Explanation of change not showing up when unlinking from parent

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I just unlinked Elinor Rounds from her supposed mother, Elizabeth Austin and entered an explanation of the change in the Explain Changes box on the Edit Family page. The explanation appears on neither Elinor's profile nor on Elizabeth's.

WikiTree profile: Ellen Harmon
in WikiTree Tech by Stu Bloom G2G6 Mach 8 (86.1k points)

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That was brought up when the 'explanation change' was added to the marriage and relationship pages.  I am sure they are looking into that.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (591k points)
selected by Stu Bloom

Thanks Stu. 

I found the other G2G with Jamie adding that it was added to this list of To Do items.  It doesn't look like it is being worked on yet, though


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Is the information on the following that's reflected on the first entry under "21 Mar 2020" what you're referring to?


Typically, the explanation for those types of changes are only reflected on the tracked change and not the profile itself in case someone wants to know why those certain actions were made.

~Brian Kerr
by Anonymous Kerr G2G6 Pilot (310k points)
That's where the explanation is not showing up - the Change Log on either profile. It's the change made today (April 14).
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On the profile of Ellen Harmon (aka Elinor Rounds), I see a change entitled "Stu Bloom removed Elizabeth B. Austin (1784-1856) as the mother from Elinor (Rounds) Harmon (1810-)."

by Anonymous Kelts G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
Yes, but it does not include the explanation I entered, which was "Elizabeth Austin was married to William Norris in 1810, so was not the mother of Elinor Rounds." There is a box for an explanation on the Edit Family page, but if you enter one when removing a parent, the explanation apparently gets flushed into the bit bucket.
Stu, I can't answer your question.  I just looked at your extensive contributions list for today, and most of them do not include any explanation.  Could you have forgotten to do it?  In any case, you can always add research notes to the profiles in question, explaining what you have done.
It was not a question, it was a bug report.

I did not forget to add an explanation. I generally don't bother when I'm making changes to profiles I manage or making trivial changes to someone else's profile. In this case, I did, since one of the profiles has another manager and disconnecting a child is a major change.

If you think that I was imagining things, why don't you try an experiment - disconnect a parent, with an explanation, and see if it sticks?
I did not say you were imagining things.  I tried to provide a constructive solution, which was to put a research note on the profile.  In any case, I have found it helpful to myself and others to always provide explanations of what I'm doing.  Otherwise, no one else can know if your change was trivial or not without going to the change report, but if you provided an explanation, that would be helpful.
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I am having the same problem. I recently detached Thebeau-5 from her set of parents but my explanation for the change was not included in the change log for her or either removed parent. I wrote a comment on the profile instead, but ideally what I wrote in the "change explanation field" should be included in the change log for each of the three profiles.

by Valerie Penner G2G6 Mach 1 (16.3k points)
The change explanation field is for adding a parent (section I of the form). Removing a parent (section II of the form) does not have an explanation field.
Oh I see. It would be nice to be able to add an explanation for removing a parent or child.

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