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I'm looking for help verifying the marriage of William Hardwicke and Elizabeth (Goushill) Wingfield. Richardson does not mention this marriage in "Magna Carta Ancestry" or "Royal Ancestry".  However, Marlyn Lewis' website includes this marriage and cites volume 2, page 450 of "The Lineage and Ancestry of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales" by Gerald Paget. Does anyone have access to this book? I'd appreciate verification that the Paget book includes this marriage and, if it does, what was the souce Paget named? Thanks!!
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when the libraries re-open ....

no digital copy online
Henry II). In the reign of Elizabeth I the manor is said to have been granted to John Hardwick. ... married into the Goushill and Longford families. The Goushill ..
Thanks for your answers, Eddie! I'm aware that the book isn't available online ... I was hoping someone had access to a hard copy and could check it for me. Interesting find in the Bess or Harwick book ... but I still have a hard time believing Elizabeth remarried at age 50+ and had a child/children ...

she may not have been the mother of Roger but did marry William

heavy sigh - libraries still closed crying

I did read the book BESS OF HARDWICK a year or so ago

dunno why Liz disconnected husband a couple years ago

you do know that she's connected to Winston Churchill too
When you pick up a book of Winston Churchill, you sort of know what you are ... big names and famous families before (The Mitford Sisters, Bess of Hardwick and ... but Lovell spends time in the early chapters filling you in on his ancestors and ..

I read this one too
Liz disconnected Hardwick husband in October and I disconnected Hardwick son today because Richardson doesn't name the marriage and, so far, the only other source that they married is the Ancestry of Prince Charles and, now, Bess of Hardwick (which has no sources listed). More research is needed before they can be connected.
No offense intended.

But when your library opens up, you can probably get about 2 dozen books - history and biography - about these peeps.

heavy sigh

I drove by my library yesterday about noon. All dark !  I swear I saw cobwebs in the windows. Big tarantula size cobwebs and moss and lichens growing on the books.

heavy sigh

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Visitation for what it's worth

Does imply that the mystery lady was Roger's mother, but these things arent necessarily to be relied on.

Bess of Hardwick was an ancestor of the Lowe immigrants.  She's at RA vol 4 p 378. The line is taken back in 3 other directions, but is does look like the Goushill - Hardwick link is left out on purpose.

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Thanks RJ! From what I gather, Burke's Peerage had Elizabeth's 1st husband (Wingfield) dying in 1431 and Elizabeth marrying Hardwick in c1432. However, Wingfield left a will dated 1452/3, which named his wife, Elizabeth. That will was proved Nov 1454. So, unless Elizabeth married and had a child when she was in her mid-50's, the Hardwick marriage probably didn't happen. I'm comfortable leaving the Hardwicks detached from Elizabeth's profile (there is a detailed research note on the possible 2nd marriage).

Also, the Visitation has William Hardwick marrying ____, daughter of ___ Goushill of Barleburgh, Derby. Elizabeth's father, Robert, appears to be from Nottinghamshire.
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