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A lot of g2gs this week about disconnecting families

Maybe some right, maybe some wrong

I had a bizarre dream that wikitreers were fighting over disconnecting me from my dad because I couldn't prove he was my dad. His name's not on my birth certificate. He and my mom were just friends with benefits from time to time. Anyhow, in my dream, I couldn't move. I hollered and hollered but no one would listen. Ergo, I intend to outlive wikitree. I figure I can go another 50 years 

in The Tree House by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (520k points)
Nah, the dream is just a comment from yourself to yourself about "feeling disconnected" and I doubt being confined due to the Covid 19 Crisis is helping one bit ... it has effectively disconnected many us from our usual rounds in the community etc and from being in actual touching distance of anyone -- humans are as touchy-feely as most other species are ... -- the "father" is an Archetype, as is the "mother" -- the father image often (not always) refers to Creativity and the mother to Productivity -- to be unable to move to break free is self-evident ... you feel disconnected from your own creativity -- well, that's ONE interpretation .... there's likely others .. you might feel disconnected so to speak because some of your usual contacts are not contacting or connecting etc ... you may be feeling disconnected from your roots ... you may be feeling you have ... see? Many ways of looking at it ... might be simple "you are not following your pre-March routines" comment from yourself, so you are discombobulated by that disconnection ... routines keep the threads of our daily lives woven together (read that somewhere) ...

You are still much cared for by us many folk here at WT and much appreciated for your upbeat attitude and your expertise on the keyboard and in researching ....
Now Susan if your comment was an answer I coulda given it a gold star!

Don’t worry Eddie we luvs ya and we won’t let em take ya away!
At times it seems people are in too big a hurry. Just because they cannot proof it does not always follow that the connection is incorrect.
dunno about being disconnected from my creativity

yesterday, in the novel I'm writing, I destroyed 99.999+% of human life on Earth and the 2nd novel I'm outlining. Should have a starting point for that in a day or so.

A few days ago, a fella wanted to disconnect on an unsourced profile. It took me maybe 10 minutes to find Quaker Meeting records proving the profile was good.

Just seems this past week or so, there be a bunch of disconnect proposals and some shouldn't be but gosh, you can't argue/debate much because folks go acid.
Well, it still come out with the same standard advice as always and we've seen it many times in g2g  -- have your proofs in hand before you act;  if there is an active PM on that profile the very first step is to contact them and demonstrate you have the proofs and (with URL) and go from there ... with an inactive PM there's a procedure to follow and it's outlined in the Help: pages

Of course one can always leave a Comment on the profile citing the information and the source and the repository of that sourced information if one does not want to enter a discussion with another PM ... or that PM is not responsive within some specific period of time etc
Eddie, it is "temporary" ... what flares up also calms down until it flares up again etc
Excellent point George.  Absence of proof currently does not necessarily mean proof is lacking at all ever

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