Can I talk to a human being about this file that no one can correct

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WikiTree profile: Patsy Brantley
in Genealogy Help by Ken Brantley G2G Rookie (220 points)
Why can no one correct it?

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Ken, Since you are the profile manager and there is no one else on the trusted list, it is up to you to make the correction .  Click on edit for the profile, then select Last name at birth and enter Brantley. Make sure you click to save the change at the bottom.
by Karen Raichle G2G6 Mach 7 (71k points)
selected by Ken Brantley
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What do you mean no one can correct it. You simply click on edit, and make the appropriate changes.
by Gilles Caron G2G4 (4.2k points)
That's the reason I need to talk to a human; too complicated to explain with back and forth exchanges. I am going to opp out and just hope somebody who knows the line and the program, will some day correct the corrupted files.
Ken, what "corrupted files"?  The one profile has "Unknown" as the last name at birth.

You, as Profile Manager -- and with no one else on the Trusted List -- are the one who can change it.

If you aren't sure what to do, we can explain it.

If there is some other problem, could YOU please explain it?
And .. you ARE talking to humans.  That's who we are.  We're not some robots operating autonomously.
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It's done unless you know her maiden name (LNAB)
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

LNAB would appear to be the same as CLN :

That the said deceased John Brantly had also by his second wife one other daughter named Patsy who married Joseph Brantly and afterwards died in the lifetime of the said John Brantly

I am the guy who found this document in 1963 in the No Carolina archives. Patsy was not the wife of Joseph Sr., She married his son Joseph Jr. The wife of Joseph Sr is unknown. This document does not explain that.
Then someone who knows the facts needs to edit the profile to explain the true situation.
What do you mean "It is done"
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Sorry, Ken. Since WikiTree is volunteer driven and the Admins are not primarily full-time on this effort, there's really no 1-800 number to contact. We're driven by email, profile messaging, and the G2G forum. It's conceivable that someone who is experienced on here might be willing to provide a phone number, but for the most part, we try to stick to the email and G2G forum to address all questions.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (918k points)
The other option is as a Leader, I may be able to remove you from the profile, if that's what you're trying to accomplish. Let me know if you're still having issues and I can give this a shot.

I hate to say it, but I think I know why Ken is so frustrated. 


I have changed the LNAB and added the married name to the Other Last Names field so it shows, even if not 100% correctly as would a non-same-name married name.

There are some really BIG problems with the attached children (dates cannot be as they are, as they make the father about 1 year old).

If you click on Patsy's oldest connected child, it takes you to Brantley-521 (if his dates are correct, it would work), but he has no spouse.

Patsy's linked  husband, Joseph, is Brantley-525.

I am not qualified enough in American research (although I have been improving!) - especially around the Revolution - to correctly sort all this out.  I am willing to help where I can, however.

Is there someone out there who has an interest in this time-frame, who could help sort through the mess?  (I wouldn't be surprised if the mess is what Ken has been calling "corrupted files".)

I *think* the  children are attached to the wrong mother - because there was more than one Joseph Brantley.

SO -- the two Joseph's should NOT be merged.
I propose disconnecting the children currently attached to Patsy.
I have disconnected the children that don't belong to Patsy, connected the one daughter I found that is Patsy's child with Joseph Junior, adjusted a few dates (including the approximate death for her father's first wife).

I am still trying to make sense of it all, but I think it looks better now.  It would probably still be a good idea for someone to check the rest of the family, because at least one ancestor appears to have the wrong name.

(Patsy and Joseph junior are cousins, as they share John Brantley senior (1705 - 1782) as the MRCA. Patsy->John junior (1736)->John senior (1705).  Joseph junior (1773)->Joseph senior (1753)->Benjamin (1732)->John (1705).)
Someone should add a project tag to this question - is it Southern Colonies now?

The entire line is in need of rescue work.
It certainly needs some love and TLC.

I rest my case.  After 20+ e-mails we finally see the file was corrupted beyond reason. It could have been explained is a few minutes with voice exchanges. How can one, explain the problems there via e-mails, especially a greenhorn like me. By the way somebody says e-mail exchanges is talk. Talk is where you open your mother and say words: Learned that in kinder gardenwink.  Thanks for the rescue, I looked at it and it looks good from what I saw. Did you have a question on one of the children/siblings?  There are countless Brantley files that are corrupted in Wiki, and I am scared to try to correct them after my previous experience.  Answers to most all are in my Brantley book.  I need to learn more, but the corrupt files from FS and AC are constantly bleeding in. I cannot devote the time it takes to correct all of them.  Need counsel on getting my 19,000+ Brantley data base on file submitted, if I can avoid it being corrupted with internet surfers.  "Have phone; will call"   KB

I think we have differing understandings / definitions of what "corrupted" means, and also what "file" means.

Patsy's profile was a mess, yes, but not beyond reason, or *I* wouldn't have been able to fix what I fixed.  (I'm an Australian, more versed in Australian, English, and Scottish research than American.  (I'm working on my Wales and Ireland, to get them to the same level as the Eng. and Scot.  I will always be more comfortable with Aus.))

I am more than willing, as I have said, to help out with what I can, but I have lots of my own family on which I am working, and am currently neglecting cousins in favour of other family branches, so cannot give Patsy and family 100% of my time.  The same is true of everyone here.  We are all of us volunteers, and however willing we are to help, we all have our own families on which we are working.

Stick with us and when you get stuck, as we all do, just ask for help. Someone will jump in with advice, or a helping hand.  smiley

I apologize for saying that file (Joseph/Patsy) was corrupted beyond reason. It is other files that are so bad.  True, for me; trying to get the linage turned around was monumental, but to try to explain the round robin I was getting,  via an e-mail was out of the question.  

Have another subject on getting help with UK research.  We have a creditable claim that our 1st Edward Brantley came from the area of Somerset, Eng.  I am willing to hire a British researcher if I can find one to validate with source material..
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Ken - looking at the changes list, it would seem that you're having difficulties with WikiTree's edit function.

Someone here could walk you through this if you post here what information on the profile is wrong and what the correct entries would be.
by Lois Tilton G2G6 Mach 8 (83.5k points)
Will be glad to be walked through via phone or a specific tutorial.

Ken B


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