where do I find wikitree+

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Where do I find WikiTree+ ... I have looked at the drop down menus and it doesn't seem to be on them
in Genealogy Help by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (661k points)

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Took me a minute. I think it is an add-on in Google Chrome. I am currently using the new Microsoft Edge because it seems fast. I found it in the HELP pages.

by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (842k points)

crying Thank you, Lucy,  I wish that was what I saw ... I tested relationships with another PM -- she's on the Clanton side (Clanton-424) and so was my mother and with nothing shown on ANY of the other ways or routes -- no blood relationship, nor within 100 degrees (on the Global Family Tree page) ... 

BUT lo and behold there under that was the wikitree+ 

  • This Connection Finder works best with the three "connection anchors" below. To find connections between anyone, use WikiTree+ instead.
A TABLE appeared numbered from 0 to 21 ... I'm GUESSING this is a table that demonstrates our Connection?  WikiTree+ Home
I don't know how to interpret what I see there ... somehow it includes my father's gt granny Delana Caroline (Wooten) Bennett Smith ... 
That still leaves me with trying to find this wikitree+ some other way than through the Connection Finder page ? 
The Chrome add-on is called 'WikiTree X'.  WikiTree+ is totally different.

Ros, there is also a wikitree+ chrome addon. It does completely different things than WikiTreeX. I has support for editing pages. WikiTree+ extension is located on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wikitree%20/giodhdfeabddjnlhknbggojlgpnhanof

Home of WikiTree+ is https://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm 

There are several links to it from WikiTree. Easiest to find it is from help index and look for WikiTree Plus. You will find this page, where most of the reports are described. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:WikiTree_Plus

And this image  usually contains a link to WT+.

Now to the connection path. That table displays the path from you to Clanton-424 Betty J. Maddox (Clanton). Each line represents the next step in connection path with the type of the relation to previous line. 

laugh Thank you & Bless you Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot 

So the far right at the margin column is the "sourcing" the algorithm uses to trace the path ... ? That would be a laywoman's description (mine) of what occurs .. search, match, grab, (repeat) 

I will say the content in that column is cryptic 

Which are "better" the gold stars or the black stars? 

ANYWAY, multiple thank yous  

The last column contains all sorts of "other" data

C: prefix means that category is used on a profile. 

T: prefix means that template is used on a profile. 

Connected: PublicTree means a profile is connected to the public tree.

The stars represent how many times a profile was viewed.

I think I cowered most of the things in last column.

Ales, I'm impressed, beyond any doubts I am impressed and I'll be looking at this table for some time and also testing other people 

C: the algorithm (?) picked up on my personal space Category:Smith-157141 -- where I have "indexed" my blood relatives in contrast and comparison to my watch list which also contains spouses -- I'm glad to see that -- having been told at its inception it was ridiculous and a waste of time and space 

T: I will have to look again at the Template notation -- look past the word itself, that is 

* And the stars are a scoreboard tally method rather than a rating of value as in a hotel or restaurant 

THANK you for explaining !!

Hey, looks like I am 25 degrees out from Aleš

Thanks for explaining how to get to Wiki+ will add to my bookmarks next to my other Wiki and other Wiki apps

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