Trying to reconnect Wade of New Brunswick to Ireland.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm taking a chance to find some Wade's that still living in Ireland to reconnect my them with my family tree.

Our first ancestor Michael Wade, leaved Ireland about 1834 and arrived possibly in the area of Newcastle or Chatham in New Brunswick in Canada. He could have crossed the ocean on a timber ship who brought wood in England and came back with passengers.

I think he was born about 1810 but I have no clue where exactly. According to the death certificate of his first daughter Hannah, she was born on July 1st 1831 in Ireland and arrived here around the age of 6 (1837). But in the census of MB of 1881 she's born in 1839 (That's a mistake because her brother William was baptized in NB on May 8 1837). and in the census of 101 she's born on July 5 1836. So we can figure out that shes born between 1831 and 1836.

Michael Wade was married to Margaret Walsh. Also born about 1810 in Ireland. She had a sister named Bridget Wash. Born between 1813 and 1816 in the county of Kilkenny according to her death certificate.

None of Michael Wade or Margaret Walsh leaved any clues about her birthplace or age. because the census of NB of 1850 burn and they were passed away before the one of 1860.

We found a mariage between a Michael Wade and a Margaret Walsh on April 10 1834 in Templeorum, Ossory.

But no proof that they are the right ones.

So my only chance are the some Wades thats stay in Ireland or looking to find where goes their ''missing'' Michael Wade...

Thank you for your help and suggestions.
in The Tree House by Danny Wade G2G Crew (360 points)
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2 Answers

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Bonjour, Danny!

Welcome to WikiTree!

I was able to find your tree on Ancestry, and thus get a bit of an idea about what you have accomplished so far!  It's a lot!

WikiTree has a feature that is helpful when asking these kinds of questions: There is a field near the bottom of the green question box where you can put the profile of the person you are asking about.  It's right near where you tagged your question with the family name Wade.  If you connect your question to the profile, it's good for people like me, who want to help but don't want to just do over again what you have already done. That way we can see what you have so far. It also links back the other direction, so anyone who later visits the profile can see the discussion that happened here on the G2G Forum.

So first i would recommend that you build a profile for Michael or his wife or a child or two, just so everyone here can see what we have already.

In terms of linking back to Ireland: Have you done any DNA on that side of your family? Irish records are hard but Irish DNA is getting quite well documented, so your own Y-DNA might help narrow down the county in Ireland, and even your auDNA (or better yet, your Dad's) might still have genetic signatures that indicate a specific part of Ireland. So i would recommend doing your DNA, either at Ancestry for the auDNA or FamilyTreeDNA for the Y-DNA, or both.  

If you tag your question with DNA and Ireland, you might get the attention of someone who has more specific advice for you.

Best wishes!


PS - i suspect that if you did a few WikiTree profiles for your French Canadian lines, you would quickly be able to connect up with many of your ancestors who are already here, and you would find lots and lots of cousins, probably me included!

by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
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''Merci beaucoup'' for your quick answer Shirlea. I'm going to proceed as you suggest me. Maybe someone will be able to bring me some hope to reconnect the missing link.

I didnt put everything on my ancestry tree. Just few branches to help me in my quest to get in touched with some descendants. What a quest! but it paid :)

have a good day and i cross my fingers!
by Danny Wade G2G Crew (360 points)

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