Trying again, Trying to create footnote. Followed Help notes but no idea. It is not setting up a footnote as shown

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I have checked the Footnotes index page...I can't seem to add [1] for ex. next to a name in a bio. It wants me to add the reference itself there  between <ref> and <ref/>. It puts in within the sentence not at the bottom under References/Sources. I keep trying still get same issue. Also do I click on C (cite your source)?? sorry still very confused
in Policy and Style by Vicki Heneker G2G1 (1.5k points)

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The reference itself does go there.  Then, when you save and look at the main page of the profile, the [1] will appear, and the reference text will appear under ==Sources==.

Using the C (cite your sources) is just the easy-peasy way of showing where the text goes.  Once you get used to doing what I described in the first paragraph, you probably won't even use it (I don't).

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
selected by Vicki Heneker
Hi just sent you a message but then saw another message, I didn't realise I had Neville as private. Anyway....let me know if you need anymore access.....really helpful. and I will keep trying too, but I know I have messed up, and I was trying to add people and then go back and do the referencing, which obviously is not a good idea, I need to slow down and try to reference one at a time then move on to next person.
Yes that is what I was seeing, the [1] and [2] together underneath a line out on there own...wasn't sure why that is happening.
The [1] and the [2] appear together on a line because that is how you did their code on the Edit tab (I will change it, but you might not like it.)

Yes, I got your message, and the reply to my Trusted List request.  Now hang fire while I do some tweaking. :)
OK, all done.  Have a look.  Check it on the Edit tab to see what I did, and on the main profile page to see how it looks.

If you want to see everything I just did, then click onto the Changes tab, and then on the phrase 'edited the biography' where I said it was bio cleanup after a G2G query.  My changes will be in bright red.
If it looks exactly the same, you need to refresh the page.  Usually it's F5.
Hi I think!!! I have made dad's profile public now...didn't realise, but I have found quite a few new places to view/click on for more information. Thanks once again for all that help.
You're welcome.  I'm afraid you still haven't made him public.  Click on the Privacy tab and scroll down to the privacy level you want, then remember to click the dark green button that says 'Set New Privacy Level'.  If you don't do that, your new privacy won't 'take'.
Hello again Ros, I have taken some time out over the weekend to have a rest from the FH and Wiki, just printed out some of the changes you made and other info, so I could study it. So I have now gone ahead and added another great grandfather, Reed-22228 (Henry Philips Reed). So I printed out the changes you made to Neville Heneker (Heneker-12). as there was a marriage cert involved and that is what I was attempting to do with Henry Philips Reed. So having done it , it looks much better however I still have a couple of questions. Firstly the [1] [2] are still side by side in the biography area?? did I do something wrong. I did copy exactly what you did on Heneker-12 so not sure why that is still like that. Also within the text of the marriage certificate...e.g. Henry Philips Reed married Christina Groch, am I supposed to put their full name in, or do I put in their Reed-22228 ?? Sorry to be such a nuisance but I feel much more confident after your help and advice but think I am still a bit fuzzy out the above issues. Thanks Vicki Heneker Adelaide South Australia
The reason you have these is because you have put the <ref></ref> in where you didn't need them.  You have put them around the first sentence.  <ref></ref> only needs to go around the source, not the sentence.

There is no point in linking Henry Philips Reed to his own profile, so you leave him alone. But you can link Christina Groch to her own profile.

I have done both of these; removing the unnecessary <ref>s and inserting a link to Christina.  Something else you might like to do is find a Mentor to give you one-on-one help:
Thanks again Ros, I hope I am now clearer about the whole process, and I have printed out your emails so will spend some time going over it all until I get it right. Also thank you regarding the Mentor option I didn't know about this and will consider it if I continue to have issues. Hopefully I will "get it" now...once again, your help has been so appreciated.

Kind regards

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The closing tag is </ref> instead of <ref/>. You can remember it be pronouncing the '/' as 'close'. So 'close ref' in this case.
by Koen van Hoof G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
Hi sorry I am about to give up. Yes I actually made a typo with the / in the wrong place, but thanks for letting me know anyway, must keep an eye on that. But my query really is why am I not getting the [1] for instance if I try to add a footnote e.g. Biography might read ....Neville married on etc etc. If I wanted to footnote that line, I have tried following what I thought is correct by adding the <ref> etc both ends as outlined....all I get is a [1] somewhere in a blank space in the Biography area, and nothing else. I tried clicking on the C button, but that asked me to insert the actual reference in the middle of the sentence (as above) in the bio. Sorry I am feeling really overwhelmed. I am just messing it all up and don't know what to do anymore. I feel like giving up.

 Vicki, do you have <references /> sitting beneath the == Sources == header?

Hello Melanie, yes I do thanks, I just checked. I need to take a deep I've even been having trouble working out how to reply back to these messages, which isn't hard at all. Deep Thanks again

Just take your time, remember to breathe, and never be afraid to ask for help. smiley

Thank you Melanie you have come to my rescue before and I really appreciate all the help...and yes...must take my
Thanks to everyone who has helped me out after my mini meltdown, re referencing/footnotes etc. I now feel more confident and have learned about a few new buttons/places to click onto as well!!!!! cheers for now

Vicki Heneker, Adelaide, South Australia

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