How much work would it take for WikiTree to accept Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)?

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So, a few months ago, there was an article in my RSS feeds about a study on which web browsers are best at protecting your privacy. According to the study, Brave was the clear winner. Now, I had heard about Brave before, and while I'm not opposed to advertising as an idea, as a privacy geek, I'm very much opposed to advertisers tracking users' every move and targeting us with advertising based on our online activity. So I've been using assorted browser plug-ins to try to keep the snoops out. But reading that article made me think that perhaps Brave might do a better job at keeping the snoops out than Safari, even as locked down as I have been able to make it.

I'm still in the early stages of testing, but already I've discovered something that I had forgotten about Brave, and that is that it pays you for watching ads. That is to say, you collect these things called BATs, which you can either use to buy stuff, or else donate to content providers. According to Brave, I've spent 47% of my time on Brave visiting WikiTree. (Big surprise, right?) Therefore, by rights, I should be able to donate about half of the BATs that I acquire using Brave to WikiTree. But apparently, WikiTree is not (yet) set up to accept BATs. So, I poked around the Brave site and found a page to sign up a site to accept BATs. Is this something that could be added to WikiTree without too much work or disruption?

in WikiTree Tech by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (450k points)

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Hi Greg,

For you? ... done.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Dear Chris, 

Thank you for doing that so quickly, but now I feel bad, because I think I probably wasted your time. When I went to verify my BAT wallet, I got stuck in an endless loop. When I asked for help from the outfit that Brave contracted the wallet management out to, I learned that I can't even set up a wallet without installing their app, and another app besides that. (And, since they outsource verifying people's identity to yet another app, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that I need to install their app, too.) The whole rigamarole was so frustrating that I gave up, so I don't think that we're going to see very many WikiTreers jumping through all those hoops. I really should have tried verifying my wallet first, and made sure that the process is navigable for people who aren't already into cryptocurrencies. It turns out that it requires a whole other knowledge base which (to me, at least) seems to present an even steeper learning curve than genealogy does. My bad for not checking first. Sorry about that.


Hi Greg

I use Brave as my preferred browser and have never bothered about the Bat's ....

I see that when I clicked on the Verify button , it reads that it is Optional, ( if you want to buy and withdraw ) ... I'm not interested in Buying or Withdrawing any funds.

If I don't verify are you able to still send Bat tokens to Wikitree ?

I have clicked the "send a tip", to Wikitree a couple of times, but the Bat balance hasn't changed ? So I am not even sure if it has worked...

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