Does anyone have a George S. Fitzgerald, born about 1900 possibly in Texas, in their family tree? [closed]

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Arnetta Georgetta Fitzgerald was born on or about October 5, 1920, it is thought in Texas, but could have been in any of the connected states to Kansas. Her parents were George S. Fitzgerald and wife, whose name is unknown, all paperwork simply says Mrs. G.S. Fitzgerald. In all documents found to date the father and many of the male participants of this incident are referred to by initials only.

G.S. Fitzgerald and wife worked in a traveling carnival during 1920 & 1921, the Lemon & McCart carnival. During a stop at Lyons, Kansas it is believed Mrs. G.S. abandoned husband and child, and G.S. could not support the child on his own. He left the baby in the charge of the hotel owner he was staying at, Mrs. J.S. Baird, promising to return when he had a better job and was able to support her. The manager of the carnival, Mr. Jack Depew, confirmed the general details of this story to the Lyon newspapers.

After some time had elapsed Mrs. Baird decided she could not take care of the baby and turned her over to the care of a Methodist minister in Lyons who then contacted an E.D. Ebright to become guardian of the baby. Mr. Ebright then turned the child over to a childless couple for adoption, Mr. George W. and Mrs. Mae (Ebright) McCabe (E.D. Ebright's daughter).

During 1923 the birth parents did seek to regain custody of their daughter and a court case ensued. The court decided it was best for Arnetta to remain in the care of the McCabes and finalized the adoption. Arnetta's name was changed to Betty Jo McCabe.

This "abandoned baby" case was well documented in the newspapers covering Lyon, Kansas.

Once she became of age, Betty began searching for her birth parents, particularly her mother. Unfortunately she was never able to learn even her mother's name before Betty passed on. Betty's daughter Patricia has taken up the cause and is doing everything in her power to discover her grandmother's name, and her history, and anything about her father G.S. Fitzgerald..

Patricia would love to discover if she has any aunts, uncles or cousins in either her Fitzgerald family or her unknown grandmother's. To that end she has taken dna tests, both mtdna and autosomal, but so far has not found any match closer than predicted 3rd - 5th cousins. She has reached out to Adoption Search Angels and many genealogy groups without any significant results.

If anyone has any information about George S. Fitzgerald or his wife, please respond here or to my email: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello from across Wikitree (I manage a 'few' Depew profiles myself, and if you'd like, please subscribe to the "Depew" family edits on here).


I also figured I'd invite you to join 'The Depew Family' facebook group at that I (and a few others on here) manage.


I've been working since early 2014 to try to link the Depew/DePew name to anyone earlier than about 1700, and also to see who all the cousins/sons/daughters are (there were a couple early generations of 11 kids each, but I am only of -one- of those links).


I hope this comment finds you well, and look forward to hopefully hearing back from you soon!


by Matt Depew G2G Crew (430 points)

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