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I am working on   Diana Mudgee is a Notable Indigenous Australian.  I think it would be great for such a Sticker to be Created as I am sure Diana is not the only one.  I can think of several, but not their names at the moment, so there is a need for such a sticker.  You have a category for that, but not a sticker.  For instance:

{{Notable Indigenous Australian}}

{{Notable Indigenous Australian |New South Wales}}

{{Notable Indigenous Australian |South Australia}}  etc and all the states.  

Many thanks


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Hi Linda, thanks for your suggestion. It's an excellent idea. I'll follow that up.
Shouldn't this also be tagged to Notables Project?

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Just letting you know that a sticker already exists for what you're after. It's named Indigenous Australians Sticker

Edit: Two stickers to be exact, the other being Notables Sticker

by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (220k points)
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Thank you Richard Shelley and Cheryl Hess for responding to my question.

The sticker I requested is not the same as                   {{Indigenous Australians Sticker}}  It is specifically

{{Notable Indigenous Australian}}

The "Notable" part of the sticker is the most important.  There is a plethora of information on the net under "Diana Mudgee" if you want to check.   This lady and quite a few other Indigenous people are recognised for their outstanding achievements in life, and I feel they should be acknowledged.  Most Indigenous people who have served their country either in war or peace have been given very little recognition.  Diana is the exception.  

Please consider, or re-consider the request for a Notable Indigenous Australian series of stickers.  



by Linda Davison G2G4 (5.0k points)

I support the request. 

Doug Nicholls would be another.  The former lead singer of Yothu Yindi would be another — as would his brothers (I believe one is still living).  Neville Bonner, yet another.

Albert Namatjira is another Indigenous Notable and to name a few more:  some are still living.

  • Oodgeroo Noonuccal. ...
  • Adam Goodes. ...
  • David Unaipon. ...
  • Samantha Harris. ...
  • Eddie Mabo. ...
  • Tanya Orman.
Isn't Goodesie still living?
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I am going to 'step on toes' here, I believe.  I don't see it as being necessary or conducive to our 'one family' concept to have Notable Indigenous Australians and Notable Non-Indigenous Australians.  And we haven't broken the present Notables Sticker down into States, thank goodness.  Australia is not that big that we need the division.  Just use the two stickers as is presently being done 'Indigenous Australians' and 'Notable Australians'.  I am NOT being disrespectful to our Indigenous peoples.  Take a look at several of the named profiles and you'll see that I have been contributing to them; and to Artie Beetson as well.  What are we going to break-down next, immigrants, refugees, convicts, or LMGXYZs?  No, we'll make WikiTree too confusing for new 'Treers.
by Kenneth Evans G2G6 Pilot (187k points)
Ken, we already do break down Free Settlers (came free), Soldier Immigrants, Convicts, Assisted Immigrants, Bounty Immigrants, and so on.
I'm meant as divisions of Notables.

Thank you for your input Kenneth Evans.  Appreciated.  However, there are already stickers for immigrants, convicts, free settlers etc.  thanks.   That is not my request, however.

There is a precedence:  There are two individual stickers for Canadian Notables, e.g.  .....Name   was/is a significant British Columbian   and       Name  was/is a significant Ontarian.

And for some reason, there are also EIGHT entries for just ONE Notable family for an immigrant named Beardsley KC.

(Tongue in cheek)  Could I perhaps request a similar lot of stickers for my forebears, the Harleys who go back to before William the Conqueror?

I can see you are immovable on the subject, and there are more important things in life, so I will accept the rejection of my request.

Thanks for responding, Linda.  I'm not immovable (although  am a fairly large person) and I respect all views.  I just don't see it as necessary.  Somebody may convince me otherwise.  Keep up your good work.  Regards, Ken.

I think it would be a good way to include our First Peoples more, because otherwise they seem to be drowned in other peoples' accomplishments.

Nobody is asking for a break-down per state, just to be able to clearly recognise those whose peoples were in Aus first, and who have had to fight much harder for recognition.

Yes, you can use the notables sticker and the Indigenous sticker, but there is a limit of allowable stickers per profile (5), so where is the harm in combining two things into one, leaving available three spots instead of two?

I'd like to add -- we didn't even have an Australia sticker until December 2018.

Just sayin'.

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