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This message is for the WikiTree DNA Project members and anyone else with an AncestryDNA or 23andMe auDNA test. FamilyTreeDNA is offering you an opportunity transfer your test results to their huge FamilyFinder database. This is the email I received about this promotion:

Dear Valued Customer,


Family Tree DNA is now allowing people that have taken an AncestryDNA™ or 23andMe© (V3) test to transfer their raw data to the Family Finder database for FREE by visiting!


That’s right!  Pass this news along to your friends and family members that have tested with or 23andMe so they can discover new matches in the world’s largest genetic genealogy database for FREE!  


Note: Autosomal raw data cannot be transferred to an account that already has Family Finder


What’s in it for You?

After transferring, you’ll get your top 20 matches, complete with their surnames and relationship predictions.  You don’t have to do anything after uploading your data to see these matches.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

You can unlock ALL of your matches and myOrigins results for free by recruiting 4 other relatives or friends to transfer their results using a link we’ll provide!


Unlock Right Away for Just $39

If you do not want to wait for 4 others to transfer, we are also permanently reducing the price to unlock all of your matches and myOrigins results to just $39!  


Once a transfer has purchased or referred 4 others they will unlock the full Family Finder experience!


How Does it Work?


New customers must enter their name and email address to get started.  If you already have an FTDNA account, just click Already have a Family Tree DNA account?


Next, click ‘Upload Raw Data’ to select and upload the raw data file from AncestryDNA™ or 23andMe© (V3) from your computer.  It is not necessary to unzip the file prior to uploading it.  If you don’t have your raw data file handy, instructions on how to download it will be available.


The first round of results processing will take about an hour and an email notification will be sent to the registered email address after we are done processing the raw data.

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Important!  I already did this wrong. I did a 23andme test.  My brother did a yDNA test through FamilyTreeDNA.. Even though we had the same mother and father, we have different auDNA percentages.  So only log in to your FTDNA account page and upload your test results if you are the actual test particiant on both accounts. If the actual test participants are different on your auDNA and your FTDNA Account page, create a new kit number before you upload the 23andme or AncestryDNA auDNA test results.  Different test participants need separate kit numbers.  

My husband did an FTDNA yDNA test and a 23andme auDNA test, so he can have both tests on the same account page.
2 comments: First, your link to the Familytreedna page is broken, it comes back to this page.

Second, I've looked at that page a few times. They say "Try it for free", but no matter how I tried, I couldn't find on the web site what "Try it" means, nor the cost after the "free" trial. "Try it for free" smacks of false advertising or bait and switch. If they won't reveal the cost on the web site, I sure won't try it. There was a time when the price for transfers was  clearly stated, but since they choose to hide it now, and place that "Try it free" game, I don't trust them. You state the terms, but they don't, and I have no idea where you got that $39 price, since Familytreedna hides it. If they want my business, that have to be clear about what they offer and what it costs. I wish they would be clear, because I'd like to transfer if the terms are reasonable. And the "recruit 4 friends" is useless to me, and I don't even like that way of doing business.

Hi Randall, The information that Kitty posted above was almost a year ago. It was free last October. I don't understand why you call that false advertising. FamilyTreeDNA is a reputable company. If you're interested in testing now you need to look on their website now to see the price of any tests you're interested in. They don't hid their prices. They're right here: 

Hi Kay. I missed that this was an old post. Sorry, my mistake. I don't mean to be a troll, I'd really like to know what they are offering. But, did you check the website for their offer, at ? I do check their offers periodically. It's true that they show the price for every other kind of test, but not for transfers. Currently, Aug 16, 2015, the offer is "Try it for free". But no matter how I look, I can't find out what "Try it" means. Judging from what Kitty wrote, when you "Try it for free" you get a limited number of matches, and you have to pay to get full access. But how many matches today, and how much does it cost for full access? Maybe they'll show one match and charge $500 for more, for all I know. In the end, it's likely that what you get for free will have little value, and I'll have to pay to make it useful. Why would they not state the actual terms of the offer? In the past, they advertised a flat $99, then $89 fee for transfers, but now they have this "Try it for free" thing. Sorry but I think that's a strange game and I don't like it. It's like the way cable companies do business: offer a teaser rate to start and then hit you with a higher price once they have you signed up. Family Tree DNA may be a fine and reputable company, but this kind of offer doesn't reflect well on them in my opinion.

I compared it to false advertising because I'm pretty sure that in this case, free is not free. Try it for free can mean almost anything, and I bet I have to pay to make it useful. For free, they get my DNA data and my personal information for their database, and I get - what? Who knows.

I tested on 23andme a few years ago, and I've considered transferring my data to Familytreedna, but I'm on a very limited budget and I like to know the real cost of things. If it was $39 I'd probably go for it, but why don't they show the real cost? Please check out the offer, and if you find more information than I found, please tell me how to find it.

Hi Randall, I can only speak to my experience with FTDNA which has been very good.  I don't know why they don't say, "Transfer your auDNA test raw data to FTDNA for $39", but that is the deal.

If you have an old version 23&me or an autosomal DNA test, you can transfer the raw data to FTDNA for free.  You will get a list of matches (20? 200? I can't remember how many.)  The list is pretty useless because the information on the matches is locked.  It is basically a teaser to proceed to unlock the matches.  There are two ways to unlock the matches, but by far, the easiest way is to shell out the $39 to unlock all the matches for your auDNA test.  The upload is free;  to unlock your matches to see their contact information, family tree, and send them emails costs $39 or finding other folks to upload their information for free.

I worked hard to find other folks for my 23&me test; and I just paid the $39 for my husband's 23&me test.  Paying the $39 is a lot easier and quicker.  Here is the link for auDNA tests:

You can also transfer yDNA tests.  These cost different amounts depending on how many markers you are transferring.  The list of transfer options for yDNA tests are at the bottom of this page:  

More information on yDNA transfers can be seen here:

I encourage you to transfer the info if you are able (newer 23&me tests can not transfer) and pay the $39 to unlock.  

Hi Randall, I have another idea. If you're on a limited budget, why don't you upload your 23andMe information to That's free. Then you'll be able to compare to anyone from 23andMe, Ancestry or FTDNA who have uploaded their atDNA to
Thanks Kitty and Kay. After considerable searching, I finally found the details of the offer in the FAQ section. It is as you said, 20 matches, then $39. Sorry for the rant but that was bugging me.

Kitty, I really appreciate your input. I thought that it would be just a teaser as you said. It's a marketing gimmick. As they say, there's no free lunch. For $39, it's quite reasonable. I think they should just say what it is instead of playing marketing games.

I've wondered if the access is different on Familytreedna if you take the autosomal test with them or if you transfer data from 23andme. Do you think the results are the same, meaning the user experience, or account access? Do you feel they have held anything back because you transferred, or do you think you get the same access as someone who tested with them directly?

I only have the auDNA test from 23andme. It was done with the V3 chip so I can transfer. I may get a yDNA or mtDNA test in the future but not now. I'm hoping the prices will drop.

Kay, I'm aware of GEDmatch. Perhaps I'll upload there in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.
Hi Randall, I think the information for Family Finder tests is the same as the transfer tests.  They can have different kit numbers.  For instance, my husband's transfer was joined to the same FTDNA account as his yDNA test, but my test transfer created a new account with a B12345 kit number.  So, kit numbers that have only numeric digits are original FTDNA test accounts.  Those kit numbers that start with a B or an N are transfer accounts.  But I think they provide the same type of information in the FTDNA database.
Oh, one detail.  I think on Family Finder and auDNA tests, you will not see the maternal haplogroup.  This information is available on your 23&me test, but it will not be carried over to FTDNA.  Just so you know, that haplogroup won't transfer.
Hi Randall,

To confirm what Kitty said, it's no different testing directly with FTDNA vs. transferring your data from 23andMe or Ancestry.  You have the same access and information.  I tested my dad directly with FTDNA (as they already had his DNA from testing I had done over a dozen years ago), whereas I tested my mom and me with Ancestry and then transferred them to FTDNA.  Nothing's different on any of them as far as the autosomal DNA results.

For anyone that has the funds, it's always recommended to test with as many sites as you can afford.  I recommend (not in your case, as you've already tested, but for anyone else that might read this) that you first test with ancestryDNA, and then transfer your results to FTDNA.  It'll save you about $50 doing it that way.
Hi Darlene. Thanks so much. You had the exact answer I was looking for. I really appreciate your input. It is very helpful.

Thanks also to Kitty for your reply and the additional information. Cheers.

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Hey, Kitty, how can we be sure you get credit (the 4 other relatives or friends)?  Did they send you a special link?  Once you reach the 4 participants, can we keep this going, kids?  I want to do this but only if it benefits start with!
by Dale Davidson G2G Crew (940 points)

What a nice thing to say!  Thanks, Dale.  I would really appreciate your referrals! 

Here is my link on the FTDNA website:  

This is a great opportunity for those who tested with 23andme and to get in the FTDNA Family Finder database!  I also would like to keep this going.  

To clarify, if we use the link you provided, above,do you get the referral (and we the free transfer)?
That is my understanding.  Of course, the free transfer is kind of a introductory glimpse to get you to purchase the benefits of the paid transfer.

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