How do I find what German state to research pre-1850's based off of Danish Church Records

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1900 US Census records Fathers Birthplace as Germany.

1851 Church Record, Maribo, Demark list Mothers and Father's names. (Peder) Johan Henrik Ludvig Scheel and Maren Eriksdatter (later Eriksen due to church reform in 1853 I'm told)

I'm not sure where in the German States to start looking with only this information.

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AS mentioned before Schleswig-Holstein was a part of Denmark; in 1867 it became a province of Prussia.

For avaible censuses in Schleswig-Holstein see

Cismar is a village at the Baltic Sea. Before 1865 Cismar was part of an so called "Amt" = district; it was called Amt Cismar. Cismar was the main village.

1865-1921 Cismar was the main town of the county Oldenburg in Holstein.

Today Cismar is part of the community Grömitz, which belongs to the county Ostholstein.

Eighorst I have never heard in that area.

Cismar is also a parish. So you will find informations about people from Cismar before 1875 in the church records of Cismar. After 1875 you will get the informations from registry office Grömitz.

Parish records from Cismar are til now not online avaible.
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Hi Dieter; just a small correction. It was in 1864, not 1867 that Denmark lost the war against Prussia and Austria and Schleswig-Holstein was taken from Denmark see Second Schleswig War

Prussian and Austrian troops invade the Duchy of Schleswig in 1864 and won the war. From 1865 on Prussia administer Schleswig-Holstein in total.

After the war against Austria, which Austria lost, the Austrians abdicate their rights on Schleswig-Holstein and Schleswig-Holstein became a province of Prussia in 1867.

So factual Schleswig-Holstein was since 1864 a part of Prussia, legaly after the peace treaty with Austria 1866 from 1867 on.
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I can't see the Census record because I don't have an Ancestry subscription. But I *suspect* that they might be either in Schleswig or Holstein. 

Holstein was a part of the German Confederation from 1815 on, although it was formally still a part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Schleswig was no part of the German Confederation of 1815, but the Southern part of it (which is located in today's Germany) became part of the newly founded Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein (joint with Holstein) in 1866, when they became a part of the North-German Confederation.

So, John Scheel was born in Denmark, but at the time of the 1900 Census his birthplace was probably located in the then-time Province of Schleswig-Holstein.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (930k points)
Hi Jelena; Rødby Parish in Maribo County is situated on the Danish island Lolland and has never been part of Holstein (or Schleswig).

I don't have access to Ancestry either, but the 1900 census must be wrong about his birthplace or maybe it is another person. The defeat in 1864 was and still is our national trauma and I can't imagine anyone born in Denmark in 1851, emigrating as a 14-year-old in 1865 later telling, that he was born in Germany.
Ole, I'm sure you saw that I wrote SUSPECT, didn't you? Because, as I said, I didn't see the Ancestry record, but only went by what John wrote. He wrote of "born in Denmark, but later there is written Germany". And I explained which provinces that belonged to Denmark in 1851 became later German provinces, which is why I SUSPECTED, that John Scheel MIGHT HAVE BEEN born in Schleswig or Holstein.

If you reread my first paragraph you should be able to see with how much uncertainty I wrote all this.

Jelena; my English level is only intermediate, so I have misunderstood you. I thought that you suspected Maribo County to be situated in either Schleswig or Holstein. 

I also misunderstood John's original post. It is correct that Johan Henrik Ludvig Scheels' father was born in Germany because he was born in Cismar, Ostholstein. So regarding the birthplace of his father the 1900 census was correct.

Ole, I didn't intent to attack you, it's only that I chose, in the original post, my words that way that it should have been clear that nothing is clear.
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The church record from Rødby Parish, Maribo County from The Danish National Archives says, that the mother was the widow Maren Eriksdatter, who laid out as the child's father the mason Johan Henrik Ludvig Scheel. 

He was in the Danish 1840 and 1845 censuses from Danishfamilysearch. He was married to Christiane Hansdatter Willer, but she had divorced him in 1850

I have not found Johan Henrik Ludvig Scheel in the 1850. census. The 1845 census states, that he was born in Cismar in Eighorst County. I am not sure the transcription of Eighorst County is correct, but Cismar is situated in the dukedom Holstein just on the other side of the Baltic Sea 

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