I finally figured out why an image of my ethnicity estimate was not showing up on my profile. [Closed 04112020] [closed]

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I placed a screen captured image of my mother's ethnicity estimate provided by AncestryDNA on my personal profile page.  However, I soon realized I wasn't able to share it as I would have liked because I noticed it could only be viewed while being signed in to Wikitree which prevented others from viewing it.  Apparently, the privacy settings for all the profiles for living individuals such as myself, prevented anyone from being able to view the image.

At first, it appeared this could not be fixed because the only way an image can be viewed by the public is if the profile is set as "public" and no profiles for living people such as mine can be set as public. I also noticed according to Wikitree's instructions, whatever you place in the biography section is supposed to be able to be seen.  I tried that, but it still wouldn't work.  However, I just couldn't give up on finding a solution.  

Sometimes when your placed in a box, you have to use your innovation skills to think outside the box.  Consequently, I figured a way to work around this issue by placing this image in a Wikitree free space page where the settings are made public which finally enabled me to share my unique DNA with everyone.  I hope this is a solution others may find as a useful alternative.  Please let me know if this idea worked for you.


WikiTree profile: Anonymous Williams
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John, you have a marvelous profile. Artistry!
A perfect example of lateral thinking!
Thanks, Pip!
Thanks, Gilly.

Wow, John!  What an impressive profile you've created for yourself!  I think you have more stickers/badges than any profile I've seen!  wink

Thanks, Darlene.  I'm trying to give Liz (Noland) Shifflett a run for her money.  I think we may be in an unofficial "sticker competition".  LOL!  She has quite an impressive profile page which reflects all the hard work she has done for Wikitree, especially with the Magna Carta Project and also reflects her exceptional participation with Wikitree.  She has been so great to me and she has been like an unofficial mentor.  As with anything, when you first join an organization, you never forget the first people who were helpful to you.  Any time I have any trouble with anything, she is always there to help. If I were to start over with Wikitree, I would have selected a mentor in the beginning because I think it would have been so much easier than trying to spend countless hours searching all of those Wikitree instructions.   

I think I once asked her about a sticker in G2G and while we were discussing it, she mentioned how much she loved stickers and I told her I did too.  They can help provide a personal touch in highlighting someone's life and are a very effective way of enhancing the events of people's lives.  I even made sure that I put them on the English profiles I have improved as part of the England Project's Orphan Trail and guess what...they even issue you a sticker once you graduate from that program. 

I told Liz I think why many people don't have as many stickers is because some people think the "five sticker per profile rule" applies to all profiles.  However, if you read the instructions on the Help:Stickers page, it clearly states "This limit does not apply to members' own account profiles.  The number of Stickers a member can use on their own profile is entirely up to the member".

Of course, some people are just too humble to put as many stickers on their pages, but not me!  After all we're here to share our genealogy and my goal is to have 100 stickers on my profile and to leave Liz in a distant second and I am close.  I have even seen where people have gone as far as creating a free space page to list all their stickers.  Now that I think about it, that is probably a good idea.  So, I may also eventually do that as well if and/or when I run out of space, but I don't foresee that happening soon since I just recently joined Wikitree.

Some stickers are so unique, sometimes they can be hard to find such as my most recent sticker - i.e., the New Netherland descendant sticker which I just added. Those are the ones I value the most because not as many people have them and it can make you feel "special" if you have one.   I wouldn't trade my stickers for all the badges in Wikitree.  I guess that is in part because we are limited in the amount of badges we can display.  Actually, since we have stickers, I don't even see a need for badges, but the badges are also nice and once the European Aristocrats Project is reorganized, I look forward to getting a badge or better yet, possibly a sticker for it.  

I can't imagine all the hard work it takes in reorganizing a project.  The Scotland project is also currently reorganizing its project by merging the Scottish Clans Project into it.  I was able to provide some assistance by reviewing all the Scottish tartans to make sure there was a blurb indicating there was a copyright notice indicating how we were in compliance with the Scottish Crown and making sure each tartan was correctly assigned and corresponded with the Scottish Crown website.  As you can imagine after spending all those hours reviewing all those tartans, some of those patterns started to play tricks on my eyes as all those patterns started running together.  It was a challenge, but I got through it and I hope I was able to help. 

If you ever need any help with any small projects, I would be glad to help.  At the moment, I can't do much because I am a little swamped with all the recent responses I have recently received all at once to join some of the other Wikitree projects and as someone recently pointed out, I was trying to do too much too soon, but I will always be glad to make a little extra room for any help.  I really value all the hard work of all our Wikitree Leaders such as you and Liz.  Good luck with the reorganization.

I love your Acknowledgement to Chris Whitten smiley

Thanks, Maggie.  I actually got a response from him.  It really meant a lot when I saw where he posted it on my comments page for the world to see.  I was amazed he actually took the time out of this busy schedule to give me a response.  I was so grateful for it, just as I am grateful for the wonderful free program my special cousin founded as Wikitree.  Maybe it's because I am still a little new to Wikitree, but I just can't get over how this service is provided to anyone free of charge and how much it means to someone like me.  I just think it is wonderful.  yesheartsmiley

Hi John! Thanks so much for the kind words, and I'm glad I helped make your WikiTree experience a good one. I've always said the learning curve is steep, but goes fast (the more you play, the easier it gets). And you certainly prove the point!

Cheers, Liz

P.S. Looks like you've already left me in the dust :D  Your profile is visually stunning! Great use of pictures and stickers & lovely layout. (The words are good too, but the visuals blew me away!)

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