Translation/Transcription of a blurry Dutch death record.

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This scan might be better:

I'm struggling to get the last bit of info fror this somewhat mysterious individual.  The death record is not in the greatest shape, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the details.  I get that he died at sea, on the Noordzee, but what was the name of the barque ship "Willem de Herg"??  And there's something about the manner or location of his death "zich toen (something) von de (something) van Egmond"

It also is saying something about where he lived that I can't quite parse: "(something)....Kaptien Hoek."

Another mystery is that one secondary source I have says that he had a son also named Jacob, but no mention of the mother, or the son's birth date.  But that's another issue.


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There you go:
"Heden den dertigsten der maand april Achttienhonderd zeven en veertig, zijn voor ons ondergeteekende, Ambtenaar van den burgerlijken stand der gemeente Helder verschenen Jacob Cornelis Hoek van beroep koopvaardijkapitein oud een en dertig jaren, wonenden of dienende op natenoemen bodem bekende van de na te noemen overledene, en George Poolman van beroep Stuurman oud drie en twintig jaren, wonende of dienende als voren bekende van de overledene, welke ons hebben verklaard dat op den negenentwintigsten dezer des morgens ten vier ure, aan  boord van het Nederlandsch barkschip Willem de Clerq, zich toen toen bevindende op de hoogte van Egmond in de Noordzee, in den ouderdom van een en twintig jaren is overleden Jacob Spaanderman, van beroep ligtmatroos geboren te Massluis en wonende laatstelijk aan den Leidschendam, gediend hebbende aan boord van voornoemden bodem, gevoerd bij genoemden Kapitein Hoek, liggende thans in de haven het Nieuwe diep alhier ongehuwde zoon van Maarten Spaanderman, Rijksambtenaar en Elisabeth Smits zonder beroep, woonende aan den den Leidschendam."

So, the situation is that Jacob Spaanderman, ordinary seaman, unmarried, died on de Dutch barque "Willem de Clerq" at 29 April 1847 at 4AM, when the barque was sailing at the height of Egmond on the North Sea. The captain of the barque was Jacob Cornelis Hoek, 31 years old, the navigator George Poolman, 23 years old. At the time of the registration of this ship was in harbour, the Nieuwe Diep.

Obviously we want to know what ship it was and where it went. Luckily, sources can actually tell us this. The Dutch Maritime Historical database shows that the Willem de Clerq was built in Zeeland and launched on the 27th of August 1845 ( It sailed between the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies. A newspaper article from the 3rd of May 1847 shows that the ship had just come back from Java, bringing with it, amongst others Java Cochenille ( This is a lice which produces natural red dye ( The ship left Surabaya on the 23th of December 1846, to first sail to Batavia, and then back to the Netherlands ( And what did that ship look like? Well, there is an watercolor painting of said ship:

Poor Jacob! He seems to have died just before the ship arrived in the Netherlands, after a long trip to the Dutch East Indies.

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Willem, what a fantastic answer you've given. I really enjoyed everything of it and think it's great that you also provided a picture of the ship. (And now I'm going to look if I have this Jacob Cornelis Hoek as an ancestor. ;-) )
Willem, thanks for the fantastic answer!  This is much more info than I was expecting.  And thanks also for the link to the Dutch Maritime Historical database.  Many of the profiles I work on are for sailors, and the names of their ships often comes up.  It's a nice way to add some interesting detail to their biographies.  

I note that the transcriptions of this record (WieWasWie and OpenArchives) all list the death location as Den Helder.  I'll have to send in a correction.
Hi Charlie and Margreet! Happy you like it :-). I always kind of enjoy documenting the people who didn't had the chance to reproduce - there's such a large chance their stories would get lost.

As for this particular transcription, both WieWasWie and OpenArchives use Open Data provided by the archives in Alkmaar (this record: Contacting these archives about it would probably be the way to have this problem solved for good!
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My take:

He died aboard the Dutch barge (Barkschip) Willem de Herg (strange name, but I make it is an H there), being at the location/longitude of Egmond in the North Sea. (zich toen bevindende op de hoogte van Egmond in de Noordzee).

Egmond is probably this one:

He lived at the last moment at the Leidschen dam (might be 'in Leidschendam'), serving on the mentioned ship/barge, whose captain is Kapitein Hoek, currently located in the harbour 'het Nieuwe Diep'.

He is unmarried, son of Maarten Spaanderman, rijksambtenaar, and Elisabeth Smits, no profession. Both living in Leidschendam.

Link to this on wiewaswie:
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I agree with Willem: Willem de Clerq is the name of the barge.

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