What types of pictures and how many is acceptable for an individual including certificates of achievements and pictures?

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I have several pictures of individuals at a young age as well as anniversary type pictures of husband and wife. I also have family reunion plates from 1904 then broken down to the individual family pictures, as well as a family portrait of John Dunlap with his first wife and children, then when she passed he remarried so there's another family portrait of all his children combined, making it seem like he and his latter wife had 24 children. What is policy on types of pictures and the amount for an individual to upload?

I also have several certificates, one I uploaded on the profile below as an example. I have various achievement certificates earned for military citations, educational advancements, work related certificates for trainings that lead to advancements, pension citations, wills, etc... I don't want to clutter a profile, but many of these items in itself tell more history and character about a person than I can type in their bio to show their achievements, interests, hobbies and what makes that person an individual with a rich lifestyle.. are there restrictions on these too if they've passed quite a while back?
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Hi, Pam. We love photos and documents at WikiTree (provided there are no copyright violations). In fact, we have a weekly photo contest to highlight some of the wonderful photos that are added to the site: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Photo_of_the_Week

The WikiTree Community Membership page says:
"Add an unlimited number of photos and images."


If you click on the 'My WikiTree' menu in the upper right hand corner of your profile page, then select 'images', you'll be able to see all the photos you've added to WikiTree.

You only need to upload a group photo one time. You can connect all associated profiles with that one group photo. You can also break the group photo down so each profile will have a particular person's photo on it.

Our photo FAQ page follows: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Photos_FAQ
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Excellent answer, Debby.

If clutter turns out to be a problem, we need to redesign the way we present images on a profile. We may be doing this anyway. We would like to convert the image list into a pop-up slideshow, and encourage members to include images inside the narrative if they enhance the story.
I love that idea Chris!  It is so fun looking at profiles with pictures, a slide show would be really nice edition!  Mags
Carefull, these canned slide show apps don't always work well on tablets. I prefer "keep it simple" approach - no fancy overhead.
Thanks, G. That's exactly why we don't already have a slideshow app. We developed one a year ago but we were having some trouble debugging it. I'm all for letting WikiTree go slow and avoid the technological cutting-edge. But we don't want to be too behind the times either. Is there a slideshow app you like?

Hi Chris -

You asked:

"Is there a slideshow app you like?"

I haven't found a "good" one for Android tablets.

Also keep this in mind: not all parts of the world have "reasonable" Internet access and some people have to pay based on downloads per unit time.

Better to have the user select what to see (and thus pay for) rather than stream video, large images, or sound.

Maybe this is a good time to re-activate this set of Qs and As...  As a NewG AND a NewT, I have recently been taking digital camera photos of a wide variety of memorabilia.  So far, I have kept the "wierder" stuff (ALL G-rated!) in a totally private Free Space.

Is that an acceptable way to store "my" stuff without cluttering??

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