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Hi all!

I’ve decided to start a blog on Wordpress and tried to use the contributions widget but there’s still an issue with Wordpress and iframes. When I looked back in G2G I see posts about this from 2016/2017 but no real solution was given.

Have we made any headway with this over the years that I might be missing? Also the instructions don’t seem to match what the set up is at WordPress these days.

These widgets are awesome and I’d love to use them, so I thought I’d ask.

My blog is: http://pedigreesandprogenies.family.blog if you need to take a look

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I had to modify the code for mine: azurerae.wordpress.com

It doesn't show the contributions.

Customizing ▸ Widgets


Custom HTML

<!-- Start WikiTree Widget 21 --><div style="background-color:#D0E6FA;width:200px;border:1px solid #b0d5f8;padding:5px 0;margin:2px 0;"><a href="https://www.WikiTree.com/"><img style="margin:0;padding:0;border:0;" src="https://www.wikitree.com/images/widgets/21-wikitree.png" width="200" height="30" alt="I Love WikiTree.com" border="0"></a><br /><img style="margin:0;padding:0;border:0;" src="https://www.wikitree.com/images/widgets/21-text.png" width="200" height="33" alt="But it's not like an exclusive thing we've got going. Join me."><br /><div align="center" style="font-family:verdana, arial, sans-serif;font-size:8pt;">+ more @ <a href="https://www.WikiTree.com/" style="color:#006600;" title="WikiTree">WikiTree</a></div></div><!-- End WikiTree Widget -->
by Azure Robinson G2G6 Pilot (225k points)
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The Help:Installing Widgets page has been updated with instructions for WordPress

Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I responded to a Question about WordPress yesterday. I don't use WordPress myself, but after a quick bit of research I realized that it looks as if the Help page at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Installing_Widgets is saying two different things about WordPress depending upon which widget is to be used, and that we now seem to be conflating WordPress, the actual open-source content management system application (available at WordPress.org), and WordPress.com, the commercial webhosting company.

Since this looked to be the G2G discussion that originally addressed the WordPress and iFrame issue, I wanted to circle back here and add this note. My extended observations are under the "Edited" section of my answer from yesterday.

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Beautiful blog. Great about me page! I cannot help with the widget except that I know its a tiny bit of coding that you remove from html to get it to work. Oh and use the html side heading widget if memory serves me correctly.
by Kylie Haese G2G6 Mach 7 (75.6k points)
Thanks so much Kylie and thanks for the follow.

Hopefully I’ll figure it out yet.
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I have found out that the Wordpress instructions are not right for everyone, as iframes will only work when you are on the business plan.  If you have a free or premium plan you will be able to see it in the html preview, but it won't show up in the blog preview or when you publish it.  

To get around this I've taken a screenshot of the tree then added a link to the tree at the bottom.  Not as good as been able to have all the links live.  If there are any techos out there that can find another solution that would be great.
by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
Hi Veronica - see my workaround below. if you need help, let me know!

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