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I have been having no luck using the book reader on for at least the last week. The reader is present, but there are no pages and no book in the reader. The problem seems to be confined to my Firefox browser. Chrome and Safari work as expected. suggested I turn off my adblocker. so I whitelisted but it still doesn't work. I haven't intentionally changed any settings recently.

Are there other Firefox users having this problem or is it something on my computer alone.

Thank you Everyone, for your help. It was my adblocker. When I added to the exceptions list I added it as and that didn't work. I had to add it as

closed with the note: Problem Resolved. Thank you.
in The Tree House by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
closed by Anne B
As Kay notes elsewhere, I've had no problems with in Firefox. Is it possible your Firefox did not auto update and something at Archive was changed and this is causing a conflict?
Firefox is up to date. I think it might have happened before the update on June 3, but I might have to rethink that.
Do you have any add-ons or plug-ins to Firefox that perhaps didn't update? I'm not sure how to check the up to date status of those. Just a thought.
Clearing your history and re-starting the browser can resolve some problems.
I'm trying Firefox with the new Multicontainer addon to shield genealogy research cookies from my email, non-genealogy browsing and general research.  Also, I use Linux for most of my work.

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I have not had any problems. I am using the latest Firefox on a Linux machine.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Not a long term solution, but temporary work around - you can download the pdf from archive.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (420k points)
Thank you. I cleared the cache that didn't work.
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Try a different browser.
by J. Crook G2G6 Pilot (203k points)
Yes it works in other browsers as I mentioned above.
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Do you mean (for example) that this URL doesn't work for you? :

It works for me, Firefox 77.0.1 (64 bit), Windows10.
by Bob Howlett G2G6 (7.6k points)
It works on mine, just updated yesterday. Sounds like you have a 3rd party content blocker running- check your add-ins.
Bob, when I go to that link, I get the black page that says internet archive and the book information at the bottom, but there's no book with pages in the reader.
Anne, I too have Firefox and it works OK for me. There is a clue what may be happening for you. The page that I see is a PDF file that is sent out via an Adobe Flash process. You may have Flash disabled the last time Firefox updated or the recent changes in how Firefox works internally as the version on your computer is outdated and not supported by the current version of Firefox.

Many Firefox add-ons have stopped working properly until they are replaced with a newer compatible version.  I suggest you take a look at your add-ons and see if they are current. You might also update your Flash if it is not the newest version. All of these add-ons and Firefox have to be updated together due to their interoperability.

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