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I am working on my potential Trissino ancestors (haven't found the perfect connection yet, if there is one) and I am trying to get it to Euroaristo's standards. If someone could look at Teodoro and tell me and his direct family unit (parents and siblings) to let me know how well my use of name fields works for the needs inherent with this family. To be sure it is known, in 1515, Giangiorgio Trissino (Trissino-1) was knighted in the tradition of dal Vello d'Oro by Maximillian I of Ausburg and therefore distinguished his descendants from the other lines of the Trissino family. "Dal Vello d'Oro" means "of the Golden Fleece".

The two main sources of my information have been


Finally, what does "Pontȩfuro" mean?

Sorry, if I asked too much in this post. Let me know if I need to break it down.



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Hi Mike

Trissino is obviously the right name for the LNAB, but I think that the Current Last Name should be Trissino dal Vello d'Oro.

Dal Vello d'Oro by itself could refer to any Italian family who had been made a Knight of the Golden Fleece, but Trissino dal Vello d'Oro refers to the branch of the Trissino family that were given this honour.

I'm not sure about Pontefuro, it would be good to see the word in context.  However doing a Google search, Ponte furo is a bridge in Venice, and I'm sort of guessing that Pontefuro might be the area around the bridge, like a name of a suburb.  If you have come across it in relation to the Trissino family, it might then mean the Trissino's who live in Pontefuro and then isn't a title or personal term that would be attached to Teodoro.  But as I said that is all guesswork!!

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Thanks, John that all sounds good except for the part about Pontefuro being simply a place. If you click on the link to Teodoro's father, Pompeo, and look in the biography to and click on the link. Disregard the French and go to the end of the page, you will see an image of a family tree which places the word <<Pontefuro>> above Teodoro's name in bold. Thus, it loos like a title.


I would stil interpret that as being that Teodoro founded the Pontefuro branch of the family.  The same << double signs>> are used around Dal Vello d'Oro and Miglioranza and I think it just signifies that's where a particular branch of the family started.

In other sections of the genealogical table, where someone has a particular role or title, it has been placed after the name and I think if Pontefuro had been something like that if would have been placed after Teodoro's name, not above it.

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