Maryland Jefferson information collected as part of my genealogy project.

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Please excuse the extensive abbreviations lack of punctuation due to the 12k character limit and formatting.

In working on my family genealogy I have created a timeline from one of my potential lines of descent; this work includes content from my father and family and none-family members over the years.

My intention in posting this information is to benefit people interested in some Maryland (MD) Jefferson Families, narrowing down to Talbot Co (Tal C). Questions that often do not have answers to them. I hope this proves useful to people.

This is not a fully complete work. It is not as in-depth as I could make it in some respects, or fully sourced as of yet.  

I end it at the census of 1810 as that starts to get into very foggy areas about who is who descended from whom. Even as early as 1790 is it increasingly difficult to know which sons or daughters is whose.

1820 is a departure of from TaL C, MD, in a few ways.  Thomas Jefferson Jr., who married Deborah Gossage in 1819, in TaL C, MD, had moved his young family from St. Michaels parish, TaL C, to Baltimore City, Baltimore, MD, by the 1820 Census.  That marriage is one from which I am descended from.

There have been a number of fires of their courthouses over the years in the TaL C, MD, area that have destroyed key information on many families' genealogies in that area making it difficult to workout. This area still represents important potential information for who these people's relatives were at that time.  Figuring out these things is a part of my overall project but it is an increasing departure from tracing the early Jefferson families into later generations and so it is outside the scope of this post.

Brief Early History -

Timeline: (Not going into earlier history or excessive details here)

Samuel Jeaffreson I m Elizabeth. Pettistree, Suffolk Co England. Son John  

John Jeaffreson had five children: Joseph, John, Frances, Mary, and Samuel II

Col John and Samuel II eventually came to the West Indies and helped to settle that area, St Christopher's Island (St Kitts) with their neighbor Sir (Capt) Thomas Warner

Before going to the West Indies in 1624 Col John, an official of The Virginia Company, came to early Jamestown, Virginia (VA) and was a member of the first assembly there in 1619. In 1623 Col John Jefferson was appointed by the king to be a part of a commission; the king wanted this commission to pressure the Virginia assembly to dissolve the VA Company, but Jefferson “took no part” in it.

 After 1624 John and Samuel II both owned large estates on St Kitts. Samuel II died there in 1649.  John returned to Eng.

 Samuel Jeaffreson II had two sons. John, born 1609 and Samuel III, baptized Oct. 11/1607 at Pettistree,  Suffolk Co Eng. John remained in England. Samuel III went to St. Kitts with his father Samuel II.

1661-7 Samuel III living at Antigua, Leeward Islands. Ref. to as Lieutenant Jeaffreson. m Elizabeth d ca 1610 St Kitts West Indies

Sons of Samuel III Jeaffreson (Jefferson) - Thomas I, Richard I, and Samuel IV (Brother - Samuel IV little known of, he is listed in MD Chancery records of 1682. And brother Thomas moved to Henri, Co  VA)

An outline of some of the Jefferson Families in Maryland's Eastern Shore

1. Richard I had settled in Somerset (So) Co MD by (1666-)1682. He married poss. Margaret LNU*

"Richard Jefferson I, born 1640, first appears in Maryland records in 1682 when his land, "Land Cockland" in So C at the head of the Rokiawakin River is surveyed. This is on the east side of Chesapeake Bay near Kingston. Richard I Jefferson was a Ship Captain of the "Two Brothers".  It is said that he moved to So C from the Eastern Shore of VA in 1677 where he command the ship, "Brother's Love" which engaged in trade with Bermuda. In 1702 he dies. He and his wife, possibly, Margaret, had three children:  Mary, John, and Richard Jr"

- Barger

MD Archives (for So C MD)

Mary Jefferson daughter of Richard Jefferson (I?) born of ____ his wife the eighteenth day of May one thousand six hundred eighty two (1682)

History - Area - Cattlemarks (So MD)

Richard Jefferson I - 7 June 1685

Richard Jefferson I 0 14 March 1688/9

* Richard Jefferson I can be found in Upland Court DE Census Index of 1677 and can also be found in the Register of MD's Heraldic Families.

1 Richard I - Children and some of their decedents:

11 Mary - b 1682 So MD.

12 John -- b 1685 So C MD; d c 1743; m Anne LNU

13 Richard II  b c 1686-90 d prior to 12/22/1743 in Worcester Co, MD; m UNK Estate inventory was filed by his administrator, Richard Jefferson, and was signed by his kin Absolom (Absolem?) Jefferson and John Jefferson (MD Prerogative Inventories 28:463.)


121 Benjamin  b 1738, Calvert (Cal) C MD; d 1788, Montgomery (Cal) C MD; m 1. Ann Wood, 2. Priscilla Howard

122 William - b 1730; m 1 Mary Dandridge, 2 FNU Whiting; 3. Mary Wood


131 Richard III** d 1780 in Sussex C DE (formerly Worcester C MD); m Mary Warren (1725-1785), in 1745

1311 Elihu   b c 1749 Sussex C DE

1312 John   b c 1760

1313 Richard IV  b c 1758

1324 Joshua  b c 1767 d 1843

1315 Job   b c 1747 d 1828

1316 Warren "Warring"  b c 1746 Sussex, C DE d 1818 m Sabrough Frooks 12/21/1804  (1783-1825)

1316?(1) Ann Jefferson b c 1790 d 4/23/1836

1317 Elizabeth  b c 1752 Sussex C DE

1318 Ede   b c 1754 Sussex C DE

1319 Rhoda Ennis  b c 1756


1211 Violetta  b c 1758 - d 1788 m Rocgers in OH

1212 Basil  b c 1758 - d 1788 Cal C MD                          

1213 William  was apprenticed to Henry Culp in 1794 (pos Pr George's Co MD)                                  

1214 Henry  d prior to 1820 in Ross Co OH; m 1 Mary Howard (12/16/1780 in Frederick Co MD), 2 Elizabeth Fitzgerald (3/2/1807 in Frederick Co MD)                                               

1215 Hamilton  b Mar 1769, Cal C MD; d 6/13/1821 in MD; m Judith Whiting in 1798.                           

1216 Leonard  b 1778; d 1853; m UNK; apprenticed to Frederick Birely, tanner and courier, in Fr. George's C MD in 1794

12161 John  b 1821; d 1894; m UNK

121611 William F - b 1857; d 1951

1217 John  b 1758; d 1813 in Ross C OH; m Susannah Whiting

**Fairly extensive research on Ricard III and his wife and children online. I may expand on this family, eventually, but living descendants already do genealogy about their family. Dates for births do not entirely match-up so are out of order in the current list; I wrote down these dates on Richard III's children based on other's work, not my own. The names on the  list were created on the basis of the will's order, seen here:


Will on 2 January 1780 at Sussex C, DE. Heirs: wife Mary Jefferson; sons Elihu, John, Richard, Joshua, Job and Warring Jefferson; daughters Elizabeth & Ede Jefferson, and Rhoda Ennis. Extr son Warring (Warren) Jefferson. Witt: Ezekiel Green, Mary Green, William Johnson. (Calendar of Sussex County, Delaware, Probate Records, 1680-1800, by Leon deValinger, Jr p 131)


That needs to be looked into however I need to further my own research to do              

132 John  d prior to 11/28/1769 m Rachel LNU; possible unborn child in will

133 Henry I  b c 1710-15 b prior to 3/28/1752; m Elizabeth LNU; owned land in Tal C MD by 

134 Absolem  NFI (Pos d 1743 Worcester MD Absolem, owned Absolem's Choice)*****

135 James  NFI *****

136 Thomas  NFI (alive in 1767 - based on reference in a will?)*****

1733 (Tal C, Land Records 13:803). Henry referred to as Henery Jefferson               1748     Tal C MD records

1331 John  b after 1726 pos 1730-1735; John Jefferson 1752 referenced.  (Prerogative Inventories 49:39) signed father's estate final distribution in 1755*** Talbot C MD

1332 George b after 1726 pos 1730-35; m UNK 1750; George Jefferson 1752 referenced (Prerogative Inventories 49:39) **** (Henry); enumerated in Talbot C MD in censuses of 1776 1790 and 1810 shown on Tal C tax lists of 1793-1797 Took oath in 1783 Marriage license 1793, probably relative or descendant***

1333 Elizabeth NFI

1334 Francis NFI (pos Tal C Census ****)

1335 Henry II NFI

1336 James  NFI (pos Tal C Census  Took Oath 1783****)

1337 Thomas  enumerated in 1776 census of Tal C MD. Will 1752 (Henry) (Took Oath 1783. Tal C Tax lists of 1793-1997****

  Cont. (Edited for new design in family tree to avoid formatting issues.)

in The Tree House by Edward Jefferson G2G Crew (440 points)
edited by Edward Jefferson

*** Henry Jefferson 1755 Talbot Liber, 38 folio 134 ACCOUNTS

Henry Jefferson 1755 Talbot Balances of Final Dist. Books. Liber 2, Folio 4

Henry Jefferson 1752 Talbot Liber 49, folio 39 INVENTORIES

**** Three of these children of Henry I are found in Tal C MD several times from 1730s to 1810 or so. Children, presumably, after a time too. Francis Jefferson, female, is listed in Tal C MD, too. She is listed as  a head of household with children. Assumption she is a widow. Is she Henry I's daughter or a widow of a Jefferson child? Unknown.   Census documents suggest Thomas Jefferson 45+ had 2 females 45+ years living with him and George Jefferson having 2 males 45+ with 1 Female 45+ in later census data as of 1800. Francis is not listed as a head of household. The only James listed as a head of household is, maybe 16-26, and could not be the older James Jefferson listed in early documents. Are these extra older people siblings of Thomas and George?  Francis and James respectively?  Perhaps Francis remarried? Unknown.

*****" have found nothing to identify any descendants of Absolem, James, or Thomas, sons of Richard (II). John Jefferson died prior to 28 Nov 1769 when his will was proved in Dorchester Co. (MD. Prerogative Wills 37-397). The will named his brothers Thomas, Henry, and James Jefferson, his wife Rachel, and a possible unborn child" 

"The remaining son of Richard Jefferson (II), Henry Jefferson, is the only one I have found in Talbot County records and the only one in whose family I have found the name George"

Dr. Allender Sybert Correspondence March 13th, 2000

The MD Militia in the Revolutionary War (Men 16-50, Tal C Militia units)

23 Aug 1777 4th Battalion Hand and Hand Company 5th Class  Robert Jefferson

 [No Date] 38th Battalion United Company  James Jefferson

3 July 1780 4th Battalion Broad Creek Company  Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson George Jefferson and James Jefferson

1778 References these Jeffersons as having taken The Oath "The Maryland Original Research Society of Baltimore" (Link in Sources.)

1783 Tal C MD Tax list both George and Thomas Jefferson in 1st district

1790 Tal C MD Census

Thomas Jefferson            

1 male aged 16 & upwards, 0 males under 16, 2 females, 0 slaves

George Jefferson              

4 males age 16 & upwards, 1 male under 16, 6 females, 2 slaves

Tal C Tax Book, Election Districts 1, 1793-1797 lists both George and Thomas Jefferson. Neither of them owned land. The 1798 Federal Direct Tax of Tal C lists George Jefferson, as a miller, a tenant on a 100 acre tract of land called "Moorfield's Addition," owned by Samuel Turbutt and located in Oxford Neck, Third Haven Hundred.

A Tal C marriage license was issued to George Jefferson and Elizabeth Gopage (Gossage?) on 18 Nov 1794. No probate or church records or family Bible records have come to light to indentify the children of these Jeffersons as of 2000  Sybert

(Original Census data has "Gopage" written - I have seen it myself - however it is normally transcribed as Gossage)

"Thomas Jefferson had 4 male children in 1800 census, all under 10, he may have been the Thomas Jefferson who married Elizabeth Baker by a Tal County license dated 23 May 1794.  Of  the elder Thomas Jefferson was indeed aged 26-45 in both 1800 and 1810 then he would have been born during 1776 to 1774. 1776 census of Tal C lists three Jefferson households in Bay Hundred"  Sybert March 2000

James Jefferson related -

The presence of a tombstone for a France A "Fanny" (nee Jefferson) Lambdin (1799- 7Aug1875) b of Tal C MD (m T Lambdin) gives reference to parents  James (1746-1812) and Fanny (Grayham/Graham) (1778-1813) Jefferson makes for an interesting match with one of the James Jefferson found in these documents. Grahams and Lambdins are found in Tal C Census during this timeframe. (Find a Grave.)

James Jefferson would be roughly 64-66 years old in 1810

Tal C MD Census 1800

George Jefferson      

0 Male 0-10 0 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 0 Male 26-45 2 Males 45 +

 0 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 2 Females 16-26 0 Female 26-45 1 Female 45 +

George Jefferson      

1 Male 0-10 0 10-16 Male 1 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-45  0 Male 45 +

 2 Females 0-10 0 Female 10-16 1 Female 16-26 0 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+

James Jefferson     

0 Male 0-10 1 Male 10-16 1 Male 16-26 0 Male 26-45  0 Male 45 +

1 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 1 Female 16-26 0 Female 26-45 0  Female 45+

Female 0-10 may refer to Frances A Jefferson born 1799 of James and Fanny

John Jefferson          

0 Male 0-10 0 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-45  0 Male 45 +

0 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 0 Female 16-26 1 Female 26-45  0 Female 45 +

John Jefferson           

1 Male 0-10 1 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-45  0 Male 45 +

 2 Females 0-10 0 Female 10-16 0 Females16-26 1 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+                                      

Thomas Jefferson       

3 Males 0-10 0 10-16 0 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-45  0 Male 45+

1 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 0 Female 16-26 1 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+

 1 Slave

Thomas Jefferson        

1 Male 0-10 0 10-16 0 Male 16-26 0 Male 26-45  1 Male 45+

0 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 1 Female 16-26 1 Female 26-45 2 Females 45+

Census 1810 Tal C MD

James Jefferson  OSr $410.3    15yCloth 40yWool  30yFlax

2 Males 0-10  0 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-44  0 Male 45+

2 Females 0-10 1 Female 10-16 1 Female 16-26 1 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+ 

John Jefferson $404.13   20yCloth  20yWool 75yFlax          

5 Males 0-10 0 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 0 Male 26-44  2 Males 45+

1 Female 0-10 1 Female 10-16 1 Female 16-26 0 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+

John Jefferson  $415.13            

0 Male 0-10 0 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 1 Male 26-45  0 Male 45+

0 Female 0-10 0 Female 10-16 0 Female 16-26 1 Female 26-45 0 Female 45+                                    

Thomas Jefferson $418.6  10yWool   20yCotton   

4 Males 0-10 1 Male 10-16 0 Male 16-26 2 Male 26-44  0 Male 45+

5 Females 0-10 0 Female 10-16 0 Female 16-26 2 Females 26-45 0 Female 45+

Little point in following further into the Census data of 1830+ for the purposes of this post

(Sources will be a separate post due to the 12k character limit.)

Sources are Census data from several counties, tax records, probate, marriage licenses etc. Chief most from Talbot Co,, Maryland.,_Maryland_Genealogy

The Maryland Original Research Society of Baltimore - Bulletin Number Three. Balt. MD. May, 1913 Albert Levin Richardson, Editor (O. from - Princeton University) 

Maryland Jeffersons. Herbert and Evelyn Barger. (Complied and charted August  30, 1992. Jefferson Genealogy.)

Correspondence with Herbert Barger. (Circa - late 90s.)

Help from The Maryland Genealogical Society Baltimore, MD 21201. (Current) Treasurer: Dr. Allender Sybert Specifically Dr. Allender Sybert, correspondence between Dr. Sybert and my father dating from 1999 to 2000.

MilesFiles has some useful information on certain early Jefferson family members.

Mapgeeks has an interactive map of MD County Formations to help people with their political and geography considerations.

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You can put this information into a wikitree space page and link to it from wikitree profiles of the people mentioned.  Have you created profiles for people mentioned or checked to see if they exist?  Maybe sure to include the sources,
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (639k points)
Hi Linda.

I put this information in my own profile as a work project and have added some minor information to it. I have not put this information on profiles of people as of yet. I felt it might be a bit much for each profile. Maybe broken into parts with sources?  

I know I am reluctant to do too much on editing profiles. Etc. Posting in comments is fine.

Some of these people exist in current profiles but they are missing siblings, parents, etc. Hence my posting this information.

Thanks for the reply. I may consider doing a little more along some lines you have suggested.

I have not wanted to create a gedcom on these people until I feel I am certain they are, in fact, related to me.  There is strong circumstantial evidence and conjecture that they are but documentary proofs are lacking at the moment.

Note: There is already extensive archival sources worked into this already: census, probate and other governmental records being the most common examples.

Edit: Change an if into an is and add some content.

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