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The Scotland Project is hard at work improving profiles for our Scottish Ancestors and we would love you to join us!  The Project covers all things Scottish, so no matter what you interests are, there's a team waiting for you!

You'll begin with a journey down our new Tartan Trail (you can learn more about it here) where you'll not only improve and/or learn new skills, but will also meet new people and learn to work within an active, collaborative WikiTree community.  Once you've completed the Tartan Trail, you'll be invited to join other teams within the project that interest you.

Membership Information

If you are new to WikieTree and have not become a full member you will need to upgrade to Wiki Genealogist Level and sign our Honor Code to receive your wiki genealogist badge, which is a necessity for editing profiles.  Full details can also be found on the Scotland Project  home page.  This will also give you a time line of what to expect from the Tartan Trail

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Jackie Prentice G2G6 Mach 1 (12.2k points)
edited by Jackie Prentice
Hi All I will contact you by private message shortly

My maternal grandmothers older siblings and parents came from Scotland, surname is Roy. My late husband spoke of Scottish ancestors. The names were Stuart and Snyman. I would like to learn more about their history. I would like to trace the history of his family crest.
I am considering myself as much or more Scottish than Irish as well.  Family names; Shannon & Reid, probably from Ayrshire (Kintyre?), and Hay/Hays/Hayes from near Haddington in East Lothian.
Hi Wayne

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Hello, I'm very interested in joining the Scotland Project.  Thru DNA testing, I recently discovered my paternal line actually was unexpectedly from the Maness/Manus surname, from Scotland, and members of Clan Gunn.  I've had a number of DNA tests, and would be happy to assist in any research efforts.
Hi Jim I will answer your question below

Hello! I 'm interested in learning more about my Scottish ancestry. I' m connected with the Stewarts, McDonald's,  Sinclairs, Bruce, Ross,  Gordons,  Moray's, Douglas, Grahams and more

Thank you

Toni Boone Sams
Hi Toni

Sorry for the delay.  I will send you the joining information shortly

I'm interested in joining the scotland project.  Areas of interest are Fife and East Lothian. Born in Paisley, bought up in Glasgow and currently living in East Lothian. Maternal ancestors mainly from East Lothian and Fife, Paternal ancestors from Shetland, Argyll, and Glasgow.
Thank you, Jackie

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My paternal family are all from Scotland and I'm interested in further learning and sharing research for those names and places.  Main  names are Mann, King, More and Gordon from the counties of Inverness, Ross-shire, Banff and Moray.

Jocelyn Gould nee Mann
by Jocelyn Gould G2G1 (1.2k points)
Hi Jocelyn

I will contact you by PM shortly to get you started on the trail

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Hello, I have been searching for years for my first Scottish ancestor.  I can trace back to a James H. Fraser and his wife, Agnes.  Married in Feb. 1836, they are my 3rd great grandparents.  According to a family bible, he was born Jan 7,1814.  In the next generation, the family name was changed to Frasure .
Hi Bonnie

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I'm interested in joining the Scotland Project.  I have a brick wall ancestor named William Nic(h)olson.  He was born about 1826 or 1827, but I don't know where.  All I know is that his father's name was John Nicholson and was a "house smith". I think his mother's name was Mary but I need to confirm it.  The family story is that the Nicholsons were from Skye. My maternal grandfather told my mother to "remember a poor tree".
by Carol Collins G2G1 (1.7k points)
HI Carol

I will contact you by pm to get you started

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Hi - I am interested in joining the Scotland Project. I have a brick wall ancestor Margaret Smith born in Inverkeillor in 1852. Her husband was Andrew Spalding. Ancestry seems to have an opinion, but I have not found a way to verify. I am a new member, so just started on getting profiles created. But like to think I am coming up to speed quickly. :)
by Geoff Engman G2G Crew (840 points)
Hi Geoff

I will contact you by private message to get the ball rolling

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I'm ready to get started. My family dates back to Sutherland in 1819 with the McKays .I'd like to join the Sutherland team if possible.
by Leonard Olson G2G Crew (990 points)
Hi Leonard

I will contact you by private message to get the ball rolling

Thanks, Jackie, I'll look forward to getting started. Please let me know when I can start on the Tartan info.
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I am very new to all of this but the most interesting for me is my Scottish line on my mother's side. I have always been drawn to Scotland for some reason even before I knew of my heritage. The thistle has been my favorite flower since I was a little girl, now I know why  My Grandmother always told me that we were Scots Irish but after just a little bit of family tree work I see that we are Clan McLaurin with a rich history in NC, where that side of the family still lives. That also seems to be the case in the highlands of Scotland as well.
by Melissa Cifarelli G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Melissa!

We'll be in touch by PM shortly to get you set up.
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Hi, I'd like to learn more about Scotland because I have recently 100% confirmed my FORBES family's leap across the pond and am quite excited about it! Further, I would like to learn how to utilize this particular app; I believe I am sorely lacking and have been adding to my tree but likely not using the preferred format for WikiTree.

I am in Florida, USA

Thank you,

Lynn Forbes King
by Lynn King G2G Crew (560 points)
Hi Lynn!

We'll be in touch by PM shortly to get you started.
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My grandmother was an official member of Clan McBean. I guess that means I am too? Not sure how that works. Thanks!
by Marianne Morris G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Marianne

We'll be in touch by PM shortly to get you set up
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Yes I have Scottish ancestors and would like to participate.  My 5th great grandfather was James MacKenzie born 1742 in Petty, Inverness.  His wife was Isobell Fraser.  Names right out of the Outlander series!
by Debbie Costa G2G1 (1.7k points)
Hi Debbie

We'll be in touch shortly by PM to get you set up
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I have Scottish ancestors on all my branches. Would love to learn more!
by Donna Brown G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Donna

We'll be in touch by PM shortly to get you set up
Thank you, I appreciate it!
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My brick wall ancestor was a James Fraser and his wife Agnes.  Married in Feb. 1836, they are my 3rd great grandparents.  According to the family bible, he was born Jan. 7, 1814 .  In the next generation, the family name was changed to Frasure.
by Bonnie Andre G2G Crew (320 points)
Hi Bonnie

Jackie will be in touch soon to help you get started.
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I would love to join in. I have almost all sourced connection to Mary Queen of Scots, mother of James VI/James I
by Melanie Willis G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Melanie

I will be in contact with you shortly

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My family is Scottish from my father, Ian Charles Cargill Graham, born in Zetland, now Shetland Isles, in 17 Feb 1919, back to the Irish Dalriada, 493AD, which I know thanks to my Aunt doing 30 yrs. of family research in Scotland, from records only, and she wrote "The Story of Our Family," a hardcover book for our family.
Hi Claire

Thank you for your interest in the Project.  At the time you answered the question you had not logged in so I cannot contact you via your profile.  Please answer the questionagain ensuring you had logged in as we would love to hear from you

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Scottish heritage on my mother’s side and through my paternal grandmother. Line ends on my grandmother’s side with my 2nd great grandmother and I’ve been trying to find anything with her name and parents and no luck.
by Magen Bartlett G2G Rookie (290 points)
Hi Magen

I have just sent you a message by private messaging

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Hi my name is Eddie Reisch my mum was born in Glasgow and orginaly my Scottish family was from Dundee. My mum Married a Polish Soldier they meet during the second world war. I have a blog with my mum but am going to try and populate a family tree on WkiTree. Here is a link to my blog on my Polish dad and Scottish mother. So I am a Scottish Pole or fondly known as a Caber. Would love to help out with the Scotland project?

by Eddie Reisch G2G Crew (660 points)
Hi Eddie

I will contact you by private message

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Nearly all of my family trees lead to Scotland and I would love to learn more about them.  Some names are Munro, Stewart, Arnott & Bonner.
by Janette Arnott G2G Rookie (260 points)
Hi Janette

I will contact you by private message

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I was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire and have lived here all my life, so this area is of particular interest to me. My research began over 20 years ago. I also have connections to Greenock and Port Glasgow.
by Jacqueline Baxter G2G Crew (930 points)
Hi Jacqueline

I will send you a private message about joining the project

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Hi Jackie,  I am interested in joining this obscure clan.  Born in Scotland, lived most of my life in Scotland with family in Aberdeen, and Caithness
by Brian Shearer G2G1 (2k points)
Hi Brian

I will contact you by private message

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I would like to join please. I have Scottish family.
by Krista Vetter G2G2 (2.1k points)
Hi Krista

I will contact you by PM shortly

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I am Bill Gourlay G434 Over the past few months I have transferred data of my family tree gained from various sources, in the hope that it will assist other researchers of the GOURLAY name from Scotland.

This data is accurate as I know it but would be happy to answer any questions or problems with you.

I look forward to hearing from and corresponding with members  interested in anything in my tree.

Yours Aye, Bill
by Bill Gourlay G2G Crew (420 points)
Hi Bill

I will; contact you by PM shortly


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