DNA Test Editing Bug - Can No Longer Add/Edit DNA On Profile I Manage

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I created my father's WikiTree profile, I am a manager on his profile and I entered all his DNA test information.

Something has changed recently in the permissions that has now locked down my ability to add/edit DNA information on his profile.

I can still edit and change almost everything on his profile, including the last name at birth.

This cannot be a unique situation where the profile is for a living member, but the profile is also managed by a family member.

Why were the permissions changed to no longer allow profile managers to add/edit DNA information on a profile of another member?
WikiTree profile: Dave Mackler
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In 2018 we stopped allowing other people to add DNA test information to their living relatives, due to the GDPR.

You can read a bit more here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:GDPR_FAQ

by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (291k points)

A defect in requirements is still a defect.

I implemented GDPR for my company and there is nothing in GDPR that would prevent me from being able to tags indicating someone has DNA tested, manage IDs of test takers nor adding haplogroups to profiles.

The bulk of GDPR is about a person's ability to control their own data, especially if they want their data removed from a website.

All DNA testing companies allow for someone else to manage actual DNA test kits for someone else, allow someone to upload someone else's DNA kit, allow access to matches, etc. These companies all operate in the EU.

If someone has permission to manage someone else's actual DNA test kit, most often verified by only a checkmark indicating they have permission, then it makes no sense that information about DNA can't be managed by someone that has permission.

There are two types of scenarios here on WikiTree for living people:

1. A genealogist creates a profile for someone else and adds DNA data to that profile. The person that profile represents is not a member of WikiTree.

2. A member of WikiTree adds another member of WikiTree as a profile manager to help manage their profile and information, including DNA data.

Neither are prohibited by GDPR, but I could see WikiTree limiting #1 for other reasons. But to limit #2 makes no sense.

For example, if my son was a member of WIkiTree and if I want my son or someone else to manage my profile, including my DNA information, adding my son to my profile is my implicit permission to do so. If I don't want the data there, I can remove it myself, because I am a member. And as a member, I can also invoke the GDPR to ask that all my data be removed from WikiTree.

This bug is that the functionality of WikiTree no longer allows a profile manager to manage a profile of another member despite explicit permission given. This has nothing to do with GDPR.
Being a manager on another user’s profile does not mean you have full control over their profile and data. Among other things, you can’t change their email, you can’t work on any GEDCOMs they upload, and you can’t add DNA data for them. WikiTree decided the safest way to be sure the person gave permission to have their DNA data on the site is to have them enter themselves. And there are no plans to change that.

I understand the decision was made two years ago, I am not arguing that fact. I'm saying the requirement is defective and am asking that it be reviewed. Are you in a position to review it and refusing?

In other words, I know that it's a team of people that make decisions, including Chris, the owner of WikiTree. So it's odd that you would just state the decision was made in 2018 without any discussion. Things change all the time, decisions change, requirements change.  Nothing is set in stone.

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