Merge with Loggins-80 refused by manager of Loggins-37 (evidence rejected) [closed]

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Would this not be acceptable evidence of relationship for Lucinda Loggins?

25 Sep 1875 "Death Notices published in the Christian Advocate, Nashville TN 1874-1876 by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith p. 50"  in which both of Lucinda's parents are named, as well as her husband,

The entire source is posted in Loggins-79 Lucinda "Lizzie" Loggins.
WikiTree profile: Lucinda Evans
closed with the note: Referred for mediation.
in Genealogy Help by Shirley Blaylock G2G Crew (450 points)
closed by Michelle Hartley
Rejected merges so often happen because folks are relying on different source materials.

I'll see if I can help.
I have started to document the Loggins family, which may help to prove or disprove the relationship.
Hi Shirley,

Have sent a private message to you. --GeneJ

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All sources are subject to error, omission and oversight. 

As I interpret the underlying question, we are trying to learn if "Major Leggins" with wife "Elizabeth" (raw data in death notice/obituary of Lucinda Evans) is the same person who was (a) "Major Loggains" known to have married to Elizabeth Clayton in 1789 at Surry, North Carolina (raw data in marriage bond) and (b) Major Loggins, head of a 13 member household at Pendleton District, South Carolina in 1810 (U.S. federal census).* Also whether the sources show that to be the same person who was the father of Charles Loggins (attached to Loggins-37) and John C. Loggins (attached to Loggins-29).  

At least in my review of the different profiles, the sources there referenced or listed don't allow me to answer those questions. (*There may be other sources, but none that I have seen.)

In my experience, it is pretty common on post-revolutionary war era families to need to review a whole array of sources from different source types in order to confirm identity and place the family members. These seem to be ordinary things about which WikiTree-ers collaborate. Perhaps a new G2G with that focus will facilitate such collaboration.

by GeneJ X G2G6 Mach 5 (50.3k points)
edited by GeneJ X
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Without knowing the family they certainly look like a match.  There appear to be 3 profiles, given as brothers when they are the same person, Loggains-4, Loggins-37 and Loggins-80.

The reason for rejection appears to be that Major Loggins-37 did not have a daughter named Lucinda, whereas you have evidence that he did.

Have you specifically pointed out the obituary evidence to the profile manager, or did you just suggest the merge?  He may not have read through the daughter's profile if being asked to merge the fathers', especially if he was unaware that a daughter existed.

I suggest you send him a private or public message, outlining your sources. There then is a merge necessary for all 3 Major's, with 2 sets of parents which also need merging.

Happy days


Edited - I have just realised that Elizabeth Clayton is down as married to the 3 different Major's - don't understand why the merge has been rejected!

by Margaret Wilkinson G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
edited by Margaret Wilkinson
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I agree they appear to be duplicates.

But, before the merge was proposed the death notice wasn't in either profiles biographies. It was posted to both after the merge was rejected. He obviously didn't know about the daughter so he rejected it. He was unaware of the death notice when he made that decision.

Have you had any contact with this profile manager yet?
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
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post a copy of the obit, not just your typed version as proof? the only item online for the Nashville Christian is one line that is

LUCINDA EVANS dau Majors and Elizabeth Leggins; wf Noe Evans, dec., born S.C. 1803 from which she and family moved to Tenn. 1812; moved to Ala. 1820; died August 4, 1875.

and there are LEGGINS in the South [as a matter of fact they married into the Van Meters ]


The death Notice she typed is correct.

September 25, 1875 (DEATH NOTICES FROM THE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, NASHVILLE TENNESSEE 1874-1876 pg. 50 By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000) LUCINDA EVANS dau Majors and Elizabeth Leggins; wf Noe Evans, dec., born S.C. 1803 from which she and family moved to Tenn. 1812; moved to Ala. 1820; died August 4, 1875. Obituary from the Nashville Christian Advocate September 25, 1875

She may have called this an obit instead of death notice?

It seems to me that she started the bio in the source section. (which starts after the highlighted section above)

Let's give her a chance. People do make mistakes.

I did not write the bio. it is in the book. I wrote the comment at the end regarding the author of the bio.
Shirley, There is no question that the profiles need merging.  I did not realise that you had had prior contact with the profile manager.

Let us assume that you both have a case for the children of Major Loggins, but you disagree on the number/names/etc of the children.  This should be open for discussion, and the facts resolved if possible.

This does not alter the fact that the father was Major Loggins/Loggains who married Elizabeth Clayton.

As you say, this will need to go to higher authorities.


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