Need help finding info on the parents of John Stephen Husar and his wife Therezia Miko

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All four people were born in the area of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Husar is a slovak name and Miko, Gejdos,and Doinsky are hungarian.

Parents of John Stephen Husar born 15 nov 1887 and died 12 Dec 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. was married to Therezia Miko 25 January 1912 in Frivalt zilina Hungary. She was born 2 OCTOBER 1896 • Frivaldnádas, Austro-Hungarian empire and died 20 JULY 1947 • Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1.John Zvrskovecz Husar born abt 1825 and died abt 1925

2.Mary Gajdos born abt 1850

Therezia's parents

3.Joseph Hradnan Miko born 3 April 1867 and died abt 1930

4.Eva Frivaldszky Dorinszky born abt 7Nov 1872 

All four people are brick walls. I belive all were born in Frivald, Trencsén, Hungary also known as Rajecká Lesná .

WikiTree profile: John Husar
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As I commented somewhere already (I think), Frivald's registers are digitized but not available online through FamilySearch's "front door". I've been using a software "back door" to access them. It's written by a Hungarian genealogist, so the interface is all in Hungarian, but it's pretty simple. Send me a message if you want to try it. (You need an account on FamilySearch to use it.)
No thanks, will probably get board with this line for a time. Maybe we can work on this togather as we can. As I can say that im working on a person, you find it. then i put it into the profile as a timeline type. I belive his parents are George and maria Jancek as he was 29 when he was married and was probably born 1825.Just dont want to be a pain to you by being too demanding.

Was just looking at the marriage records for Miko Hradnan Josephus, Frivaldszky Dorinszki Eva. It looks like evas last name should be Frivaldszky instead of Dorinszki as josephs last name is the first in the line. What do you think? Should i change the  LNAB for the family?

I'd stick with Dorinszky, because that appears to be what the family simplified to later. (That's what's on the register extract you have for the 1912 marriage, modulo the misreading/mistranscription that lost the 'r'.) I've never quite figured out the mess that is name entry on WikiTree, but I suppose you could add Frivaldszky as another surname in one of the fields.
Ok will do that, do you know why they have szky at the end of the name, does it mean anything?
-szki/-szki are Hungarian spellings of the Slavic -ski ending, which as I understand it is the same as Hungarian -i/-y: "of, from". So Frivaldszky is "of/from Frivald". I don't know what could be at the root of Dorinszky; I can't find a placename that fits. It could be topographic rather than toponymic, but I don't know any Slavic languages, so I don't know if any of dor/dorin/drin/dorn mean anything. (By "topographic" I mean something generic and unnamed, such as Wood, and by "toponymic" I mean something specific and named, such as Sherwood.)
When you found Georgius Frivaldszky Dorinszky 's marriage certificate to Anna Gajdos where there parents listed on the certificate by any chance?

If yes, what was there name and info?
The marriage snippet and my transcription is on George's profile (, and no, unfortunately, it does not give any parents.
Well this is frusterating as i thought i had the parents but it said that he was 29 at time of marriage and would have ment he was born 1827 instead of 1828 that would have him as 28 year old instead. Do you think you could maybe find his parents, Please?

(Sorry about the delay. Haven't had time to more than glimpse at WT for a few days.)

Unfortunately, with that uninformative marriage record, it's simply not possible to definitely identify his baptism and parents. There was only one George baptised between Nov. 24, 1826 and Nov. 23, 1827 in Frivald (the date range that would result in a 29-year-old groom on 23 Nov. 1856), and that's definitely not him (, so either the age is not precise, or he wasn't born/baptised in Frivald.

The ages given on marriage records were very frequently off by a few years; people didn't necessarily keep track of birthdays back then. (Lajos Kossuth didn't know his:

All that said, there's really only one likely candidate (

1828 Augustus
1. Georgius
Geor. Frivaldszkÿ Dorinszkÿ et Maria Janick
Anna Adami Szklacik conj.
p. Parochum Loci

Other than that, there are George Frivaldszkys baptised in Sep. 1825 and April 1828, but they both have non-Dorinszky second surnames. (I can't quite make out either one: Be??iszkÿ and ?uszincin.)

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It was called Frivald, Trencsén, Hungary so I adjusted the location in his profile. The reason why is "Frivaldnádas" is an old variation. These are the variations you may come upon for it. 

1902 Trsztyennafrivald, 1907–1913 Frivaldnádas, 1920 Trstená-Frývald, 1927–1948 Frývald-Trstená, 1948 Rajecká Lesná
Frývald: 1773 Frivald, Friwald, 1786 Friwald, Fruwald, Friewald, 1808 Frivald, Friedwald, Friewald, Fříwald, Frýwald, 1863–1900 Frivald
Trstená: 1863, 1877–1882, 1895–1900 Trsztenna, 1873, 1888–1892 Trsztena

Yes, so many but you are right that they are now simply part of Rajecká Lesná in Slovakia now. 

All is not lost. I am still looking.

by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
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Where did you get Husar's birthplace as  "Frivaldnádas" ? I will try to help you locate their records. 

by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
I have on a marriage record for 1-25-1912 that john stephen husar and therzia miko were married in frivalt. and an old letter written  25 feb 1946 from johns brother frank fryvald-tratenej in zilina, slovensko.It was also written out frivaldnadas on the new york passenger lists for a fan Huszar who is john stephen husar arrival date 13 june 1913 at age 26.

Great! You have a definite source, Jennifer smiley

The problem is that the records for them have not been digitized yet. They are still on microfilm rolls at your nearest Family History Library.

Any idea what is on it? As i don't read eather latin or hungarian. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Yup, I am looking in alternatives smiley

There's a number in the "DGS" column, so the microfilms have been digitized, they just haven't been made properly available online. (FS stopped microfilm distribution several years ago, so even pre-virus there was a huge limbo around "reel-only" items in the catalog.)

Oh Thanks for checking, J. I am hopeful then they will appear online one day smiley

So John, aka Jan (in Slovak), had a brother named Frank/Ferenc/Francis/ František. Did he come to America? Let's get him in the tree

The story is that he did come over for a time but did not like it so went back.He was back in frivald in feb 1945
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The only birth/baptism entered in Frivald on 15 Nov 1887 has the right mother's name and Joannes (because Latin) for both father and son -- but the surname is not even remotely Husar ( (I read it as Zvrskovecz.)

---edited to add new data---

Parents' marriage to go with the not-Husar baptism:
11. 24 Nov. 1884
Groom and bride: Zvrskovecz Joannes, Gajdoss Maria, farmers
Places of origin and residence: Frivald No. 62, No. 31
Religion: R.C.
Age: 23 years, 20 years
Status: single, single
Witnesses: Eliss Joannes, Pekni Albertus, farmers
Officiant: Antonius Simko local parson
Announcements: announced thrice

They had a daughter Paulina born and baptised 27 January 1886; there's a remark that she died 21 February 1955. (Same house number and godparents as Joannes in 1887.)

Ah! It's very likely the right person/family: Laurentius, born 9 June, baptised 10 June 1891, Frivald house 62, parents "Zvrskovecz Joannes /:Huszár:/, Gajdoss Maria" (

I have already posted an image snippet of the marriage record to the Ancestry forum thread (, and will try to do likewise with Laurence's birth/baptism.

Their brother Frank must've been younger; unfortunately, FS only has the baptismal records for Frivald through 1891.

by J Palotay G2G6 Mach 7 (71.4k points)
edited by J Palotay
I have it now up on ancestery in the austrohungarian section. Unfortunately something happened and it is now gone.
I was looking at that same record! Interesting.
If we could look at the images, we could find out why there are so many surname aliases in these records in this village.
I've looked at that image; the child baptised on Oct. 15 is Valerius Alexander, son of Lord Attila Huszár and his wife Lady Emilia Uhlarik, noble landowners of Trsztenna.

The Ancestry forum post is still there, possibly thanks to the multi-duplicate posting bug:
That's great, J! I like seeing that record image. I was thinking he was Valarius, chucked his past and chose the name "John" lol
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Have you found them in the 1920 census yet?
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

Yes, he were living in elk, price, wisconsin, he put down that he was born in 1888 and both he and his parents were born in slovakia. Not totally sure that this is him, but his wife did not arrive until 7 oct 1923. he had down that he immigrated in 1915 and was working as a city lab.

In 1917 he said that he was working for plankington packing company as a meat cutter and born in Frivald, Hungary

Frival, Hungary

Okay, I wondered where he was in the 1920 Census. I will take a look at it.
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Jennifer, I can't remember if you told me that you have a copy of the 1912 marriage record?
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Yes this is an exact copy of the marriage certificate made 1 oct 1952

Church of frivald, County Zilina, nitra, Slovak. The Reconds of this church under date of 25 jan 1912, Certify the leagal marriage of john husar (nov 15 1887) aged 25 years, Son of John Husar and Mary Gajdos, and Theresa Miko (oct 2, 1896) aged 16 years daughter of joseph miko and Eva Doinsky. Said recond is signed by rev vilia Strainben, with witnesses Phillip husar and Justin Pekni.
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I think J. Palotay solved the parentage of Jan Huszar, aka Zvrskovecz. Didn't his wife, Theresa come over with the name "Theresa Zvrskovecz"? in 1923. I saw her immigration record somewhere.

It's very common in Hungarian genealogy to have aliases in the records. What surname they chose to retained when they immigrated defies reason. My own Great-Grandmother changed her surname upon arrival in the US and if it wasn't for close relatives telling me, I wouldn't have known! But when I gathered all the records in Hungary and US, it all glued together.

by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
On the new york passenger and crew list of 27 sept 1923 has her name as theresia zorskovec husey. Last permanant resident and place of birth was czsl in Fria Tristena 51 zupa. They have her father as josef mibo and it looks like she had been to the us before.
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John, records for your town have been filmed but not available to view online but one is searchable by putting in the name like Miko here is the website

and here is what I found for Miko

Just because the record has been indexed it does not always mean all of the have been indexed.

you might want to join the Facebook Hungarian Genealogy Group of which I am a member of. I have been doing my tree for more than 30 yrs. I was born in Hungary and live in the US. So I read, write and speak Hungarian. My facebook name is Laszlo Les Josa, once there send me a private message and I will help you.


by Laszlo Josa G2G1 (1.3k points)
Thank you for that info, Unfortunately i don't have a fb account nor a family surch account. I do all my surching through ancestery.
I'm also a Facebook refuser, but if you're serious about working on your Slovak/Hungarian genealogy, you're going to have to make a FamilySearch account eventually. It's where basically all of the sources are -- even the stuff you find via Ancestry.

Jennifer, FamilySearch is a FREE site, all you need is a email address as a sign on and a password. Ancestry (is a fee based serice) takes the info from FamilySearch which again FREE!!!!

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