Translation of Czech parish marriage record?

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Looking for translation for the marriage of František Navratil and Barbora Valentova from 1888.

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The link opens to the first page in the register (1859). Which image is your record on?
I apologize! It’s listed on page 105.
Transcribing this into google translate can give you the basics. My iPad won’t let me enter some of the diacritical marks, which effects the translation; and google translate seems to do some things that do not make sense. The record is written pretty clearly, so it is worth a try.

But the essential facts seem to be (for the groom) he is Frantisek Navratil, son of Frantisek and Theresie, she is the daughter of Jan Krugler from Sumvatou. The groom is a factory worker in Zabrehen. He is also catholic and 27 yrs 3 months old (these are from the columns to the right of his entry)

Google translate calls the groom the “married son” which does not make sense. This could be an artifact of wrong/missing accents, spelling, inflection of words, etc.

Try it on the Bride’s info, and see what you get.


This approach is somewhat labor intensive at first, but after a while you start learning a bit of the language (which is no small task for Czech), and you will get to the point where you can get the important facts just by reading what you can from the record.

Best of luck in your research.
Yes I had a difficult time with Google translate as well, which is why I asked for help.  There is also what is written below the entry that I haven't been able to crack.  I appreciate your help with the basics though George!
I looked at a bit of the text down below and it has to do with the announcements in the church of Zabrehen, and in another church ... publishing of banns.

I am sure a fellow WikiTree member who truly knows the language will see your post, and provide a good translation.

This is the approach I have taken, while far from perfect, can be helpful at times. If you have good, clean text to start with, the results are better. If you can’t read the original very well, which gets much more common with the older documents, the chances of getting a meaningful translation are quite reduced.

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Jan. 30, 1888

František Navrátil, factory worker, living in the upper suburb of Zábřeh, legitimate son of František Navrátil, cottager in Pobučí, and his wife Terezie of the family of Jan Krügler, renter in Šumvald. 27 yrs 3 mo.

Barbora Valentová, widow of the deceased Jan Valenta, cottager in the the upper suburb of Zábřeh, and legitimate daughter of Ignatz Janků, cottager in Nemile, and his wife Veronika of the family of Mikuláš Hrdina, cottager in Nemile. 28 yrs. 4 mo.

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Wonderful! Thank you!

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