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This record gives the ages of William Brewster (42), his wife Mary (40) and their son Jonathan (16). I could decipher that much. But I would love to have a rough translation.

Extract from the Getiugnisboek van Leiden, Letter k, folio 26, verso. [25 June, 1609.] Compareerden voor Sohepenen ondergeschreven Willem Bruster Engelsman, out omtrent xlij jaeren, Marytgen Bruster desselfs huysvrowe out omtrent xl jaeren, en Jonatham Bruster zyn zoon, out omtrent xvi jaeren, en de verclaerden met erde hen respective gestaeft en affgenomen gerechtilyck daertoe by een bode mitter roede verdaecht zynde, ten versoucke van Bernaert Rosse, Engelsman, wonende te Amsterdam, waerachtich en hem kennelicken te zyn, dat de requirant, &c., &c.,&c., &c. Soe waerlich moet hem Godt helpen. Actum den xxv Junij o xvje negen. (get.) A. Jasper van Vesanevelt. A; P. Van de Werff.
 It's here and here if you want to look at the in print version.

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Hi Anne, I think it's important to know that all Pilgrim documents are available through , with accompanying scans, full transcriptions and English descriptions. The deed you reference to is this one: .

The abstract provided by the Leiden archives reads:
"Witness statement by William Brewster, Englishman, about 42, Mary Brewster, wife of William, about 40, and Jonathan Brewster, their son, about 16, at the request of Bernard Ross from Amsterdam about damaged cloth. On the 25th of April, in William Brewster’s house ín the Stinksteeg, Bernard Ross unpacked five pieces of black-grey English cloth, damaged by seawater, in the presence of Willem Arentsz, son of the lease-holder of the cloth tax. Arentsz attached a seal to only one of the pieces. When the shipment was presented for taxation William Brewster was not personally present. William Bridgeman stated that at that time, on the Hogewoerdsebrug, he purchased from Bernard Ross the good parts of some pieces of damaged cloth; he had left them with Ross until he could pay for them, which was the next day. However, then Ross told him that the cloth tax collector had seized the cloth."

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Thank you. Now that you've mentioned it, I remember there was a webpage for Pilgrim documents. I'll make sure I bookmark it, so I don't lose it again.
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I could only open the first link, which does not show this text.

Rough translation:

Extract of the witness book of Leiden (ed: Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands) letter K, Folio 26 verso June 25, 1609 (ed: this will give you the access to the record, see below).

All presented for the officials declare that Wilem Bruster (aka Brewster), Englishman, age about XLIJ (ed: this would be 42 I think following, Maytgen Bruster, his wife, 40 (ed: see above) and Jonathan (ed: m is unlikely) Bruster his son, age about 16 years. They all declared at their best knowledge and "under oath" that Bernaert Rosse, Englishman living in Amsterdam "did something" (ed: I am not an expert here). May God help him. Noted on June 25, ... year. Signed.

So the ages are what you said.

The original should be present here:

I have done a search on the mentioned name and only this record came up, mentioning an Englishman Bruster/Brewster who has paid a fee:

There is also a burial on June 20, 1609 of Willem Brewster.
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (261k points)

Ah, but Willem beat me wink

Thank you anyway, even if you did get "beat" by a few minutes.
No "beating" here :-). The 1609 burial is of a child of Willem Brewster by the way! Thanks for chiming in!

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