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Can someone fix this please? The "in progress" merge of Spratt-676 and Spratt-680 has been going on for hours.
WikiTree profile: Etta Shantz
closed with the note: merge completed; problem solved
in WikiTree Tech by Kenneth Nellis G2G6 Mach 1 (12.8k points)
closed by Kenneth Nellis
I recently had this happen, so I set it as an unmerged match, then re-proposed the merge, which went through no trouble at all.  (I may have had to undo the unmerged match as well, I don't recall.)
Thanx for that, but I saw a whole bunch of these problems posted and one suggested just writing to WikiTree Tech (as I've done) and they will fix it. (My particular merge, that is, not the underlying problem. Database deadlock?) Hope that's right as I don't feel like experimenting with these unofficial workarounds. ―Ken

I didn't invent the solution --

(This "bug" has been around for quite a while.)

I didn't mean to imply that you did. It's just that it looks like a suggestion from a user who tried it and it worked for them, rather than an official response from WikiTree about how to solve such problems. Being that this, ahem, defect has been around for a while, I would think the message about waiting 5 minutes and trying again would include what to do when that fails.

That wait 5 minutes and try again can last for days.  I see nothing wrong with following a tried and true solution that saves the very busy admin/tech folk from having to fix something I could fix myself, but ymmv, I guess.  smiley

The solution Melanie recommended is the one that has been recommended in the past by members of the WikiTree tech team, so do not hesitate to follow her advice. yes

In the linked workaround, what does "remove the connection" mean? ―Ken

Remove the merge, propose it again and it will go immediately to the merge screen.

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I got the "in progress" message when I tried to propose a merge the other day. There was no merge, in progress or otherwise. I'd adopted two orphans just for the purpose of merging, so I re-orphaned them as there was nothing else I could do.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (301k points)

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