I cant make Deceased Profile Public because it doesnt have Birth/Death dates. Living/Deceased Indicator is required

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I cant make Deceased Profile Public because it doesnt have Birth/Death dates, and its impossible to estimate. Are there any possibility to setup Public Profile without dates? Apparently his grand ancestors have good dates, so no problems with privacy.

Actually implementing Deseased/Living indiactor (like in Geni or FamilySearch) is best option. Hope it will be fixed, as it is supported in Gedcom as well.
in The Tree House by Fedir Indutnyi G2G1 (1.0k points)

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Underneath the 'death date' field are a series of radio buttons.  The first one is about/uncertain but non-living

What are the guessed dates?  If they are far enough back, you may not be able to change the Privacy.

  • Profiles of non-living people without any sensitive information or real privacy concerns should be Open.
  • Profiles of people born over 150 years ago or who died over 100 years ago must be Open.


by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Nope, that doesnt work. I have deceased profile which was born in 1804 and its Open. But i cant set his father as Open because Birth/Death Dates of his father are missing. If there was Deceased/Living indicator (like in Geni or FamilySearch or Myheritage) - then i would simply mark his father deceased and open. It seems like lack of functionality.

Estimationg is not an option - because at that time child could be born when father could be from 16 till 50 years, which only could introduce mistake when estimating father, then father of father, grandfather etc.

I remmember few years ago there was ability to create profile without dates. So this option is now closed, but living/deceased indicator still didnt appear.

Truly hoping to see understanding. Thank you very much!

Since you are estimating a birth approximately 16 to 50 years prior to 1804, wouldn't it be reasonable to enter 1804 minus 16 (or 1788) and click the radio button for "Before" to indicate that the birth date was prior to 1788? That would allow the profile to be updated with accurate information while still leaving room for the birth date to be anywhere prior to 1788 (including as far back as 1754).

This is the first sentence of my original answer:

Underneath the 'death date' field are a series of radio buttons.  The first one is about/uncertain but non-living

Hi Scott and Ros,

I understand and aware of radio button "Not Living", but still - it doesnt work until date is provided. BEFORE 1778 - is a date value - which is incorrect. There is a huge difference in genealogy betwen Null value and  "BEFORE 1778". When exporting data to Myheritage or Geni and making my trees alligned - those systems are cleverly extimate dates on the fly based on surrounding profiles.

Here is example of Difference betewen BEFORE 1778 and null:

If lets say we know Mariage has happened in 1778 (or any other document), we can attach document to profile and put Birth = BEFORE 1778 - because - he could potentially be agreed to be married as a baby or marry by himself in any date during any age of his life before 1778.

 If we know nothing about this profile, except of story and notes without dates, than birth date = Null.

As you may see difference is - Null - we dont know anything, BEFORE 1778 - for any real facts that can prove he was already born before this date!

This is purpose of BEFORE or AFTER in gedcom and other applications.

 But here, in Wikitree its wrong by validation form setup. Everybody recommends to put estimations and Null is not allowed. If we buld such estimations to let say 3 generations in a row to ancestors - we will introduce error and confusion. Let say we put Fateher = BEFORE 1778, then Grand Father = BEFORE 1778, than Grand- Grand Father = BEFORE 1778 - they all will be same date. Did you notice repeated value? Because you cant shift estimation! Than if by any chance we discover brother of grand grand father, lets say = 1750, it ruins whole logic and reqires reupdating all subsequent profiles of all (grand-grand, grand, and father). Instead - good practice will be to have radiobutton "Not Living" and dates as blank. Like in all other systems and gedcom

You don't have to put a death date in so that you can use the 'about/uncertain but non-living' button.  Many people used it to make profiles visible during the inception of GDPR.

So it is what you were asking for - a 'Not Living' radio button.
No, still not possible to have Birth = Null, Death = Null, and radiobutton "Not Living".

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