Trusted list - Blocking half of my family tree waiting on members to approve me. Not sure when they will log in again.

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Hi! I am making my family tree and I am blessed to find another user has made multiple pages for my ancestors!

I just can't connect them to my tree without their permission to be on their 'Trusted List'. They made the pages in 2013 and I am unsure when, or if, I will be approved to be 'trusted'. What can I do to continue my work? I accidentally made one duplicate page for an ancestor, which I am trying to merge and I am awaiting their approval.

Thank you for your help! This website is amazing
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If those profiles are Open (a white privacy lock top right) then you do not have to be on their Trusted List.  You can just link the profiles to your branch of the tree.

If you could tell us one or two of the profiles, perhaps we could help even more. :)
by Anonymous Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Thank you for your prompt reply!

This is the duplicate I made ^

This is the correct entry I need to merge with, and also I'd like to add his spouse, child, and parents to my tree as well.

I see that this profile is open, but when I enter the WikiID, it says I need to be on the trusted list to add Neal-1255 to my tree.

It is the merge that can not happen for 30 days if the other PM does not respond. You need to just link to the profiles, not create duplicates.  From the profile for child Howard, add Neal-1255 as the father.

After you link to Neal-1255, continue your work from that profile. Your duplicate will just hang around until it can merge in 30 days.
For merging, you will need to be on the Trusted List.  For linking, you won't.  I have also had a look at the other PM, and she has not been on WikiTree since 2014.

You probably need to complete an Unresponsive Manager Form:
so that Neal-1255 can be orphaned and you can merge it.

Your duplicate profile needs to be merged. You have proposed the merge. The other profile manager should have received an email notification. Now they have 30 days to approve the merge. If it is not approved or rejected within 30 days, it will get default approval and you can complete the merge.

In the meantime, you can start the process of bringing the family together by connecting the existing profile for the wife Mary Neal to the profile that you created. That will help to demonstrate that both profiles for Ezekiel truly are the same person.

Hint: Do not click on the merge link for the two Ezekiels until you are sure that the merge has been approved. If you do so, the 30-day merge clock will reset to the day you touched the merge link. To see if the merge has been approved, go to the Find tab and select Pending merges. On the pending merges page, choose Pending merges initiated by me. If the two profiles are ready to merge, there will be yellow-highlighted link inviting you to merge them.

Is it likely that the other profile manager will respond?  She has not been on WikiTree since 2014.
Unresponsive manager takes at least two weeks, more like three.  The merge of two Open profiles will be approved by default in 30 days anyway.  Since Danielle manages one of the duplicates, she will end up a manager of the merged profile.  WikiTree doesn't usually do Unresponsive Manager only to complete Open profile merges.
Thank you very much for this information! I will be patient for the merge and not click anything to postpone the merger. Also, due to everyone's help, I was able to link the non-dupe Ezekiel page to my family tree. So in aprox. 30 days my dupe entry should merge with the non-dupe.
If you click on the merge, it will only change the date under that listing on the profile page, but will not restart the 30 day wait time.  Apparently it did postpone the merge, many years ago, but that bug was fixed a long time ago.  

To find out when a merge was proposed, you need to look at the date of the merge comment, or if no comment was left, then look at the change log, for the proposed date.

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