Joseph Goodrich Died February 12, 1829 two gravestone same name different dates?

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Joseph Goodrich has a gravestone showing date of death February 12, 1829. Next to this gravestone is another stone showing died February 12, 1777. There are two different FAG links also see Joseph Goodrich died 1829 FAG Link and Joseph Goodrich Died February 12, 1777  is it the same person or two different persons?

Need help updating his genealogy and records. Thank you wikitree 

Update I was able to connect his genealogy into the Wikitree family see father is Nathaniel Goodrich and mother is Martha Deming. A merge of the two Joseph Goodrich’s needs to be completed

WikiTree profile: Joseph Goodrich
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2 grave markers = 2 graves?

2 graves = 2 individuals?

possibly father and son?


I agree can’t be same person but both have same names same month and day of death and on the burying ground map both in the Revolution War

Does the map suggest 2 graves?

The commonalities all seem within reason for 2 individuals, whether related or not.

All we need are more source records!laugh

Now, where do we find those additional records...

Yea lol!
Definitely two different gravestones and placed at different times.  My vote would be 2 graves of 2 people.  I would think probably related given proximity.
I not too long ago had to "un-correct" a merge that someone had imposed on my own ancestor.  The names of two (2) people were identical in the mind of the merger, although one had a middle initial and the other did not.  The birth-dates were in fact identical, but stated only as a year with no month nor day listed. More importantly, there were two (2) tombstones in established cemeteries in different counties of South Carolina (United States of America), and those tombstones declared two (2) different dates of death. In spite of this, the impatient merger proceeded to merge these people in my "open" listing even after I pleaded for delay. In fact, these two (2) persons were first-cousins in families that had upward of a dozen children per generation. In this area in the late 18th century, given names frequently were recycled as honorifics (or possibly due to lack of imagination or willingness to go against local cultural norms). (A possibly peculiar local practice (that seems to mystify modern folk who live in other regions) occurred when a child was given a name, the child died, and the very next child of the same gender was given that identical name.) I urge less presumptuousness when reviewers encounter apparently appropriate merges. Some of us do not have the time to respond immediately to proposed merges, nor the time to correct errant revisions. In this particular case, if the person who proposed the merge had considered the obvious geographical and terminal date discrepancies -- or if hin had been willing to simply search for redundant names in the "tree" that was being reviewed, the problem could (indeed, "should") have been avoided.
This merge was correctly done however I agree merges have to be done properly. The Joseph Goodrich who died in 1777 is a separate person and has no wikitree profile that I am aware of.
Do not merge! They are different people. You don't bury the same person twice.
LoL no merge between them was done no worries the merge that was done was for the wiki connect that already had his profile. No profile for the other gravestone Joseph exists yet and yes they are two different people

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This should be a fun ancestor to work on if the gravestones are any clue to how the research will pan out!

First guess, these are two different men of the same family. The dates are far enough apart to be more than just a simple inscription error.

This is what I could find on a quick search:

Name: Joseph Goodrich
Event Type: Birth
Event Date: 6 Oct 1749
Event Place: Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, British Colonial America
Event Place (Original): Wethersfield Twp, Hartford, Conneticut
Gender: Male

 "Connecticut Births and Christenings, 1649-1906", database, FamilySearch ( : 7 January 2020), Joseph Goodrich, 1749.

Name: Joseph Goodrich
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 12 Feb 1829
Event Place: Connecticut, United States
Gender: Male

"Connecticut Deaths and Burials, 1772-1934", database, FamilySearch ( : 16 January 2020), Joseph Goodrich, 1829. 

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Thank you Steve I’ve added the sources on his profile cont to research the genealogy
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Gravestone of this one says age 79, so birth would have been 1698 give or take. So inferred birth year on FaG is out by about 5 years?

So many good sources and this shows his father Nathaniel married a Deming!! This is connected so deep I can’t plum the depths of this historic area lol

See Nathaniel Goodrich F.A.G Link

Sounds like an interesting puzzle. I was working on the Hisel family for awhile and there were 2 men who had exactly the same birth date but different death dates, different graves in 2 different states, different wives etc. It was hard to trace them through the records because the Hisels give their boys 3 different names and use a different name in each census, sometimes nicknames are thrown in.  So I was racking my brain and noticed there were 2 boys in the census that were both 3 years old. How can this be I thought? Then it was like somebody hit me over the head with a 2x4 and I realized, they are twins you idiot!  It should have been obvious from the beginning but somehow the ol' noggin wasn't working so well that time.
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I agree with other findings, two different people.

ame:     Joseph Goodrich
Age:     79
Birth Date:     abt 1698
Death Date:     11 Feb 1777
Burial Place:     Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA
Cemetery:     Village Cemetery
Rank:     Sergeant

Original data: The Charles R. Hale Collection. Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions. Hartford, Connecticut: Connecticut State Library

in the Connecticut, Hale Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934

View Connecticut, Hale Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934

Name:     Joseph Goodrich
Age:     80
Birth Date:     abt 1749
Death Date:     12 Feb 1829
Death Place:     Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA
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Source:  "Connecticut Deaths and Burials, 1772-1934", database, FamilySearch ( : 16 January 2020), Joseph Goodrich, 1829.
Connecticut Deaths and Burials
: Joseph Goodrich
: Birth 1749
: Death 24 Feb 1829  Connecticut, United States

Source: "Connecticut Births and Christenings, 1649-1906", database, FamilySearch ( : 7 January 2020), Joseph Goodrich, 1749.

Connecticut Births and Christenings
: Joseph Goodrich
: Birth 6 Oct 1749  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
: Father: Nathaniel Goodrich   Mother: Martha

Also at: (Subscription)  Wethersfield Births

Sorry Andrew, page is sideways:  P. 106  Joseph Goodrich, died Feb. 12, 1829,+wethersfield,+ct&pg=PA106&printsec=frontcover

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Thanks Chris

Great sources adding to profile

Good google book and free- states Sergeant, Captain Hammers company, Capt C. Welles company

I just connected him to the wiki family tree see updated profile with merge pending still don’t know how the other Joseph Goodrich buried next to him fits in yet

Joseph Goodrich grandpa Joseph Goodrich

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My great grandfather, Joseph W. Burnett has someone with the same name, middle initial, birth year and death year buried 15 miles from where he is. The other tombstone does not give months and dates, so on the surface they seem to be the same person. My grandfather and his dad were born the same day on the calendar. Different middle names. Yur situation could be a name sake and coincidence. This could be a family dispute. Is there a way to tell if the style of markers fit the time period near each death?

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