What tag to use on g2g: dutch_roots or netherlands or both (to be sure)?

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Sometime ago there was an unsolicited change of project name: Dutch Roots renamed to Netherlands. AFAIK no provisions were made for aliasing the tags dutch_roots and netherlands. Would it be possible to do that, so we don't have to worry over which tag(s) to use and follow?

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Netherlands is the official project tag that should be used.  We could set it so that if someone put in dutch_roots for a tag it would automatically switch to netherlands.
by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)

The project name is Netherlands, but the instructions https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Projects#Netherlands say to use dutch_roots in G2G. If we should be using Netherlands as a tag in G2G this needs to be updated and announced. 

Also, I thought Dutch_roots was used so that it would include places outside the Netherlands as well, either in Europe or as part of the colonial past.

Dutch Roots is in fact now a sub-project of Project Netherlands. The aim of this sub project is to help everyone worldwide to find information and in particular sources from their ancestors from what is now the Netherlands.  Dutch Roots is known as such and I think the tag should remain in use for members who want help searching Dutch sources.  The tag Netherlands can be used next to it in my opinion and for other questions regarding the Netherlands.
Coming back to what I wrote earlier, I now see the problem.  Dutch Roots members who do not follow the tag Dutch Roots and only use the tag Netherlands will not be reached if only the Dutch Roots tag is used.  I follow both so was not aware of it.  Then it seems to me a good solution what Eowyn proposes.

frown If the tag switch to Netherlands then will someone who only uses Dutch Roots receive no message.  I think it is better to use both, so that, for example, the Netherlands tag is automatically added next to the Dutch Roots tag and visa versa.

EDIT: Added "searching g2g' item to bullet list

Thank you, Eowyn. I am not sure I quite understand the scope of your proposed solution.

What I had in mind was:

  • All those following dutch_roots tag get g2g threads tagged dutch_roots as well as g2g threads tagged netherlands in their MyFeed
  • All those following netherlands tag get g2g threads tagged netherlands as well as g2g threads tagged dutch_roots in their MyFeed
  • Searching g2g for tag dutch_roots or tag netherlands gets threads with any of these tags

Your use of "put" to me implies past tense, so it looks like you are proposing a one time conversion of "dutch_roots" tags to "netherlands" tags. And would that be the followed tags (profiles), the assigned g2g tags, or both?

Please note also that the same problem may be felt in other projects, like german_roots ==> germany, french_roots ==> france, etc.

Netherlands is the official project tag that should be used.

Would mean G2G Tag-Talk (Tags Used by WikiTree Projects) should be updated, and not only for Dutch Roots.

Exactly. This is why I was confused by Jan's question (although I knew he had to have a good reason for asking, and it did get me to add Netherlands as a tag) because the G2G information says to use dutch_roots

And yes, please update all the _roots tags as well, if they are not the appropriate tags to use for projects

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