Suggestion #638 Misspelled Country in Death Location

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There are over 900 open profiles listed for this data base suggestion #638 Misspelled Country in Death Location for correction.  Where is the misspelled country.  Most are showing Alabama, US and WikiTree wants us to type Alabama, United States, which is fine, I don't have a problem typing that, but where is the misspelled country?

US is not misspelled. Alabama is correct.

Suggestion #608 same thing but in Birth Location.
WikiTree profile: Paula Reinke
in Policy and Style by Paula Reinke G2G6 Mach 8 (89.9k points)
I also see a bunch with Alabama, CSA
I think it is because the recognised abbreviation is USA
On Family search they use the phrase....non-standard place name, rather than mis-spelled.
I think (without looking or remember precisely the discussion in the data doctors' group recently) is that the location country name can't be the two-letter abbreviation US.  It needs to be USA or United States (because that's in the drop down menu) or it can be United States of America.

And, if I have any hair left, I'll be pulling the remainder out if we ever have to type out United States of America.
Thank you.
If it was during the Civil War, and Alabama, would that have been Confederate States of America?
That's right.
The Confederacy was never recognized as an independent nation by the United States or by any other country of the world. It was a group of states with a common cause, forming an internal rebellion that failed. It led to a horrible war, and a terrible schism from which we've still not truly recovered, but never was the CSA an independent country.
Absolutely agree. I was remembering the Antiques Roadshow episode where a belt buckle had CSA on it, and that is what it stood for.

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I saw this yesterday as well.  I think someone has been correcting them RE: the Data Doctors Challenge, but they don't show as corrected on the datasheet yet.  Some that I opened, had Status - corrected when you went to the tracker.
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (764k points)

wow? I got there ahead of anyone laugh "attacking" laugh my watchlist, LOL by converting USA to United States, and by adding United States where it was missing (where it was appropriate) ...  Took "forever" to do it, I'd been inconsistent to the nth degree since May 2018 -- JUST finished that "cosmetic" change a week or two ago, but oh, it LOOKS so much nicer 

EDITED para or two here 

although during the process someone kindly emailed me to let me know it wasn't  necessary ? required ? that USA was as acceptable as United States and  quoted the WT Style manual at me

I read everything four times to be sure I understood what they were indicating and then I explained (tartly) it was necessary for me, it was grating on my nerves to have such disjointed location names . 

I found this online -- "the abbreviated form of United States of America is USA" Preferred Abbreviation for United States (US or U.S.) ... 

Thing is we are "going more international" and these "little details" are going to start mattering more -- 

I expect that if the locale for United States becomes required by WT to be United States of America -- and I am still alive and still working on WikiTree -- I will curse the day it was implemented and start converting 2000+ profiles ...

I started with alabama but they were already corrected.  Went to another batch, already corrected.  Just not showing up on the spreadsheet, but with the status buttons.

I choose United States, when I'm there, instead of USA, when it's missing altogether, but I certainly don't go looking for them!  I think it's just personal preference.
Does not appear that WT Policy/Style has issued an edict one way or the other, merely indicates one or the other is "acceptable" .... so, as you say, pay your dime and take your pick
Hi Chris

The suggestion lists are updated every Monday so any changes to suggestions will not disappear until the Monday of each week. State and county lists are updated on Tuesday through to Wednesday.

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