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There are badges for 100 contributions per month, which I routinely hit when I have time for genealogical work, and for 1000 contributions, which to me are inconceivable to achieve. Why not badges for intermediate levels such as 250 and 500 contributions? (Last I looked, I was at 468 for this month, and knowing that I could get special recognition if I did just 32 more in the next four days might make me dig just a little deeper and squeeze a few more hours into Wikitree.) I see that the question was raised several times before and has created considerable activity, but  no action. Hope I didn't step on a hornets nest?
in Appreciation by Gus Gassmann G2G6 Mach 1 (16.6k points)
It's clear that I struck a nerve, and I hope that my comment does not start an all-out flamefest. I saw the argument about this having to be done manually, and I don't buy it.  Awarding a 500 badge to a person cannot possibly be harder than awarding a 100 badge. And no-one should get two different ones in the same month. That is, the number of badges that awarded would not change at all. But given the number of 100 badges that are awarded, some automated search must be used (and Ales is easily capable of writing one that sorts by decreasing number of contributions).

The other thing that I am curious about is this: I come back to this question after some time away from my keyboard, and I find that one answer had already been given a Best Answer tag --- in the absence of the original asker! Hope it's OK that I removed the Best Answer tag for the time being.

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This has been discussed ad nauseum and no decision reached. See below links - note the dates.

My personal speculation is that it is a time consuming process because it has to be done MANUALLY.

Also if you are asking wikitree, you can also ask yahoo why they do not give out a play button award for those who reach 500,000 subs!!

Again my speculation is as follows. Because Yahoo only give those out for 1000, 100K and 1 million - which seems to be the same progressions that wikitree is using....

And I dont believe that anyone has done 10K contributions in one month yet - I dont think....
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (865k points)
Hi Robynne a couple of point. The badges are no longer done manually with the change starting near the start of the year.

I think the top contributions is over 18k in one month. I can't remember who it was but it was earlier this year. I remember doing an answer or comment to a similar "Badge" question yet can't find my response. In that response i believe that i worked out that the "1000 contributions" badge was usually kicking in for the top 10% of contributions each month.

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I am in complete agreement with a 500 badge. So many times I made it to 600 or 700 but too late to get 300 more to get the 1,000 monthly badge.  Such a huge gap there!!
by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)

I agree with you, Dorothy, a 500 would be nice in that I, too, have gone to 500, 600, 700 but can't quite get to 1000. My best was 789 without 'trying' to get a badge. I do appreciate the honor but that's not the main reason for contributing, it's just a nice, extra Thank You. BTW, with your 2.5M points, you should have some clout around here.wink

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