Why is the system not recognizing Egan-2115?

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Why is the system not recognizing [[Moyer-2893|Rachel's]] grandmother's wiki id? what am i doing wrong and how do we fix it?
WikiTree profile: Loretta Godfrey
in WikiTree Tech by Amanda Torrey G2G6 Mach 1 (15.4k points)
edited by Amanda Torrey
Where and how are you attempting to enter it?
Amanda, I had no trouble finding Egan-2115, Loretta (Egan) Godfrey, which you manage.  That profile, and the siblings and child, are private, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I'm relieved to hear this.

two things happened. 1) I tried uploading their wedding picture as a profile picture for both of them and when I used egan-2115-1.jpg, it said there was no such id no. then 2) even while writing to g2g, I just went back to "edit" my original question above and add egan-2115 into include it in the tagline and I got the following message:

That WikiTree ID does not exist (egan-2115)

This is what happened when I tried uploading the photograph into her profile. I know I'm doing something wrong - but at least its not that Loretta isn't coded into the system.

Are you using egan, or Egan?  It matters.
I go right to the profile even when I use the lower case 'e'.  Amanda, is it possible you have a space after the hyphen in the ID which doesn't belong there?  There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the profile.
ah upper case and lower case?

Let me see

I go right to the profile even when I use the lower case 'e'.  

Going to the profile is one thing, the lower case e auto-changes to the upper case E.  But attempting to add egan-2115, as shown by the error message, will not find that profile because case matters.  (Just look for duplicate profiles where one Profile Manager spells a name as Van Snether and another spells it as van Snether. (A made up name because I'm not naming my cousins where this very thing was a thing.)

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You are the PM of Moyer-2893 profile, but it is showing as a Living person born in the 1970s, so we can't see the profile or any relationships.  What is her grandmother's ID?
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (810k points)
Thank you :) Rachel's Grandmother's id is [[Egan-2115|Loretta]]
To link a picture to 2 people, go into the image that you have on one profile, it should bring up the Edit details page with the detail for the image. Scroll to the bottom left where you can add additional people in the image, where you would add the wikitree ID of the other people. And then Save it after adding each ID.
I went to the image in [[Godfrey-4636|James Godfrey]] profile and the picture is nicely displayed.

There's a page behind the link under the page where you can add another profile. I added Egan-2115 and her link came up as  another person in the picture.

I went to her profile and it says image deleted. Nothing is there.

Where am I getting turned around?
I went to the image and didn't see her name included so I added it and save.  Details for the mage show both names.  Since her profile is not fully open like his is, I can't see the image on her profile, I think.  Can you see it?  

By the way, it is a beautiful picture of them.
EUREKA AGAIN! It is now the primary photo for both profiles!

thank you! Bill gave it to me when I told him I was pregnant with Rachel. It is a lovely picture. Actually he was a high school sweetheart that didn't work out, but he kept in touch with our daughter. I wanted to do the tree for xmas...she has a husband and 4 children and her father's living with her and her family. I'd like to include her husband ... not easy getting information from him lol.

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