Why does the monthly point system drop points?

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I just noticed I got the 100 point badge for the month of October. Only problem is, I had over 1000 points. This is the second time this has happened. Acquiring points isn't why I'm on WikiTree, but I'm merely curious. Why do some of the points disappear at the end of the month?
in WikiTree Tech by Debby Black G2G6 Mach 8 (81.1k points)

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I don't remeber the reason why, but it dropped about 500-700 points in Aug. I don't see the answer below that was given.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
I don't remember hearing about that. Interesting.
I recall having roughly 13,400 contributions in Jul or Aug & being credited for about 12,700. Someone asked a question about that month's  contribution count because they had the same thing happen to them as just happened to you. This did not affect my overall total contributions since joining, only what was counted for that month. It seems like the monthly tally was turned off early & the untallied contributions were not credited to the next month (only tallied toward my total contributions).
Okay, so that's another possibility as to why this is happening. Thank you, Doug. 8+)
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If you mean that your total all time points is over 1000 the answer is that you may receive a badge at the end of the month for 100 if you have earned at least 100 that month. You might receive a badge at the end of the month for that month for 1000 if you have earned at least 1000 durnig that month. As far as I understand it you do not lose from your total all time earned.
by Shirley Davis G2G6 Mach 3 (35.8k points)
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I have a theory that when you push enter, you are given a contribution on your running monthly total.  But I think the program sees that no mutation has occurred and the contribution doesn't count at the end of the month.  This can happen innocently like by "Did I save that?"  And you hit save after the work was already saved, I think this immediately shows a contribution which is later taken away when only mutations are counted.
by Vincent Piazza G2G6 Pilot (241k points)

Thanks for your prompt replies.

Shirley, last night I had over 1000 points accumulated for the month of October so was surprised when I saw the 100 point badge on my profile page today. It should have been the 1000 point badge.

Since this is the second time this has happened, I was merely curious as to what is the technical reason the system drops points. If I have about 1020 points or more at the end of the month, the 1000 point badge pops up on my page for that month. If I have between about 1000 and 1010, I receive the 100 point badge (at least, this has been my experience).

I'm here for the purpose of genealogy so points don't really matter except it looks like I'm slacking if I only get the 100 point badge when I've gone over 1000.cheeky

Ahh, Vincent, you may have hit upon the reason. Sometimes my edit pages stay open so long while I'm researching, I can't remember if I've saved or not so I go ahead and hit the save button again. That would account for just enough points missing to drop me under the 1000 points. The new pop-up message should take care of that problem--if that is the problem.

Maybe shoot for 1050 or so to be safe, And please don't call me Shirley!

Ha-ha, Vincent. I was answering both you and Shirley in the same section. Sorry. That was confusing. Next time I'll have to remember to separate the answers in two sections. smiley

I didn't actually see that Shirley had answered, I thought you wrote that instead of surely.  My bad!
Is the monthly point system important?  are there awards (other than badges) given for this? How about the months some folk put in 5 or 6,000 points and only get 1,000?

I don't think its' anything to obsess about.
Just a point of curiosity, Tom. As you know, researchers are curious people. :)

Points, badges, contests: they're all a part of wonderful WikiTree fun. laugh

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If you are missing a contribution badge contact a team member so they can correct it.
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
Hi, Michelle. I'm not missing a badge. I just got the wrong one. I was wondering why and different WikiTreers are presenting ideas as to why that might happen. I thought perhaps a tech with knowledge of how the monthly point system works might jump in and explain it.

Sorry Debby I should have noted it as a comment instead of an answer.

I was just letting others know who might read this that if they are missing a badge to report it. smiley

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