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I need a little bit of help adding my Ancestry DNA details, as I have no idea what DNA portal ID and GEDmatch ID are. If anybody could tell me where to find them I would be most grateful.
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in Genealogy Help by Derek Allen G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)

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Hi Derek,

From your profile page or almost any page go to the upper right where there are 4 active buttons. Hover on "Add"; the first item is DNA - click on that and follow the instructions to add your Ancestry DNA information. I believe you just add that your test was on Ancestry and then your username for Ancestry or your test.

For GedMatch, if you have uploaded your DNA from Ancestry to GedMatch, you will add your GedMatch ID number and your name. If you have not uploaded your data to GedMatch then you don't enter anything except your Ancestry information. If will take about 24 hours for your DNA info to show up on the profiles of your Ancestors.

I hope this helps.
by Virginia Fields G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Hi Virginia, Thanks for that. Unfortunately it won't let me  enter without an ID. If Ancestry gave me a reference, I haven't found it and I've searched all their correspondence but without success. Do you (or anybody) have any idea where to find it?
Ancestry does not have a "portal ID" . I checked my entry here on WikiTree and I just have Ancestry and my user name for Ancestry. The portal ID line is listed as "not entered". For GedMatch it just says GedMatch and the # for my kit at that site.

If you do all that and say save and it still will not accept it, edit your question and include WikiTree Tech as a tag. Maybe they can help.

Hi Derek,

"Unfortunately it won't let me  enter without an ID"

Can you share with us the message that you are receiving when you attempt to save your AncestryDNA test info?

When you click inside the box "Click here to select DNA test" and select AncestryDNA (not Maternal or Paternal Lineage options), no other information is required to enter your AncestryDNA test. There are boxes for entering optional information in which you can add your Ancestry username and/or ID info associated with other sites, but none of that is required. If you don't have any optional info to include, or if you do but don't want to include it, just click the "Add Test" button after you've selected AncestryDNA test, leaving the other boxes empty.

My AncestryDNA test has been entered on my profile without any of the optional info. I didn't include my Ancestry username since my name on my profile here is what displays on my DNA test results at Ancestry. And I've not currently uploaded my AncestryDNA test results to any other sites, so I don't have an associated ID to enter in either of the additional optional boxes.

This is what it comes up with; 'The Ancestry ID may only contain letter, digits and underscores'. I had clicked on 'Ancestry DNA' and added my name in the user name field. I assumed that this meant I needed to add something in the 'DNA Portal ID' box rather than leaving it blank.
I don't believe that spaces are allowed in an Ancestry username, so if you are typing in a name that includes spaces, that could be the problem. You can find your Ancestry username by clicking on your name in the top right corner of an Ancestry page and choosing Your Account from the drop-down menu.

Any of those 3 optional boxes can be blank/empty.
OK that's sorted now. I just deleted everything from the screen other than the fact that I had had an Ancestry test and that worked. I was actually expecting to have to add more.

Cheers everybody.

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