I can fix the errors in this Essman branch but before I do I need to talk with a decision maker.

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Gene Essman G2G Rookie (160 points)

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If they have profile managers then first step is to try contacting them. If not and you have sources then go ahead. However if they are pre-1700 you will need to either be pre-1700 accredited or ask here in G2g Giving the info and the sources so they can be assessed.

Pre-1500 will definitely need you to ask for someone with accreditation to assess and enter them.
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (960k points)
I think I am the profile manager on some of them, maybe all.  I want to strike a bargain.  I'll fix the tree if you have a way to keep the tree from being changed by smart matches from other sites.  I have identified over 5,000 trees with essentially these same errors and that's where the errors you're dealing with came from, Ancestry and MyHeritage.  I fixed the tree in Geni for my branch of the Essman family and the oldest ancestor was designated as a master profile and cannot be changed.  Either the 5,000 trees I've identified with these errors in them or the person who put the errors that everyone else has copied are the source of the problems you have here.  Further, it is not that I have doc for the changes I'll be making but rather it is that nobody has doc for the entries I will fix and hence those errors ought not to exist because they are fictitious and in error.  Further, I need freedom to fix without being a paying member of wikitree.  I'm 83, oldest surviving male in my line, have been researching my line for nearly fifty years, am responsible for most of the major breakthroughs and don't have nor want a file online because of all the errors people have added to the tree.  I'll fix it once but you folks will have to lock it down or the first smart match that comes from Ancestry or MyHeritage or any of their associated branches but Geni and the file will be corrupt again with these same errors you're dealing with.  Thomas Essman, who I first found in Greene County, TN records in 1790 who went on to die in Mcminn County, TN in Dec 1824 serving on a jury is the earliest ancestor I have found.  Most smart matches give his date and place of birth, both wives' names, and a set of parents, grandparents, even 2nd grandparents and that information doesn't exist.  I have challenged hundreds of people with all that in their tree, "Internet genealogy "miners," and not a person has been able to produce a single source other than a downloaded file from Ancestry and MyHeritage.  I won't waste my time if you folks won't protect the file from those "smart matches."
Here at Wikitree we are volunteers. The aim of Wikitree is to have one world tree, with only one profile per person. We try to adhere to having sources for information. It is not possible to lock down profiles that have birth dates more than 150 years ago, or death date more than 100 years ago. We are continually encouraging the updating of profiles, especially as new records are being released every year.

I hope you decide to stay and help us in our endeavours.
To finish, I have taken a y-dna test with ftdna and two autosomal, one with MyHeritage and the other with Cri-genetics and had a female relative take the mtdna test on our common 2nd great grandmother and out of the 24,000 matches between us there's not a single Essman on the list nor is there a single name I can identify as being a distant relative by name.  With only around 3,000 Essman people in the U.S. today, of the roughly half dozen  conclaves I'm aware of as it stands right now, the Essman branch I belong to in your tree isn't worth the paper it's written on with all the fictitious names at the top so researchers are off looking for people who don't exist.
I know the aim of wikitree and if you'll look back on me you'll see I joined earlier, a year or so, and haven't been active for the reason I cited.  As for your rules, if they cannot be negotiated when it's obvious they need to be, then the one world tree will be a sham.  I, with all due respect for the structure, the rules, and the intent, have no intention of sitting her every waking moment waiting on you folks to shove a bunch of smart matches at me so I can correct the tree every time it happens.  I'm not trying to run your show but I'm the only person you'll run into who has these answers so not only is the Essman tree doomed to being fraudulent, so does wikitree's one world tree if perfection is even close to being part of the aim.  I have to suspect that the Essman tree is not the only one full of errors but if you that's ok with wikitree, it'll be ok with me and I'll go on and head up into the mountains with my camera and enjoy myself and what time I have left.
Thank you Herbert.  It isn't clear how to reach folks on wikitree so I thought I'd start here and perhaps be referred to  someone who will listen.  I appreciate your referral.  I isolated the inception of all these errors wikitree is dealing with over at MyHeritage who, like Ancestry, hides behind their disclaimer rather than stepping up and fixing this problem of passing on smart matches full of errors and they have rules against making any changes to preclude this from happening but there was one particularly egregious tree that was the source of most of these errors in the Essman tree, a first cousin, now deceased, named Hatfield but he butchered the Essman tree and nobody has taken his tree over so it just sits there corrupting files left and right but I was able to convince them to negotiate their rules and quarantine that one tree and put a stop to the damage that was being done with the smart matches it was putting off while Geni locked down my oldest ancestor's profile, so I do have some experience at this and know it can be effective if talking to the right person.  I appreciate your comment and "good luck" wishes unless, of course, that was a wee bit of sarcasm.  Cheers!
Just to be clear, Gene - WikiTree is totally free, and does not provide 'hints' or 'smart matches'.
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Welcome Gene.  Assuming they have not already seen this question, the decision makers you seek can be contacted by sending an e-mail to info at wikitree.com.  I suggest you make your pitch there.  Good luck!
by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (569k points)

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