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On 15 Apr 2020 William Wallace Tooke wrote on Norfolk Team:

Would anyone have access to Norfolk and Suffolk Surnames in the Middle Ages (English Surnames Series #2) by Richard McKinley, Alan Everitt (Foreword), R.A. McKinley; [] for a lookup?

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Yes I have a copy. How can I help?
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Thank you for responding. I wish there was an electronic version to read, because it sounds very interesting.

First, I assume you have read the essays, I'd be interested in any insights that you might think of interest...

I have been thinking about the development of the use of surnames in Norfolk. What was the process of their adoption? When did their use solidify?

One thing, in particular, I'm interested in is my last name.Tooke. The pre-modern distribution of Tooke was mainly in East Anglia, so I'm hoping it might show up in the text. I'm interested in any references to the surname in the volume.

Tooke is from the personal Toki which was (I understand) proto-norse in its origins. I now understand it remained in use as a personal name up to 15th century.

I'm interested in the interaction between the personal name, and the surname.

Thanks again

Hi William,

The book has an index of surnames mentioned in the back, but afraid nothing there for Tooke.

The book is very interesting and well-researched, particularly if you're lucky enough to have your particular surname mentioned. Unfortunately there are many surnames it doesn't cover - as we have seen!

The book tends to be written about specific families firstly, but leading to tentative conclusions overall. In summary, it says there are no hereditary surnames pre 1066. Some of the domesday landholders in 1086 had what became hereditary surnames, many landed families established surnames in mid-late 12th century and they were common among landed families by the 13th century. Before 1200 they were rare among peasants, but the great majority had surnames by the late 14th century.

Well worth a read if you can get a copy of the book in full!

As an aside, I can see a handful of Tooke mentioned in the Norfolk Hearth Tax and a few in Norfolk Archdeaconry Wills 1560-1603. National Archives also has a few Norfolk Tooke from the 16-1700s. Let me know if you would like the details.

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