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Last year, I undertook the mission of implementing a category hierarchy for our military in the Great War. I used the wikipedia order of battle as a guide (using the 1918 section). This was not using the sticker, and this was not finished.

I set this out the way I did as, there are vague references to units out there. To use one example, in the New Zealand Division, with the Canterbury Regiments there are 3 Battalions. The 1st Regiment originally was in the 1st Brigade but was later moved to the 2nd Brigade (which is where the 2nd Regiment is located). The 3rd Regiment was located in the 4th Brigade

I can't help but notice there are incorrect categories coming in. I mean a few moments would give you what you're looking for or the parent category of what you're trying to get to. 

For those unaware:
The structure starts at New Zealand Expeditionary Force. The 1st is for WWI and the 2nd is for WWII.
The 1st is comprised of the New Zealand Division and the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade. The 2nd is split into the respective divisions who served either overseas or remained here as part of our territorial force. It would have easy enough if the stickers were throwing a slightly different name then you'd have the right place already there and you just needed to either rename or merge. But you got names now which don't share any of the hierarchical logic that existed


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And that is why I avoid using categories, unless there is a genuine genealogical reason for doing so! (I feel your pain, Richard.)

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I hear you. Now throw in every other war and you have my daily frustration with M&W cats, not only for NZ and WWI, but for all wars and countries. Most errors involve the sticker template use.

What you have to realize is that if people use the sticker, your categories do not work correctly with it because the sticker for the world wars are set up to display a category in the form of [[Category:XXX Unit, XXXBranch, World War X]], and your categories are simply [[Category:XXXX Unit]]. This makes it difficult to work the sticker and if people skip using the unit= parameter in the sticker, the profile gets stuck in the general WWI category, which is supposed to be a top level category.

Due to sticker use, the landing level categories are what you have to plan around because PMs WANT to use the sticker and the unit= creates a category. 

Your container categories are a bit wonky, too, and many units are over-categorized. For example: is in NZ Army, NZ Exped. Force, and Eighth Army. It does not need to be under NZ army, as the Exped. Cat should be under the Army (or Army, WWII). 

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Yes, I'm definitely aware that it isn't correct, I had made a start on correcting this, but everything came to a screeching halt (I think this was around the time I contracted Pneumonia).

When I devising the reformation of the New Zealand project, I specifically made sure there were teams created (one of which was looking after our category structure and making the appropriate adjustments as required to give me the opportunity to recover.) I'd just looked in on it and um, figured out that I was still the last one to have touched it.

It looks like I'll have to detour from my Italian job and resume where I left off presumably when I return home tonight (deliberately using the stickers to figure out where things get adjusted)

I guess I finish my reply with sorry?

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