join in this year!!

457 Answers

+22 votes
Sign me up.  Thanks,

by Sandy Edwards G2G6 Mach 7 (73.2k points)

Hi Sandy! 

Would you be interested in joining our new Scotland team, Twisted Thistles? We would be happy to have you with us!

Sarah - Yes sign me up here.  I am already part of Scotland Project (Bio Builders) and plan to tackle the "Duncan" family as time permits. Many of which involves the Suggestions Report.  Thanks.

Regards. Sandy

PS - Like the Graphics -- is there a restriction for use on profiles?

Welcome Sandy! Here is our chat page. You can use the image on profiles.

You are set, Sandy!
+21 votes

Dear Eowyn,

  My plan is to work on the Illustrious Nor'Easters team again this year. Please count me in! Thanks. -NGP

by Nanette Pezzutti G2G6 Mach 8 (85.1k points)

Nanette, glad to have you back aboard. Feel free to go below and pick your cabin.

Home Page

Chat post


Gotcha, Nanette! You are official. :-)
+21 votes

Yes, I'd like to participate with the Canada Cleanup Crew

by Kandita Post G2G6 Mach 2 (28.8k points)
Great! Welcome Kandita!!
You're all set, Kandita!
+21 votes
Ugh.  I thought I already did this the other day but don't see it.  I would like to join Team Canada please
by Kathryn Penner G2G6 Mach 3 (33.2k points)
I've got you now Kathryn!!
You are registered with the Canada Cleanup Crew, Kathryn. :-)
+22 votes
Yo, I'm in. I'll be plugging away for Team Missouri, please.
by Jer Wilcoxen G2G6 Mach 1 (18.7k points)
YAY JER!! Got you added to the team!
You are registered, Jer!
+20 votes
Yes, sign me up for the Clean-a-thon!  I should be on the team covering Oklahoma!
by Kathryn Wenzel G2G6 (9.4k points)
edited by Kathryn Wenzel
That would be Team MIssouri! Care to join us?
You're all registered, Kathryn!
+20 votes
I would like to join team Mid-Atlantic US. Most of my ancestors settled in Pennsylvania and it would be great to learn how to clean up records and better document in this area.
by Alexandra Florimonte G2G6 Mach 2 (25.6k points)
Happy to have you again, Alexandra. I get what you are saying about "learn how to clean up records and better document" an area. My ancestors are from Reading and I feel like an "expert" and think I know everyone in "my" neighborhood.
You're all set, Alexandra!
+22 votes
Sign me up!! Thanks!
by Natalie Padgett G2G5 (5.0k points)

Hi Natalie! Would you be interested in joining the Twisted Thistles?

Sounds good! Thanks!

Awesome, here is our chat page. Welcome to the Twisted Thistles, we are happy to have you!

You're officially signed up, Natalie. :-)
+19 votes
Sign me up. My particular interests include the Fontes, De Fontes from the Azores, and the Pina, Goncalves in the Cape Verde Islands, Highwater parish, Villa Franca do Campo, St. Miguel is from the Azores and also the Fayal Island. I also have a disconnect with my maternal grandmother. Her last name was Vivian Louise Alford, and she may have been born with the last name of OReilly but it's possible that is was changed. She may have been adopted, Or she was passed among family members as it seems that there is an African American/White mixture in her. Supposedly her last name harks back to Haskew/Murray/ Denis lines
by Valora Frazier G2G3 (3.7k points)

Hi, Valora!

You are officially registered. 

Because we don't have a team covering your corner of the world, I assigned you to the Tree Nuts. We are a non-regional team, and you are free to work on the suggestions or regions that interest you. 

Our G2G chat.

Our Team page

The Tree Nuts also have a Discord server where we have a live text chat going throughout the Clean-a-Thon. Private message me if you're interested in joining in. :-)

+19 votes
Sign me up for the Nor'Easters team please.
by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Mach 8 (88.5k points)

Dawn, welcome back. It's been awhile since we've seen you. We've painted the cabins since you were here last. Feel free to pick one out. laugh

Home Page

Chat post


You're officially registered, Dawn!
+22 votes
Count me in!  As usual, sign me up with the Flying Dutchmen.  I always enjoy working on those Dutch profiles!
by Charlie Panek G2G6 Mach 2 (20.0k points)

Hi Charlie!!  Yes!!!

Welcome again at Team Flying Dutchmen. So great you join again. Thank you.

Hop on board please (by clicking the image) and you will sail right away to our Team Page!

You can add your name to the 2020 pariticipants list at the Team Page Charlie (click the Edit tab).
You have your badge, Charlie!
+21 votes
Sign me up for Team Flying Dutchmen
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

Hi David! We are so happy you join Team Flying Dutchmen!

Please hop on board (by clicking the image below) and you will sail right away to our Team Page.

Feel free to add your name to the participants list 2020 please by clicking the Edit tab at our Team Page.

You're all set, David!
+23 votes
Please sign me up for the team Flying Dutchmen.
by Kim de Groot G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)

Hi Kim! Welkom. Geweldig dat je er bij bent.

Thank you for joining Team Flying Dutchmen.

You can hop on board by clicking the image below and it will "sail" you to the Team Page. laugh

Feel free to add your name to the 2020 participants list by first clicking the Edit page at the Team Page.

Thank you for joining!

You are registered, Kim!
+24 votes
Sign me up for team Flying Dutchmen! I already know what to work on!
by E. Buikema G2G3 (3.9k points)

Wonderful E.! Welcome at Team Flying Dutchmen.

Hop on board please (by clicking the image) and you will sail right away to our Team page.

You have your badge now, E. Thanks!
+22 votes
I'm in, team Flying Dutchmen.
by Joop van Belzen G2G6 Pilot (127k points)

Jopie!! heart

Welcome aboard!

We can not do without you, you ol'Flying Dutchman. wink

Liefs van Tante Aal.laugh

You have your badge, Joop! :-)
+22 votes
Hi Eowyn, I'm with the Sandringham Strollers.

Looking forward to another Clean-a-Thon!
by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Pilot (179k points)

Hi Gillian

Thanks for signing up for the Clean-A-Thon and with the Sandringham Strollers, great to have you with us again Team Leader.

If you have a particular area or suggestion(s) you are interested on working on then please add to the team list Sandringham Strollers team page

Chat page is here Sandringham Strollers chat and we will be on discord

Janet and Gillianwink

Sandringham Team Leaders
You are now officially registered, Gillian! :-D
+22 votes

Please sign me in, my team is as always, team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders

by Enoch Stuivenberg G2G6 Mach 5 (57.6k points)

Oeps Enoch!  Ik je bericht bijna gemist terwijl wij jou niet kunnen missen! surprise

Welcome aboard!!

Jump on the ship please (by clicking the image and add your name to the participants list 2020 please!) and it will sail you to our home Team Page!

All save and sound at yours?



Ja hoor alles gezond en wel, ik heb er weer zin in .

Yes everything healthy and well here I am looking forward to it again.
You are registered, Enoch!
TY Mum Julie!

You all stay save and healthy please!

Thank you, Ahhhhstreed!!! heartheartheart I hope you are well and safe, too!

+22 votes
I'm signing up with Team Nor-Easters.
by Alan Pendleton G2G6 Mach 1 (17.5k points)

Hey A, wish we had a touch more name to go on but welcome back aboard. Feel free to go below and pick your cabin.

Home Page

Chat post


You're all set, A!
+21 votes
Ik meld me aan bij dezen en ik wil graag met de (Team Flying Dutchmen - Vliegende Hollanders) meedoen. Heb het nog niet eerder gedaan en er zullen bij mij vast ook wel verbeteringen moeten plaatsvinden, kan ik daar alvast mee beginnen.

Groeten Gesinus Knegt-10
by Gesinus Knegt G2G4 (4.9k points)

Genius you're a star! Welcome at our Team Flying Dutchmen. 

Ofwel: Genius je bent geweldig. Welkom in ons Team Flying Dutchmen. Klik op de foto hier onder en je bent op onze Team pagina met alle info.

Please hop onboard by clicking the image below. You will sail righ away to our Team Page.

Je bent officieel geregistreerd, Gesinus!

(In case Google Translate didn't do a good job: You are officially registered, Gesinus!! :-D )

Google translation did great Julie. And at the live video's I can correct the pronounciation of Dutch names again Mum! laugh

Thank you Julie.

That would make my day!! I think maybe we need to have you IN the video as our translator. hehehehehe
+21 votes

Please sign me up for the team Flying Dutchmen (me not flying anymore, travels by train :p )

by Minke Wagenaar G2G6 Mach 1 (14.5k points)

 Minke we sail!!! :D So good to have you back! Welcome at Team Flying Dutchmen. So happy to have  you back on our team.

Hop on board by clicking the image below and you will sail right away to our team page. heart

Please feel free to hit the Edit key at our Team page to add your name to parrticipants list of Cleaning 2020.

Looking forward girl!

Your name already added . Thank you girl! heart

You are registered, Minke. :-)

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