Proposed parentage of John and Ananias Conklin, early emigrants to America

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John (Conklin-705) and Ananias Conklin (Conklin-72) were glassmakers who emigrated to New England in the 1630s. They both had some association with Nottinghamshire in England but were probably not born there.

I got interested in the families purely because of the association with my home county and they were flagged with various errors and I've put together a resume of what new research has been done, including an extensive ydna study. It's at Space:Conklin_Families_of_America, please add to it if you have more information.

The y-DNA study shows conclusively that John and Ananias were very closely related (note: not that they were brothers, just that they were very close relatives).

It also shows that they were in no way related to a third Conklin emigrant (Conklin-242) though he is widely said to have been the son of Ananias.

Putting together the yDNA results with the parish register entries, the known history of glassmaking in England and the social context, suggests that John and Ananias were perhaps first cousins, both originating from one migrant family from mainland Europe who settled in the West Midlands and then moved to the Nottinghamshire area when glass making was expanded there in the early 1600s.

I'd like to suggest that John Conklin was most probably the son of John Conklin (Conklin-2758) and that Ananias was likely the son of Francis Conklin (Conklin-2725).

Linking them like this is entirely consistent with all the evidence, but would deserve an "unverified parent" tag at the same time. The PGM project manages both profiles.

WikiTree profile: John Conklin
in The Tree House by Derrick Watson G2G6 Mach 3 (34.7k points)

Ananias named a son Cornelius

Conklin DNA stude - a paper published by the Long Island Genealogy Society


Thanks for this. The paper by Honor Conklin is an excellent piece of work and formed part of what I put together in the freespace page. The only minor piece where we disagree is on one of the haplotrees.

The three Cornelius's all draw on the same death date and are all the same person. I'll submit merges for them. The only discrepancy is that one has a claimed actual birth (baptism) date in Nottinghamshire, but that was to parents who didn't actually exist.
Derrick, excellent analysis.  Thank you. Based on your analysis, I concur that john of Rye needs to be detached from  Ananias and a warning placed on all three profiles that points to your freespace page / analysis.
PS. I'm responding as co- leader of PGM.

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You have tag of PGM, so that Project should be checking this question and get back to you.  With the holiday weekend in US, they may be delayed in responding.  If you haven't heard something in a couple of days, post a comment to that page, as you have done in the past, referring back to this G2G since you have information and you wouldn't have to repeat it.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (476k points)

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