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Good Afternoon All,

       So I ran across this old Pamphlet my Mother had about Laura Ingalls Wilder (Ingalls-1). In it, she is shown as a Mayflower descendant from  Richard Warren (Warren-66). There is also a link on her profile

So I decided to start with her and work my way back to him. That went fine but Going back I have run across an odd situation that I am hoping someone can clarify and explain to me? Cause if they can I may have a found a "glitch"  in a line?

So the line goes 

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Ingalls-1) Father is 

Charles Phillip Ingalls (Ingalls-2) Father is 

Landsford Whiting Ingalls (Ingalls-7)  Father is 

Samual Worther Ingalls (Ingalls-24)

 Switch to the wife who is 

Margaret (Delano)  Ingalls (Delano-1)  Father is 

Jonathan Delano III (Delano-2Father is

Jabez Delano (Delano-97) Father is

Jonathan Delano II (Delano-84) Father is 

Jonathan Delano I (Delano-66)

Switch to the wife who is 

Mercy (Warren) Delano (Warren-756) Father is

Nathanial Warren (Warren-71) Father is

Michael Warren (Warren-66)  Passenger on the Mayflower.

Follow the line that way and everything is fine. Try to follow the line from Nathanial down to Laura and ..... Well, you will see my problem, I have not been able to do it!

Hence my conundrum. I can track one way but not the other, which makes no sense to me.

In the Pamphlet, my mother has there is no Jabez Delano (Delano-97) In the tree, between Jonathan Delano II (Delano-84) and Jonathan Delano III (Delano-2) there is Jabez and something is going on here that I do not understand. Can somebody else take a look at this and see if they can figure it out? 

Best Regards,

Jeff M (The Lost New Kid on the Block)

in Genealogy Help by Jeff Michaelsen G2G4 (4.1k points)
Hello Jeff,

The Richard Warren Four Generations book has Jabez Delano (Delano-97) born 8 Nov 1682. Johnathan Delano, his father, married Mercy Warren p. 35. Jonathan Delano's parents are Philip and Hester (Dewsbery) Delano.  

Cousin Frank

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The father of Nathaniel Warren (Warren-71) is Richard Warren (Warren-66), not Michael Warren. Richard Warren was the father of five daughters who did not make the trip on the Mayflower. They came over with their mother after the Mayflower trip. Sons, Nathaniel and Joseph were born later in America.

Richard Warren of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations, page 4.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
Sorry, you are absolutely right. I should have put in Richard, not Michael. My Bad!
With all the Delano's in your line you must be connected to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He's also connected to the Warren line.
Actually not sure if I have the Delano's in my line I will have to check. I know that my Ingalls link and Laura's Ingalls link goes back further than Samual Ingalls.

As I said before I found this file my Mom put together over the years and found this Goofy looking Pamphlet (Sorry should have referenced that before):

 American and Royal Ancestors of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Compiled and Charter by

Ruth Bunker Christiansen

Published & Copyright 1984  by Sally Gustafson

Anyway, My name is Jeffrey Ingalls Michaelsen so I was trying to trace to Laura (Ingalls) Wilder, and got sidetracked with her Mayflower Link. Primarily because there was a handwritten sticky note on the Pamphlet that read  "Our Mayflower Link?".

Proving a Mayflower Link was always my mother's "Holy Grail" task. She swore we were closely related to Laura Ingalls Wilder (which we are but not that closely) and I think she thought this was her way of establishing the Mayflower Link. So in deference to Mom, I will always chase Mayflower link in the Tree. And as it turns out, Mom was right, I have found it and am in the process of Proving it.
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You might be confusing Jabez with his uncle of the same name (who also had a father Jonathan and a son Jonathan).  It's clearer if you leave out the irrelevant husbands:

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Ingalls-1) Father is 

Charles Phillip Ingalls (Ingalls-2) Father is 

Landsford Whiting Ingalls (Ingalls-7)  Mother is 

Margaret (Delano)  Ingalls (Delano-1)  Father is 

Jonathan Delano III (Delano-2) b 1735 Father is

Jabez Delano (Delano-97) b 1708 Father is

Jonathan Delano II (Delano-84) b 1680 Mother is 

Mercy (Warren) Delano (Warren-756) Father is

Nathanial Warren (Warren-71) Father is

Richard Warren (Warren-66)  Passenger on the Mayflower.

Also, we have 2 different men called Jonathan Delano III.

So from Mercy go to Jonathan (II) not Jabez (b 1682), and from Jonathan (II) go to Jabez (b 1708) not Jonathan (b 1715)

by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (566k points)
Ah! So there is a second Jonathan III. I thought I was imagining that.
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Hi Jeff.  I did a quick run on the WikiTree Relationship Finder tool, and it seems to agree with your data.  It shows Richard Warren (Warren-66) as the 7th great grandfather of Laura (Ingalls-1).  (Qualifiers:  Samuel Worther Ingalls (Ingalls-24) and Jonathan Delano (Delano-1) are not links in the chain, they are spouses of mothers who are in the chain.  And I think you mean Richard, not Michael, as the last name on your list.)  But anyway, the chain works in either direction, so I'm not really seeing a problem there.

That does not necessarily mean that all the data is correct of course.  In addition to the Jabez between the two Delanos, the profiles here also show Jonathan II having a brother Jabez and Jonathan III having a son Jabez.  So it seems to be a popular name in the family, and there could be some confusion or conflation about that.  But otherwise I'm not seeing the problem.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
Relationship Finder Tool! I did not even know there was a tool for that! I obviously need to go have a look at it and learn how to work that.

And yes Ingalls 24 and Delano 1 would not be in the Chain. As Mr. Horace just pointed out to me I would be much better off keeping "Irrelevant Husbands" Out of the picture.  

My problem is being the simple soul that I am and being new to this tree climbing thing  I get confused easily. If I go up out on a Branch then it stands to reason that I should be able to backtrack along the same branch without getting lost.
Right up there under the 'Find' menu at top right.  Just plug in any two WikiTree IDs and you're off.  A lot of what it tells you should be taken with a grain of salt until you go through each connection in the chain and satisfy yourself that you believe it to be correct.  It's just operating on data that has been entered by dozens of different users, and some of it might be unsourced or poorly sourced.  There is also a similar Connections Finder tool that will also look at connections by marriage between two IDs (same menu).
Sweet, I am going to have to go play with that!


Jeff M

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