Is anyone researching the Venable family from Norway to Virginia to Georgia?

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Thank you! I was not aware of an island for the Venables. Where is it please? The Venables have been fairly easy to trace on some of the female lines. There is a Lake Venable in Georgia.
Hey that’s great .., that solves my problem of where to go on vacation! I have not actually been anyplace warm and sunny for years. Is this really true? I don’t mean to kid around, it would be absolutely wonderful if you could do it. I wonder how to apply.
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I am searching for Maude (or Maud) Venable born around 1912 in Virginia if anyone can help me.
I am searching for Venable in Virginia around 1912. I
You might try the Venable Project headed by Jeff Venable. Perhaps he has information on this.
Fascinating! There's a big Venable family gathering in (?_ Tennessee or somewhere out there each year... see Facebook for Venable...
They are. Originally from France.
Hi Marji! Do you have any more info for Maude Venable to go on? Maybe her parents, husband, children?

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I am a descendant of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Venable of Virginia,

their descendant Abraham W. Venable and those descendants of that family

who moved to Asheville NC from Prince Edward Co NC. I'd be interested in hearing of any Georgia connections and might have info to offer.
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Columbus  and Atlanta
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I show Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Woodson) Venable have a son, Samuel, married Mary Carringtonton, of Prince Edward County, Va.  Their son is Abraham Watkins Venable, of Oxford, N.C., b. 1799; d 1876.  Abraham, married in 1824 to Isabella Ashton Brown, b. 1807; d. 1876, dau ofThomas and Martha (Daniel) Brown.

My source is my book Colonial Families of The Southern Sates of America, by Stella Pickett Hardy, Second Edition, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
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Yes, That is my family.
If you feel like it, check out my family tree. You can see how we descended from Abraham W. & Isabella. One woman in each generation of my family Is given the name Isabella. I skipped this custom and gave my daughter the name Joya, but my brother named his daughter Eva Isabel. My son Andrew says he will carry-on the custom by giving his daughter (if any) the name Isabella as a middle name.

I would be fascinated to read the book that you got this information from. My family papers say the same things.
A IAbraham W Venable and His wife Isabella had a daughter named Mary Grace. She died  young, After marrying Richard V. Daniel whom I believe was a cousin. They had a daughter named Isabella. Raised by her grandparents Abraham & Isabella,Isabella Daniel married a doctor named Alexander Strachan Jones. They had several children, one of whom was my grandmother, Isabelle  Daniel Jones. Taking her tubercular brother A.V To Tucson, for the sun and fresh air, she met my grandfather John Hall, Junior from Florida, – – I believe his ancestors however were from Mobile Alabama. He and she married finally after many years of taking care of tubercular relatives. He was a newspaperman and she worked also in the newspaper office for a while. I am not sure if she was a reporter but he was. Anyway they had one child, Isabelle Daniel Hall, On September 9, 1919. When she was six months old her father died in the Spanish flu epidemic. It was at the very end. She and her mother lived with her mother’s  sister Mary (Polly) Caldwell , and her children in Tucson. My mother grew up to be a remarkable artist and cartoonist during the WWII  years, drawing The Black Cat and other cartoons for Harvey Comics. She became a bohemian and lived in Greenwich Village. She married my father,WPA writer & playwright  Irving Fiske, on January 8, 1946 and they bought land in Vermont with the wedding money. They moved up to the mountains, and I was born in Fremont on August 12, 1950,.

John Hall Junior was also an editor. He was said to have been a man of very noble values, and lost his job because he punched out the managing editor for saying something rude about a lady. He then had to go and work in Phoenix, and became ill and died there. The whole family had been planning to “remove” to Phoenix but they stayed in Tucson after his death. Very sad story, and my grandmother’s father Alexander Jones had also died when she was six months old. However my father declined to follow suit and I had a father until late I was about 40.


I can email you the pages from my book Colonial Families of The Southern States, LOC 65-8785, ISBN 0-8063-0620-3 in pdf form, as

I am not sure about the Copyright dates.  

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I had never heard that they came from Norway. Thought it was France. Maybe you’re thinking about even further back?
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My son in law's Venable famlly goes back to Norway. But he also has some French Canadian. It would be way back centuries ago tho.

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