"Other Last Names" Field not working in Searches?

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I have set up some women ancestors with the female version of their birth surname as is shown in their records. And I added the male root of the name (without diacritics) so that other people researching the family can find them.

Or I put an ancestor with one spelling, but with several versions in his surname, as descendants spelled the name various ways.

But the search for " Rabstejnek " or " Rabstejnek* " is missing family members with other versions of the surname even though I put Rabstejnek, without diacritics, as an Other Last Name (OLN).

Example: Rabštejnková-2 and Rapštejnek-1 don't show up if I search for Rabstejnek -- https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Rabstejnek -- even though it's an OLN. What am I doing wrong with the OLN field, and how can I get the whole family to show up when one searches, even though original spellings varied?

Thanks for any advice!

PS. Is it the diacritics that are throwing things off? Should I get rid of the š in the primary fields?

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Hello A.

Understandig how the algorithm used by the "Search" function works is not easy. The diacritics are not the problem (they are "ignored" by the function).

Try searching for

"First Name:"  *

"Last Name:" Rabstejn*

Rabštejnková-2 and Rapštejnek-1 are listed in the search results.

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (658k points)
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If you only enter a last name with no other information, the page just directs to that name's genealogy page, it doesn't perform a search.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (291k points)

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