What do I do if there is not enough data in GEDCOMPARE to either Match or Reject?

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I have uploaded a large GEDCOM file, and am going through the GEDCOMPARE process.

I am Matching or Rejecting when the data is clear enough to do so, but for most profiles, there is not enough data to either Match or Reject the suggested match. So what do I do?

If I understand correctly, I won't be able to Add any profiles until I've either Matched or Rejected ALL suggested matches in the GEDCOMPARE file, but I don't want to Match or Reject when there is not enough data to do so correctly.

I've looked at a few answers to similar questions, and don't see any clear answer to this.

What do I do???


in Policy and Style by Christopher Melchior G2G Rookie (210 points)

You might want to take a look at this Page I put together for GEDCOMpare Users.  It has links to WikiTree Help Pages and some tips, hints and answers to many first time GEDCOMpare Users have.

GEDCOM File Usage Primer

Slow and easy is the way to transfer your research to WikiTree.  There's no Badge for whoever loads the most names the fastest.  LOL

That's really helpful, thanks!


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What you have to do, for each individual in your gedcom, is to decide if there is already a profile on Wikitree, or that you want to create a new one, or that you want to skip this individual.

If there is not enough information on the individual, then it is easiest to reject the match and check the box in front of the line. That will mark the record is 'ignore' and you will not see the Add button once you are finished. It is also a good reminder that you will not create a profile with too little information.

Another tip is to start small. Reject most profiles and then add the few you are 100 sure about (they will be new, you have real primary sources). That way you will see what happens without making any big mistakes. And remember: all mistakes can be corrected afterwards, it is hard to do real harm here.
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (250k points)
Thanks. I am starting to understand all this now :)

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You are only Match-ing on your own gedcompare report for the purposes of your own work, it doesn't suggest merges or anything like that. That's a secondary step where you can compare the two records and manually choose what to add/edit from the existing profile.

Therefore, if there is not enough data for a definitive match, best practice is to private message the profile manager and ask if they have more info. But here's what I do:

1. look at surrounding family for both profiles. If they both just say "John Smith" with no location, spouse, etc. then

1a. see if family has a location/timeframe/relatives that make sense. For these situations, send messages to profile managers.

1b. if your person has immediate family that was born in Canada and the related profile has all their family in New Zealand, they are probably not a match. Reject it.

2. If this is not helpful, and you're not sure it's matching, I found somewhere in G2G that it is easier to Merge later rather than untangle incorrectly merged information. Therefore, I tend to only match on what I can reasonably be certain is a Match, and create new profiles for others.

3. Going through the match/reject process to completion for that Gedcompare *still hasn't added anything*. So, when you get to the point where you *CAN* add, start from a point that you are sure of, and work outwards by trying to source as completely as possible. This will take time, but will probably uncover enough other information that it will help you make decisions when it comes time to add Aunt Jane who may or may not be ten other people.

4. Before you abandon all hope, ask for help here on G2G again, lots of people very willing to help. You can post specific questions about specific ancestors and where you are blocked, and the Sourcerers will jump in to help/offer advice/do their magic.

Hope that helps, good luck!

by Jonathan Crawford G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
Thanks . . . this is starting to make sense :)


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