I believe the Puttenham lineage to John Putnam of Salem is incorrect.

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I cant figure out how to post a picture of the Margret Vincent's Puttenham family tree. With that said from what I know right know I believe it to be the best tree for the family.  Why do I believe this? It is because I have been in contact with the church Warden at St. Mary's Puttenham. She said that she has Margaret Vincent's tree of the Puttenham family and there are research notes In the church.  I am waiting for a copy of the Church and Manor of Puttenham by Margret Vincent.  I believe the church Warden may have known her. This means the research was done there in Puttenham  and England. I am inclined to believe the works of someone who was there over someone who was not or over someone just referring to others work.
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Can you provide some link or at least say where you found it?  Maybe someone else can help you post the picture, or at least link it to G2G.
Sometimes we just have to hang tight and wait.

The tree can be found in the Referenced History of the Putnam family England and America. It can be found here.https://www.familysearch.org/library/books/records/item/362334-the-referenced-history-of-the-putnam-family-in-england-and-america I believe it is the next to the last tree in this work. Margaret Vincent's tree is also the tree that the church Warden of St Mary's in Puttenham has.  The Warden Also stated that she will send me a copy of Margaret Vincent's book Churches and Manor of Puttenham and that there are research papers on the family locked inside the church. She has access to these. She will be emailing me with what she finds. Here are the subjects that the book The Church and Manor of Puttenham  covers http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/data/books/books-0/book0088-puttenham.htm

The whole book is on-line at FamilySearch.  So I would think you could post a link to the page.  (It's my understanding that FamilySearch's terms of service do not allow for duplication of images from their website to be used elsewhere on-line.)  I'm not sure what your goal is, though.  If the tree contradicts relationships already shown on WikiTree, you would still need to locate the evidence the tree is based on, discuss issues with other profile (and project) managers, etc.

Or alternatively, you could set up a free-space page to present all the information you've collected about Margaret Vincent's tree.  

If I have misunderstood your question, please tell me.
You found The Church and Manor of Puttenham book on familysearch ? I must have missed it. Do I just message everyone one at a time then? How do I set up a free space page?
The book on FamilySearch is the one you linked to, in which you said Vincent's tree was next to the last (I did not find the page number where it is located).

I want to make sure I'm giving you useful advice, so first please tell me:  How many connections or profiles do you think are wrong?  Would it just be a matter of disconnecting a line in one place?  Creating new profiles?

To set up a free-space page, see:


If you set up a page, I think it's best not to include any punctuation in the name.  I don't recall the details, but something--I think a comma or an apostrophe--created issues in the past as discussed somewhere on G2G.  So when I set up pages, I just avoid potential problems by not using any punctuation.  So, for instance, I would not call the page "Margaret Vincent's Puttenham Tree."  You could say "The Puttenham Lineage According to Margaret Vincent" (just for example).
I see the book I shared on family search is The Referenced History of the Putnam family England and America. Pages 14 and 15 have the lineage by Margret Vincent.

I think we might have to make some new profiles but im not sure. Im waiting for the book Church and Manor of Puttenham by Margret Vincent and research notes from St Mary's in Puttenham.

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Sorry, Joseph, I should have said this earlier.  Are you referring to Putnam-37?  He is in the Puritan Great Migration project.  If that is who you mean, you should add the pgm tag to your question and contact the project.  Of course, you still have the liberty to see up a free-space page.

by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (457k points)
Yes Putnam-37.

Ok I set up a free space and have a Picture up of the lineage of John Putnam according to Margaret Vincent. https://www.wikitree.com/photo/jpg/Lineage_of_John_Putnam_of_Salem_by_Margret_Vincent

OK.  One thing I might do is create a table, showing the proposed lineage side-by-side with what is currently shown on WikiTree, and add that to the page.  I see that Margaret's work goes pretty far back.  Are there records supporting it?

P.S.  It looks like you've spelled her name two different ways.  Is "Margret" correct?  If not, it is easy to change the name of a free-space page.  That won't change the URL, but it will change the way it displays.
Margaret is correct. Were did I spell it different?

It turns out she lived in Puttenham and was church secretary and looked after the alter. Will probably be waiting a while for the research notes inside the church.
See the page title.  As I mentioned, it is easy to fix.  You will see how as soon as you enter the Edit mode.
I cant get the picture to delete. Ive looked everywhere for the remove or delete button.
First, here is a corrected link to the page (not the image):


Now that I've found it, it looks to me like you got the image to unlink.  It will float around on WikiTree for a little while (in case you want to bring it back), then eventually disappear.

P.S. Getting the image removed as the primary image on a free-space page is a pain (in my opinion).  I can't do it now that the image is detached.  If you care, I think what you need to do is access the image, select the "make primary image" (or something similar), save it, then go back and uncheck the box and save again.
Thank you for the help. I will try to get another chart posted side by side with the current lineage.
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I should be getting the books Church and Manor of Puttenham on Monday or Tuesday.  So hopefully by the end of the week I should be able to post more information on John Putnam's lineage from the Puttenham family.
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