How to add and/or merge from GEDcom file

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I see this has been asked before, but even trying to follow the instructions, I am stuck. As far as I can tell, I can't add my new people or merge duplicates until I have vetted my *entire* GEDcom file. If that is true, I will never get there, as reviewing the GEDcom file will take forever.

I have tried splitting my GEDcom file into separate family branches, but even the small ones have too many suggestions that I am not getting answers for OR the answers are "I don't know."

I don't know what to do and hope someone can help me with this. Is working from a GEDcom not such a good idea? Or am I wrong about being able to add and merge before I've cleared every single person in the file?
in WikiTree Help by Vicki Goble G2G Rookie (160 points)

Jonathan is right about creating smaller GEDCOM files.  Is it easier working on a smaller file than doing a large file at one time.  Maybe technically, but psychologically YES!  A large file seems like you aren't accomplishing anything whereas with a smaller file you get a sense of accomplishment as the GEDCOMpare Report list reduces in size.

Take a look at this page I threw together for using GEDCOMpare for newer users of it.  Has links to the various WikiTree Help Pages on GEDCOM File and some answers to some of the most asked questions on GEDCOMpare and some tips and hints too.

GEDCOM File Usage Primer

And I like Jonathan's message about time.  I'd like to add that you didn't do all your research in a day did you?  A little time here for your research to be remembered forever for all to see.

And you find some really neat connections too...wink

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Yes, you are correct.

Couple suggestions :

1. Export a GEDCOM for just a couple of generations and work your full list in small bites

2. Treat matching on the gedcompare as a "reasonable match", so that if there is just no info on the profile to match to other than name and year, no family or spouse or even location, reject it. You are trying to figure out which profiles might be duplicates, but merging later is always an option. I found somewhere a response that mentioned that unmerging a bad match is harder than merging two completed profiles.

3. Keep in mind that "match" ing in GEDCOMpare is just impacting your list of entries on the gedcom, NOT doing any matching/merging on the profiles in question. Its the edit AFTER the match that matters. Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Lastly, even if it takes a long time, you'll get through your GEDCOM if you just keep going. Don't set your goals on getting it all done, just get something done every time you work it. People have planted entire forests and carved through mountains by themselves, they just kept going.

Hope that helps.
by Jonathan Crawford G2G6 Mach 1 (17.1k points)
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I should add that sometimes on profiles without dates you can look at family members to figure out a timeframe, even if they are two generations away. That can help you rule out the "John Smith" profiles from the wrong century.

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