Finally this picture is back, but not in my usual picture format

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Will someone please tell me how on earth I am supposed to download this picture to another file if it is not in the usual place??  I can only see it here and can't seem to access it.

This is a photo of those men who gave the supreme sacrifice during WW1 from MacGregor, Manitoba, Canada.
in Photos by E. Lauraine Syrnick G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
which picture? where?

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Looking at your recent contributions, I assume you are asking about this picture

It shows it as privacy protected so we can't see what the formats or anything about it are.

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (544k points)
That is the picture I am referring to.  Well, it is now shown in the upper portion of my profile just below my personal name.

It WAS NOT SHOWN in the usual picture place going into images.  What I wanted to do but couldn't do, is share it with one of the other profiles in my care.  I had hoped it would solve this problem.  I didn't realize that pictures couldn't be shown in restricted profiles- which mine is.   The main problem is that I put this on my file temporarily so I could actually post the picture under G2,   ha ha ha - the joke is on me but it is annoying.

you can add it to other profiles. Help Page for Photos should help.  It does state that if a profile is 'private' only those on Trusted List can see the full size. Once you add it to someone else that is public, then the photo is public also

Are you telling me I can add it to another profile.  HOW??  This picture is not shown under images so no idea how to go about that
HELP - cannot see how to add this photo to another profile.

The photo is underneath my name where it appears the second time  and shows my Wikitree mailing address.

IT DOES NOT APPEAR in images where it normally does.  That is where I put it, but somehow it ended up there.
If you click on the image, 'you' should be able to see the page for the image.  You should have an Edit next to the title, on the right side of the page, which would open up the page for editing and then you can add people to the image. Scrolling below the image has the box where you can profiles to have the image loaded to.
I tried clicking on the image and didn't see any page numbers.  I am using an older model MacBook Air and SOMEONE MUST have access to my profile and went in and took this picture out of images.

I need that SOMEONE to go in again and return the image to its proper place.  Maybe this is someone higher up??
When you say that this picture ended up just underneath your name the second time it appears - that is normal, and not permanent.  It is probably permanently on your Images tab (which of course we cannot see).  The version you were talking about is only a record of what you last did.  If you do something else to your profile, and put a reason, that will overwrite the little picture underneath your name and 'send private message' texts.
No one has access to your profile, other than you and any trusted list people.  You can access the picture using the link that I posted initially.  None of us can help you very much since it is only on your profile right now.  If I use the link, I can see the thumbnail version, but I am sure you will see it correctly for editing.

Checking your contributions, you have a link also when you uploaded it.
Ok - have added a short bit to my profile and now cannot see the picture at all!  Maybe it will appear later??

Do want to thank all of you for trying to help.  Hopefully the picture will appear and I can than put it on my Great Uncle Fred's profile and PERHAPS get it posted on G2.

Laurie, click the link

the picture is there still.  You have done other work so it isn't the last contribution, but it is still seen in your contributions Log. 

Thank you.  Now I have tried to post pictures before, but it never seems to work out for me.  The last time the picture was so small even I couldn't see it.  So, if someone could take me through (don't use computer terms please) how to do it, I will try.  If it fails will need another person to put this picture up for me.

I would like to say these are the men who made the supreme sacrifice giving up their lives during WW1 from MacGregor, MB, Canada  It is getting near the month when we need to remember them as well as the men who gave up their lives i WW2.

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