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I just noticed these ridiculously expensive books are on Archive.org through their check-out-and-return system. Were they just added recently? I feel like I would have noticed some time ago... but sometimes I am surprisingly oblivious to things.
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According to the catalog entry at archive.org they were uploaded at the end of January, 2019.
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I didn’t think to look for metadata. Thanks. That’s recent enough that I may not have looked since then.
Actually, I was not aware that they had been uploaded. I am interested in the Howland family as I descend from John the Pilgrim. I looked into buying them for my library, but the price is prohibitive. It is good to know they are now available electronically. I suspect there is a bit of a wait to borrow them.

BTW Thank you for the star!
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The wikitree space page for those books were created Dec 2019 and are included in the Family Genealogy list for last name of Howland.

wikitree Space page for John Howland of the Mayflower

wikitree Space Page for Family Genealogies

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Oh. I had Googled “John Holland of the Mayflower” plus White plus Wikitree and those pages don’t show on the first page of hits. Usually I find a freespace  source page as the top hit when I do that.
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Please note that the 1990 edition on archive is not a silver book (Mayflower Society). It may be accurate but it is out of date. The newest version of the Mayflower Soc. books is 2006. https://www.themayflowersociety.org/shop/books-publications/silver-books-and-mfip?start=24
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

My understanding is that the John Howland silverbook (vol. 23 parts 1 through 3) does not cover all of his descendants, including my own line. I got that impression from here:


Barry - I am the Maine Mayflower Historian - I have all of the Howland Books - happy to do a search for you.
Thanks Ellen. I checked the 3rd volume out of Archive.org, which has what I wanted.
But this point is well-taken: I just found an instance where White provides a list of children with birth years for one Benjamin Cole, but with no source. Then she argues that that Benjamin, whose wife died in 1748, cannot be the Benjamin who then married in 1749. A long-winded explanation then arrives at *some other* Benjamin's will naming a daughter Esther who was recorded in 1738, She then notes that one of the years in the unsourced birth list provided earlier was also 1738, so they couldn't have been the same Benjamin. So she is assuming:
* parents cannot have two children born in the same year
* for some reason her unsourced birth year is exact and correct
* this other will of this obviously different Benjamin is somehow connected to the Benjamin she is talking about.

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